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    Tag Team Move List by Moo

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    Giant Gram 2000 - CAW Tag Team Movelist
    By Matt Robertson (Moo)
    This document is copyright(c)2000 by the author
    Game is by Sega, and copyrighted by them
      This document is intended for personal use, and may be shared on
    the internet provided you have permission from the author, proper
    credit is given, and it isn't changed in any way. This document may
    not be printed in a magazine or any other for-profit publication,
    this document may not be used as incentive to buy a product. And
    above all, don't steal info from this FAQ and call it your own.
    Feel free to use this on your website, but give me full credit, and 
    send me an e-mail telling me you are doing so.
    This is a movelist for the Create-a-Wrestler Tag Team move section.
    I was having some trouble selecting the 2 on 1, 2 on 2, etc. moves in GG2K, so I 
    decided to try out every single one, and write up what they were. This is the 
    product of my labours, and should come in handy.
    Take note, this is the order when your CAW is level 99, and you have unlocked 
    what I believe to be every single double-team,etc. move. If you do not have them 
    all, the order may be different.
    Info and Beginning:
    On the CAW screen, when you select the tag team moves, there will be 5 different 
    menus you go through, one after the other, they are:
    1. Double team irish whip move - after tagging, press X+A (or other combo) to do 
    the move.
    2. 2 on 1 situation attack - when you're alone, against two enemies, press X+A 
    (or other combo).
    3. 2-2 Move - This is the move you do when all 4 people are in the ring, and you 
    press X+A (or other combo).
    4. Low Level 2-1 move - When your spirit is low, and it's 2-1, press X+A (or 
    other combo) to do this.
    5. MAX Level 2-1 move - When your spirit is MAX, or VERY VERY high, and it's 2-
    1, press X+A (or other combo).
    Double Team Whip Irish Whip Move:
    1. Double High Kick
    2. Double Dropkick
    3. Double Shoulderblock
    Move Done When In 1 on 2 Situation:
    1. Double Elbows
    2. Double Backhands
    3. Overhand Chops
    4. Big Punches (like Vader)
    5. Forward Punches (almost thrusting)
    6. Chop - then backhand (seems almost like he uses both hands at once)
    Move To Perform During 2 on 2:
    1. Powerbomb
    2. Standing Powerslam 
    3. Shin Breaker
    4. Stalling Piledriver
    5. Headlock w/ punch
    6. Front Suplex ( Side Belly-Belly is what it's often called in America)
    7. Crucifix Powerbomb (Barton)
    8. Dynamic Bomb (Sitdown Powerbomb, Taue)
    9. 2 Headbutts, then a Big Headbutt
    10. Kakihara STO
    11. Hawaiian Crusher
    12. Face Claw
    13. Opponent Pleading - Big Chop
    14. Standing Tornado DDT
    15. Canadian Backbreaker
    16. Spinning Firemans Carry
    17. Gutwrench Powerbomb
    18. Double-Underhook Suplex
    19. Powerslam (Vader)
    20. Bearhug
    21. Turbo Drop II
    22. Exploder
    23. Ace Crusher
    24. Uranage
    25. Backbreaker
    26. Snapmare followed by Head Bite
    27. Tiger Driver
    28. Coconut Crush
    29. Throwing Front Suplex (Side Belly-Belly Whip)
    30. Piledriver
    31. Tombstone
    32. Fisherman Buster
    33. Frankensteiner
    34. Firemans Carry Takeover (Grace)
    35. Cradle Piledriver
    36. Praying Powerbomb
    37. Falcon Arrow
    38. Muscle Buster
    39. Tower of Pain - Player 1 does Tiger's 50 foot in the air Ganso Bomb type 
    thing, while Player 2 does the 50 foot Muscle Buster, and lands on top of Player 
    1's shoulders. Must be seen to be believed. It's insane.
    Low-Level 2 on 1 Situation: 
    1. Double Suplex
    2. Double Back Suplex
    3. Backdrop w/ Top Rope Clothesline
    4. Partner Hold - Shotai
    5. Whip - 3-point Stance shoulderblock
    6. Body Slam - assisted falling headbutt (Honda)
    7. Partner Hold - Big Knee (Takayama)
    8. Assisted Gutwrench Powerbomb
    9. Partner Hold - Big Headbutt
    10. Body Slam - Stomach Claw
    11. Partner Body Slams opp., then you pick opp. up, and body slam him.
    12. Whip - Big High Kick (Taue?)
    13. Partner Hold - Chest Chop/Thrust
    14. Partner Hold - Downward Chest Chop
    15. Whip - Double Kick - Double Bulldog/Facecrusher (Shinzaki/Hayabusa)
    16. Double Beatdown (Hands flailing on back, like FPG)
    17. Whip - Yakuza Kick
    18. Body Slam - Praying Diving Headbutt
    MAX-Level 2 on 1 Situation:
    1. Double Suplex
    2. Double Back Suplex
    3. Body Slam - Diving Headbutt (top-rope)
    4. Assisted Powerbomb
    5. Full Nelson - Kicking Combo
    6. Backdrop/Chokeslam (Kawada/Taue)
    7. Body Slam - Frog Splash
    8. Back Drop w/ Neckbreaker (Ace)
    9. Tornado DDT to opp. on Partners Shoulders
    10. Whip - Face Claw
    11. Body Slam - Top Rope 2-foot Stomp
    12. Whip - 3-point Stance Shoulderblock
    13. Partner Hold - Windup Axe Bomber
    14. Assisted Stalling Piledriver
    15. Body Slam - Standing Splash
    16. Assisted Crucifix Powerbomb (Barton)
    17. Tandem Heabutt
    18. Backdrop w/ Running Neckbreaker Drop
    19. Tandem Face Claw (I think, hard to see)
    20. Body Slam - Top Rope Elbow Drop
    21. Whip - Tandem Chop
    22. Body Slam - Top Rope Knee Drop
    23. Body Slam - Top Rope Single Leg Stomp
    24. Double-Team Backdrop Driver
    25. Partner Hold - Concentrated Punch
    26. Body Slam - Moonsault Press
    27. Body Slam - Rounding Moonsault (Tiger Mask style)
    28. Body Slam - Cross-Arm Breaker
    29. Top-Rope Shoulder Block to opp. on Partners Shoulders
    30. Body Slam - Brody Style Knee Drop
    31. Body Slam - 450 (Firebird) Splash
    32. Body Slam - Stardust Press/Phoenix Splash
    33. Tandem Jumping Enzuigiri's (Back Brain Kicks)
    34. Assisted Praying Powerbomb
    1. Thanks to Sega, for making this incredible game.
    2. Thanks to Professor Revolution, for letting me use his basic FAQ outline, and 
    translating menus/movelists.
    3. Thanks to everyone on the Gamefaq's GG2K board, for finding cool stuff.
    Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or errors I made. I wrote 
    this up at midnight, so I probably messed up something. 
    Maybe someone will be inspired, and translate all the taunts :)
    My e-mail is:
    For all your puroresu needs, and a great messageboard, go to:

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