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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

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                            ELDORADO GATE VOLUME 4 WALKTHROUGH BY ADK,
    Welcome to the fourth chapter of this saga made by Capcom.  
    I wrote it for people who used my others Eldorado faqs. 
    I haven't abandonned the saga. 
    Homepage : http://www.dimensions-sega.fr.st
    E mail   : http://advanced_knight@yahoo.fr
    Join my Forum for quick answer and to discuss about Sega Games.
    Also, i want my readers to know that my first language is the french, so you 
    can ask me more about this game either in french or in english. The only thing i
    haven't done yet is to find all the orga stones of each scenario, so if 
    someone wants to e mail me their locations, be sure he or she will have the full
    I have missed only one orga stone in scenario 11.
    Final Version : I corrected a lot of mistakes in the guide.
    UPDATE (02/23/2003) : I'm back on the scene of video games, less active than 
    before but back. If you wish to talk of video games with me or other fans in 
    the future join my forum.
    Here is the summary :
    1 REVIEW :
    If you are reading  this review, i suppose you have played and completed the 
    three previous
    volumes. Now you are involved in the story and it will be too bad to not finish 
    it. I say
    this because this CD is the first where dialogues and maybe events are different 
    if you
    play with a save file or without it. Honestly if you don't have a save file with 
    scenario 1
    to 8 completed refrain to play with this game. 
    Well now, let's talk of volume 4.
    The presentation changed a little to introduce new heroes but stays the same.
    Graphically, and it will surprise no one, this game is better than CD 3. I talk 
    only of the
    decors. This time Capcom seems to have a lack of imagination. If sprites of the 
    scenario 9
    are correct it's not always the case in scenario 10 and 11. It's true that some 
    design by Hamano are pathetic, but when Capcom draw a horrible sprite, i have 
    found that
    Hamano upgraded it. It's hard to admit, especially for me because i hate Hamano, 
    but it's
    Animations are excellent as usual and the level 3 of magics are welcome as in CD 
    The sound has lost his quality. Since CD 4, new musics appear and they are not 
    good. They
    were so horrible that i shut down the volume of my TV. There is one voice, not a 
    dog this
    time but a baby. Really it wasn't necessary...
    Controls stays the same, so they are perfect.
    As usual, the interest changes but this time it's not in the good way. If you 
    have played
    with CD 3 you remember one and long story for all the game. You also remember of 
    action as in a true RPG. You can forget all of this. In scenario 9 all what 
    surprised me is
    common : you can perform level 3 of magic, create a party and the story is cool. 
    After this
    one i expected the best for scenario 10 and 11. And no...
    Scenario 10 is short. Scenario 11 is the sequel of the 10 but it is to be 
    continued. There
    is no final boss. What's really disappoint me is that Gomez and the other 
    interfere too much
    in the scenarios. As they are short, the new character is being played very few. 
    appreciate Mamma only in scenario 11. Also i don't understand why each time we 
    Gomez the progression is easy (and sometimes stupid, without surprise) and why 
    progression is always hard with Elishin. In scenario 6 for example, the 
    progression with
    Gomez was excellent.
    It's clear now, if you don't like the saga, you will not like CD 4. If you are a 
    rookie in
    the saga and have never played with other CDs, you will not understand the story. 
    From this
    moment on, Eldorado gate is only for people already involved in the story. I 
    don't know if
    it's a good thing to do such a thing but i suppose that this fact can't be avoid 
    anymore. I simply regret that scenario 11 is to be continued because i will have 
    a lot of difficulties to find CD 5 in store.
    PRESENTATION : 12/20
    GRAPHICS     : 18/20
    ANIMATION    : 18/20
    SOUND        : 11/20
    CONTROLS     : 18/20
    INTEREST     : 14/20
    FINAL NOTE   : 80 %
    							    ADK, On the road to Eldorado.
    In scenario 1, you met Gomez and helped him to save Marsha from Draco. If Gomez 
    was the bad boy of the CD 1, he has learned how to become a better guy in the 
    life. His emblem is the Buffalo.
    In scenario 2, you met Kanan and helped her to evolve enough to beat the 
    terrible Freeman. She didn't find her emblem yet and was only powered by the 
    evil power of the mask.
