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    Taunt Guide by thegreatdanabusa

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/27/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Giant Gram 2000 - Taunt Guide v1.00
    by The Great Danabusa (thegreatdanabusa@hotmail.com)
    This document is copyright(c)2003 by the author
    Legal Stuff:
    	This document is the soley the work of me, The Great Danabusa. If you wish to
    use part or all of it for anything other than personal use (ie. printing it in
    a magazine, posting it anywhere, etc) email me first to seek permission. Under
    no circumstance, however, may you pass it off as your own work. This FAQ is, at
    present, only available at www.gamefaqs.com. If you see it elsewhere, can you
    please email me. Thanks. :)
    	I was playing Giant Gram 2000 (the best grap game ever by the way) and was
    finding it hard to use the taunts in the CAW mode. They are almost all in
    Japanese (it being a Japanese game...) so I decided to go through and view each
    one and write down what I saw. Any Katakana that is shown I have also
    translated (where relevant). So what you have is simply a short description of
    the taunt. Many are very similar and/or hard to describe. Still, this little
    FAQ Guide should be of use. I have tried to include a name for who does the
    taunt in addition. Well, here it is:
    	They are not numbered onscreen, but this is the order in which they appear.
    1. Raise One Arm (Kobashi)
    2. Kneel & Raise One Arm (Shaking)
    3. Raise Both Arms & Look Around - "Bansai"
    4. 'Suplex' Gesture - "Suplex Appeal"
    5. Two Arm Front Muscle Flex (Hogan?) - "Macho Appeal"
    6. One Arm Raise
    7. Weight On One Knee & Leg Stretch
    8. Raise Both Arms (DX?)
    9. Crotch Chop (X-Pac)
    10. Side To Side Arm Movement (Shinzaki) - "Karate Appeal"
    11. Ear Cup *2 (Hogan)
    12. Hands On Hips & Look Up/Down
    13. Thrusting Single Arm Raise
    14. Head Rotate
    15. Nose Rub (Misawa)
    16. Arm Rotate (Misawa)
    17. Arm Rotate & Knee Weight Shifting (Kawada?)
    18. Knee Weight Shifting (Kawada)
    19. Warmup Leg Shaking
    20. Double Arm Rotate
    21. Single Arm Raise
    22. Double Arm Swing/Stretch
    23. Cut Air With Arms
    24. Look Behind Self
    25. Circle Spin & Shaking Hand
    26. Double Arm Pull
    27. Shrug Gesture
    28. Rolling Elbow Signal (Tanaka)
    29. Double Arm Rounding - "Ganbatte Pose"
    30. One Knee Double Arm Raise (X-Pac?)
    31. Ear Cup (Hogan)
    32. Spinning Arm Thrust (Kobashi)
    33. 'Woo' Pose (Sting)