    In scenario 3, you met Radia, the most sympathic character, and helped her to 
    free the village of the curse of her beloved father, Radigan. Her emblem is the 
    Fox, a strong robber.
    In scenario 4, you met Bud, in a world where beast were chased by hunters. After 
    the death of his sister, he decided to awake the power of Metanomu and killed 
    Bubba, hunter's chief. Unfortunately he didn't find his emblem and was probably 
    kidnapped by an evil force at the end of his scenario. He mutated in Bud Robot 
    and escaped of the town.
    In scenario 5, you helped Elishin, the prince, to save her princess. Behind a 
    poor scenario idea was one of the best in the way of the interest. You must 
    search a bit for your way as in a true RPG. His emblem is the Pegasus.
    In scenario 6, the best of all for the moment, we discover Ein, a robot 
    thatgained conciousness by helping Gomez to save the Gabri (people of Terra 
    Fortuna) from the 
    terrible Baku baku tribe. Ein's emblem is the Golem.
    In scenario 7, Kanan disappeared. Gomez and the other look for her. They arrived 
    in Vanis the town of the two pisces where they found a lot of problems. Finally, 
    Kanan purged the evil from her body and then awoke. Her emblem is the Siren.
    In scenario 8, we discovered a tortured Pamela. She has lost her memory and 
    looks like
    a robot, and even worst a puppet. After a lot of battles, she finally awoke. Her 
    is the Wolf. The final boss was Dorine and after her death, all Vanis was free.
    The battle system is very simple. Here are the menus when you fight :
    Usually the monsters hit you before you hit them cause some of the heroes are 
    slowest than monsters like in Cosmic Fantasy Story.
    Last there is a blacksmith in some town, so you can combine two weapons of fire 
    to obtain a level 2 weapons of fire. It's not an obligation to do this in CD 1, 
    2, 3 and 4 but i prefer to say it now so you can decide by your own. 
    This blacksmith is also here to create weapons with skills like poison or 
    decrease force. Try various combination of weapons.
    After a battle you can choose which items you want sometimes. The one you choose 
    comes with you and the other can be found in Terra Fortuna because there, you 
    can store all items you have found and then give it to a character if it's 
    The magic has 5 forms :
    Recov : the healing spell.
    Heat  : the fire spell.
    Ice   : the water spell.
    Leaf  : the earth spell.
    Light : the light spell.
    In this CD, heroes can cast level 1,2 and 3 magic, the monsters will abuse of 
    level 3
    To cast a level 2 spell you must combine two magics like Ice and Ice to create 
    You can cast a group magic, W ice for example is a group magic. If you combine 
    it with Ice or another W ice you obtain W Icen a powerful group magic. 
    So far the effects change a little from CD 1 to CD 2 but not from CD 2 to CD 3, 
    except for the level 4 magics used by foes. In CD 4 no news except that a "level 
    5" exists (until the sixth CD you need a ring to cast it), even with good tools 
    you can't use it now. You will use it in the three last CDs. I will make a 
    section for the magics for the 3 last episodes.
    You can store the combination by using the third option after a combination "the 
    list option". Then use the List menu after all the magics menus during a battle. 
    It's useful.
    Last you must understand the battle system in order to survive in the world of 
    Heat beats Leaf
    Leaf beats Ice
    Ice  beats Heat
    That's why when you buy items, an armor or a weapon is in three different colors. 
    For some dungeons you must be in fire to minimize the damage and then all change 
    the equipment during a battle against a boss. 
    Once you have understand it you can win easily all fight here.
    Let me finish with the light which is effective against all monsters. But even 
    if you find some light equipment after a battle they are not very powerful. In 
    CD 4 you will find a lot of light items. If they were rare before, they tend to 
    become common for this reason : dungeons where light items are useful appear in 
    CD 4.
    General Tips : At the end of each scenario, if you wish to zap the credits press 
    and hold the A button of your dream pad.
    The action takes place in the region of Alambra. Alambra is the region of the 
    magic, and
    that's why level 3 spells have no secret for the main character of scenario 9.
    SCENARIO 9 : CHILD OF THE THREE : MIMA ! (5 orga stones)
    MIMA : The main character. It's a powerful magic user and a good character.
    ABBA, LUY AND ESHLEY : are the three mothers of Mima.
    APPU, RICA AND HI JOE : Are the three guardians of the three demons. They can 
    cure the
    disease caused by the 3 demons.
    EYJAN : He is the doctor of Alambra town. Curiously, he knows always where to go 
    to cure
    someone. Beware of him he is (a ridiculous) foe.
    SKY HUNTER,GROUND PLACE AND WERP KAISER : Are three demons enclosed in ancients 
    time in
    flowers of Alambra.
    Three women were walking when they heard a baby scream. Abba decided to raise 
    the baby,
    Luy and Eshley decided to help her as best as they can. They named the baby Mima. 
    adventure begins 10 years later.
    Find your way to your home. Abba is ill. You must find a doctor. Go in the house 
    just near
    yours and enter in it. Before talking to Eyjan search, near the bed, for the 
    Cleopatra card. Then talk to Eyjan. Follow him to the shop near. You see Gomez 
    fighting again the three idiots of CD 1 (beat them). Eyjan throws something to 
    Gomez and he becomes crazy Go Go (Gomez NPC). You need his help to go through 
    Sakya meadow and find Appu. Appu is the only one who can cure Abba. In town, 
    find Panello, the little brother of Pannel and buy to him 7 bombs for 100 senis 
    (where you see a lot of chicks). Exit of the town.
    On the map, the secret area is the green tree near the mountain chain. Press 
    start on it to
    detect it and then A to go there. Take the item and exit.
    SAKYA MEADOW : (red)
    ROOM 1 : Exit.
    ROOM 2 : 1 item, Exit.
    ROOM 3 : 2 items, Exit.
    ROOM 4 : 1 item south and then exit north.
    ROOM 5 : 1 item in the little tree near the cave entrance + 1 item. Save here. 
    Exit north
    	 first to throw a bomb in the hole. Now the light go in. Return to room 5 
    and enter 	 the small cave.
    ROOM 1 : You find 1 orga stone + 1 chest.
    ROOM 2 : You find one item here.
    ROOM 3 : You see a flower. In the next scene it opens. Appu appears and then the 
    	 of the guardian appears.
    BOSS : GUSH (use fire * 3 on him). 
    After the fight Appu "joins" the team. Now return in Alambra to cure the poor 
    Abba. Later
    the flower burns and GROUND PLACE appears. He wants to kill Appu. Bantross 
    called everyone
    and then Elishin and Ein decide to fight the monster. Unfortunately they were 
    hit by the
    By the time you cure Abba, it's the turn of Eshley to be ill. Talk to Eyjan in 
    the north
    part of the town. Now you can exit to the next dungeon.
    DODO DESERT : (blue)
    ROOM 1 : Exit.
    ROOM 2 : 1 item hidden in the plant. You meet Rica but she wants you to help her. 
    	 wants that the water falls in the lake again. But a monster doesn't allow 
    ROOM 3 : 1 chest on the right. Exit.
    ROOM 4 : 1 item + one magic item in the cactus.
    ROOM 5 : Save here, take the chest and exit.
    ROOM 6 : Take the chest here.
    ROOM 7 : Take the item here by using the ladder. Use a bomb on the stone dam. 
    The water 	 falls again but the boss appears.
    BOSS : DODO (use leaf * 3 on him).
    Exit and re enter in room 7. Take the orga stone here. Now return in room 2 to 
    force Rica
    to come with you. Once at home, talk to the chick (japanese call the creature a 
    because it says Pyo Pyo all the time) and it becomes Eshley. In town you meet 
    Dinshark and
    Rayfish of CD 3.
    Again the demon appears, this time it is WERP KAISER. He wants Rica. Bantross 
    sends Pamela
    and Kanan to fight him but they failed. Now Luy is stoned and Eyjan says to go 
    in Snail
    cave to find Hi joe. Exit of the town.
    SNAIL WATER CAVE : (light)
    This dungeon is particular, there are few rooms but each has a lot of small 
    caves to visit. For the moment begins to go north and forget the way that goes 
    down at the entrance (i don't
    remember if the way is here or if it appears later on the scenario).
    ROOM 1 : Enter cave 1 to obtain an item. The chest is a fake so don't approach 
    it. Enter
    	 cave 2 and take only the chest of the right. You find one item on the way 
    to cave 3 	 and one chest inside cave 3. Exit.