    34. Double Arm Flex - "Muscle Pose"
    35. Stamping With Head/Arm Shaking (Omori?)
    36. Makes Triangle With Arms - "Triangle Pose"
    37. 'Up Yours' Gesture
    38. Double Arm Thrust
    39. Kneeling Double Forward Arm Thrust
    40. Kneel Raise Left Arm (Barton) - "Golden Left Appeal"
    41. Arm Taunt (Ace) - "Come On"
    42. Raise Both Arms - "Peace"
    43. Stepping With Double Arm Gesture
    44. Arm Swinging & Gesturing
    45. Hip Rotate (Val Venis!)
    46. Head Shake & Arm Flex (Omori?)
    47. Knee Pad Slap - "Diving Knee Appeal"
    48. Arm Wind Up
    49. Push Back Hair
    50. Cut Throat
    51. Arm Point
    52. Air Cut & Crowd Point - "Finisher Appeal"
    53. Double Arm Pull Back
    54. Waist Belt Gesture (Akiyama) - "Champion Belt Pose"
    55. One Arm Point Twice
    56. Kobashi Taunt (Kobashi)
    57. Lariat Arm Gesture - "Lariat ???"
    58. Stan Hansen Taunt (Hansen) - "Long Horn"
    59. Skipping Stepping On Spot
    60. Raise Arm & Point To It - "??? Larial Appeal"
    61. Wave (Baba) - "Giant Appeal"
    62. Bend & Arm Shake - "Fighting Pose"
    63. Double Arm Swing/Stretch
    64. Single Arm Raise/Thrust - "Oh!"
    65. Elbow Pad Adjust - "??? Supporter ???"
    66. Arm Raise/Thrust *5 - "Oh! 5 ???"
    67. Lift Back Arm Like Windup For Chop
    68. Hands On Hips
    69. Bearhug Arm Motion - "Bearhug ??? Appeal"
    70. Look Around
    71. Bite Taunt (Crusher) - "Yasuri/Yasuli"
    72. Double Hand Gesture
    73. Muta Taunt (Muta/Master) - "Kamitsuki Appeal"
    74. Arm Shaking - "Fighting Pose"
    75. Elbow Pad Grab (Tanaka?)
    76. Hold Fore Arm
    77. Martial Arts Stance To Foot Stamp
    78. Bend & Arm Relax
    79. Hand On Hip & Shrug
    80. 'Hulking Up' Style Taunt (Hogan?)
    81. Arm Shaking/Gesturing
    82. Single Arm Vertical Raise
    83. Kneeling Muscle Flex - "??? 3 ??? Muscle Flex)
    84. Backflip
    85. Backflip To Kneeling Pose To Salute/Wave - "Hyper Giant Appeal"
    86. Tiger Mask Style Stance (Tiger Mask/Tigre) - "??? Foot Whack ???"
    87. Salute (Tiger Mask/Tigre)
    88. Ducking To Double Arm Raise
    89. Ducking To Arm Pull (Hayabusa/Sky High Edge)
    90. Raise One Arm & Look Around (Hayabusa/Sky High Edge)
    91. Arm Wave Taunt (Chono/Cyclops)
    92. Kneeling Arm Wave Taunt (Chono/Cyclops)
    93. Hand To Head & Look Around
    94. Arm Gesture (Chono?)
    95. Kneeling Muscle Pose
    96. 'Drunken' Pose
    97. Arm Circle
    98. Arm Cross (Hashimoto/Mangler)
    99. Clapping
    100. 'Come On' Gesture & Muscle Pull
    101. Big Stepping Arm Thrust
    102. Praying Taunt
    103. Arm Raise To Praying Taunt (Shinzaki/Kongo)
    104. Kneeling Muscle Appeal - "Muscle Appeal 1"
    105. Arm Pull To Side Muscle Pull - "Muscle Appeal 2"
    106. Squat To Side Muscle Pull - "Muscle Appeal 3"
    107. Single Arm Raise
    108. Split Legged Jump & Arm Gesture - "??? Jump"
    109. Bend Down To Arm Pull Back
    110. Makes Circle Round Head With Arms
    111. Chops Air With Arm
    112. Slow Arm Move From Above Head To Feet
    Other Stuff
    	As I said above, I have tried to include who does the taunt and as you will
    have noticed, I have only managed put in a few. So, if you know any, can you
    please email me (on the above address) and let me know the taunt number and any
    details on it you can give (who does it, or a better desciption). You will be
    credited in any future versions of this guide. Thanks :)
    1. To me, for making this simply sensational (well, pretty good) guide.
    2. To Sega, for producing the game.
    3. To AJPW and Pro Wrestling NOAH and their employees, for doing the real thing
    to inspire this game.
    4. To Eiji Ezaki, for being the greatest wrestler I have had the honour of
    watching. Puroresu NEEDS Hayabusa. :(
    5. To www.gamefaqs.com and the posters on the GG2K board, for the various tips
    and FAQS.
    6. To Moo (Moo@chalktv.com). In his splendid Tag Mode Guide he stated that he
    hoped someone would be inspired to do the taunts. So I did. :)

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