    ROOM 2 : Exit left to go down to a cave and take the item in it. Then go up and 
    save. You
    	 see 3 exits. Straight and right for items, left for the good way. Enter 
    room 3.
    ROOM 3 : Here use a bomb. 
    BOSS : RAYJA (use level 3 of green = leaf + leafen + Wleaf)
    Talk then to Hi joe. He doesn't want to exit of here as long as Sky hunter is 
    alive. Ok, so
    continue and exit by the stairs.
    ROOM 4 : Visit each cave here and collect items. You find the boss in a cave 
    BOSS : SKY HUNTER. (light)
    You will visit a cave south of the one with the boss where you see a big hole. I 
    don't find
    anything about this one but maybe you can do a certain action in this scenario. 
    important apparently. Return to Hi joe and he comes with you to cure Eshley 
    (answer yes).
    After this event, You discover that Eyjan is a foe. Now go back to Snail after 
    you talk to
    the three guardians (Appu, Rica and Hi joe). You can go down to the beach. If 
    you go left
    to the second cave you can find an item. Don't miss the orga stone on the beach. 
    Enter the 
    first cave to receive your emblem : the Fairy (answer 1 two times). The first 
    skill of Mima is Aura (it heals all the party members). Take the snail and Gomez 
    is back to normal.
    When you exit you meet Radia, she explains all what happened. She joins you. Now 
    you have
    the power to cure all the three diseases caused by the three demons.
    Go back to Sakya to cure Elishin and Ein (you need a bomb). Ein comes with you. 
    Go in Dodo
    to help Kanan and Pamela, Ein discovers his third skill : Golem Force Punch and 
    then you cure them. Now go back in Town. Cure a guy on the left part of the town, 
    he lets you enter and you collect a bow in the chest, there is also an orga 
    stone here hidden by the small rocks of the right. You must cure everyone in the 
    town (don't forget the girl in 2F of the inn).
    When you cure the merchant near your house he asks you to bring him back his 
    Pyoco. Go where
    there are a lot, cure them and one comes with you. Bring it to the merchant. He 
    offers you
    one of the three items : 1 : to open a special door
    			 2 : a weapon for Mama (scenario 10 hero)
    			 3 : another item.
    My advice is to take item 2. If you have followed my walkthrough correctly, you 
    have 3
    items of the first choice and you need exactly 3. Now you can exit to the north 
    part of 
    the town. Eyjan is waiting.
    BOSS : EYJAN (ridiculous sprite, Hamano has increased it) (fire)
    Enter the house.
    HOUSE OF THE MACHINE :  (light) 
    ROOM 1 : Go down. 
    ROOM 2 : Press the blue switch to open the first door. go back up to pass it and 
    then go up.
    ROOM 3 : Here search  for stairs to go down. 
    ROOM 4 : Exit.
    ROOM 5 : Take the orga stone here and go down and left to press a yellow switch 
    ROOM 6 : Go straight.
    ROOM 7 : Use the moving walkway. Exit left.
    ROOM 8 : It's the last room before the boss, but for the moment go up (the exit 
    is up) and
    	 use the moving walkway to collect a chest. Exit to room 7. From room 7, 
    exit right 	 to room 9.
    ROOM 9 : Take the chest, press the red switch here and exit north. You are back 
    in room 7. 
    	 Go back in room 2, you can pass the second door and open the three 
    special doors.           Now go back to Room 8 to exit north.
    	     use the force  use the magic
    Then you can enjoy the end of this scenario.
    SCENARIO 10 : HELLO MAMMA ! (5 orga stones)
    MAMMA : First it is a man, even if the design of Hamano shows an old woman. He 
    is a coward
    and then will become a strong fighter. Unfortunately, he falls often on the 
    ground because
    he has problems to walk.
    ALAN : He is the father of Mamma.
    GUEZERI THE MAMMOTH KING : He was Alan's opponent when he was young. Now he 
    hides himself
    in the costume of the first minister of Alan. 
    Pamela has a problem and asks to Gomez then Elishin to help. None understand and 
    she goes
    alone in Alambra. Once there, go to the new arena in the left part of the town. 
    First enter
    in it and go straight to look at a battle. Bud robot appears , wins a battle and 
    then he
    disappears. Now talk to the cooker (he has a problem with your name, it begins 
    Pamanla, then Pameland, then Pamelan and last Pamela) and you can go in Room B. 
    In it take the orga stone. Go in the arena.
    Now you can access to Room A. Go to the arena.
    BOSS : GOMEZ (Pamela obtains the second skill : Ultime Attack).
    Gomez abandons and you are the winner. Gomez has a third skill, "Berserk". Go 
    back to room B.
    BOSS : ACHYO. (equiped with a blue armor)
    You must ice Ice level 2 on him to win.
    After the battle you meet Alan. He tells you his story and wants you to bring 
    back to him
    his true love. Guezery has listened to everything. Now take the chest and exit. 
    Talk to
    Bantross. Exit of the town.
    SECRET AREA : The secret area is on the small spike of the continent near the 
    sea and the small island. Take the chest there.
    FORT FOREST : (red (one monster) and light)
    ROOM 1 : 1 item + 1 chest.
    ROOM 2 : 2 items + 3 exits. Exit north left (the first you see).
    ROOM 3 : 1 item + 1 chest and you arrive in room 2 by the exit north right (the 
    	 Now you can exit by the third exit of room 2. 
    ROOM 4 : Talk to the guard, they let you pass because you have the letter of 
    Alan. Take the
    	 orga stone here.
    ROOM 5 : 3 items + 2 exits. Exit down first.
    ROOM 6 : 1 item + 1 chest, return in room 5 to exit north.
    When you arrive, the town is burning. You must beat thiefs. Before you attack 
    them, go back to Terra Fortuna and ask for the help of Mima and Kanan.
    BOSS : 2 ASSASSINS, then one alone and then 3. (blue)
    Use Ice spell level 4 on them.
    Talk to Mamma and take the orga stone and the item. Talk to the woman near a 
    house and then
    to Mamma to learn that Alan's true love (Aylis) is dead. Then Mamma joins you. 
    Exit of the
    ROOM 1 : 1 item. Answer yes to Mamma. Go down for 3 items. After a battle you 
    capture a
    	 blue/green or red monkey named Cosal. Exit by the bridge.
    ROOM 2 : 2 items + 1 chest + 1 orga stone. Click on the tree and the green 
    monkey gives a 	 green weapon for Mamma (It's better to capture the green 
    ROOM 3 : 2 items, save.
    ROOM 4 : 2 item and exit. You can capture again the monkey and obtain a weapon 
    from the 	 tree.
    ROOM 5 : Answer yes to the big monkey.
    BOSS : DJANGO. (red)
    Attack him with powerful magic spell of fire (the level 3).
    Now you have learned the monkey melody. It allows you each time you pass in 
    front of the
    tree to obtain a weapon for Mamma. You can collect 10 of them, ie : 2 by tree. 
    In this CD you need 50 000 senis in scenaio 11. It's wise to economize the money. 
    Collect a weapon, exit of the room and repeat the process. You can obtain 2 
    weapons from the same tree.
    You can also pick up weapons of other trees in this dungeon.
    ROOM 6 : Collect 3 items and open a chest. Exit of here.
    THE MAMMOTH SANCTUARY : (light for the gargoyle, green for the monsters)
    Pamela and Mamma fall. Mamma enter a cave and awakes. His emblem is the mammoth. 
    He awakes with his first skill "Mammoth Punch". Go to Pamela, take her with you, 
    talk to Bantross and the party Gabri to create a party then enter in the 
    ROOM 1 : Beat 2 gargoyles. Push the statue on the switch to open the next door. 
    Beat another
    	 gargoyle then click on the jar. 2 exits. Exit right first.
    ROOM 2 : Go down for one item, continue on the left of the item in a black path 
    to find a 	 secret chest with a light Prism Hammer. Then go back to room 1. 
    Exit left this 	 time.
    ROOM 3 : Look in the jar and in the fireplace. Go to 2F. 
    ROOM 4 : Save. Push the statue on the yellow switch (kill one gargoyle). Pass 
    the door and
    	 kill again 2 gargoyles. Collect an item and open a chest.
    ROOM 5 : 1 item, go to 3F.
    ROOM 6 : Push the statue on the green switch. Kill the gargoyle to obtain a 
    crescent card.
    	 Pass the green door. 
    ROOM 7 : 1 item, go to 4F.
    ROOM 8 : You can find items in the jar here. Continue until the stairs. Don't go 
    up, turn 	 right and advance toward the wall to discover a secret passage. You 
    can find an 	 item and open a chest. Now go to the boss.
    ROOM 9 : You advance to discover that the first minister of Alan is in fact a 
    ROOM 10 : After the battle he escapes, you follow him in room 10. Come back to 
    Room 9 and 	  search for the last orga stone of this scenario. It's hidden 
    behind the throne of 	  the Mammoth King. Now follow Guezery in room 10. 
    You watch a scene. Bud robot kills Guezery. Talk to Alan and Pamela. Exit.
    An old man tells you that you are the son of Aylis and Alan. So you are the 
    prince. Go to
    the harbor, use the warp to Terra Fortuna to end this scenario.
    SCENARIO 11 : GIGI, THE SACRED KNIGHT : (5 orga stones)
    GIGI : The new character, but she is not playable. You will fight her. 
    BURL : He is mysterious and powerful at the same time. He is the prince of the 
    light empire.
    ANNA : Is the girlfriend of Burl. She needs the energy core to live.
    BUBUTON : He rules a fort of coward thiefs.
    KING LAYAS : father of Burl and Anna, he rules the mysterious light army, which 
    is supposed to serve Dios, the god of light.
    Mamma goes with Elishin in Alambra. We discover they are good friends. Go to the 
    inn to meet
    a strange character (Burl). Then save. Exit of the town.
    SECRET AREA : Click on the mountain on the right of the map. To be exact click 
    on the mountain on the same as line as the town.
    The secret area of this scenario leads to a strange theater where Megadra (it is 
    Megadrive + MEGA CD + 32 X) and Gear (a Game Gear) gives power to Cast (a 
    Dreamcast). You
    also see a Morrigan who takes "sake". You can read the internet adress : 
    You can find an item on the left and then exit.
    Go back in town, take the item in the chest of Alan's room. Go to the inn and 
    pass the night. Burl joins you. He wants you to help him to find an energy core 
    (a magic crystal). When you go down, you find the true innkeeper in a barrel. 
    She said that the other one was Bubuton, a thief, who lives in Bubuton Fort. To 
    thank you she offers the night during all the scenario for 1 seni. Now you must 
    chase Bubuton because he has the energy core. Exit of the town.
    BENAS FOREST : (light)
    ROOM 1 : 2 items. Exit.
    ROOM 2 : Go left to a chest then left again to push a rock for secret stairs and 
    a chest.
    	 Exit right.
    ROOM 3 : 4 items and one orga stone. To reach the stone, search in the north 
    part of the 	 room. Exit.
    ROOM 4 : 2 items. Exit.
    ROOM 5 : 3 items + 1 chest. There is a mini game to play here. Click on the part 
    of the 	 earth near the rock in the lake. 3 fairies arrive and teleport you. 
    Walk on the 	 water and press A to find a lot of items. It will stop 
    automatically. I wasn't able 	 to discover the true purpose of this. I found 
    more than 20 items in the lake but i 	 never obtained a reward. Exit.
    ROOM 6 : 2 items. Exit.
    BUBUTON FORT : (light for the egg lon or red for the soldiers)
    ROOM 1 : Enter. Kill a bubuton soldier. Your goal here is to chase all 20 
    soldiers to open
    	 the main door to the boss. 
    2 : Exit right. Go right then north to a chest. Return in the previous room and 
    search for      the fake statue. Then exit north to kill 3 soldiers + 1 hidden 
    behind the sheet. Exit       down and kill 6 soldiers. press the siwtch to 
    collect items. Return to room 1 and exit      by the first left. 
    3 : Press a switch and search for soldiers in the barrel. You will also kill a 
    long egg
        sometimes. Return to room 1 and exit by the second left.
    4 : Press a switch and use a way to a tree. There is an orga stone here. Behind 
    the tree is     a secret stairs to a chest. Then follow the way to the last 
    soldier. You obtain the key.     Go back to room 1.
    5 : Pass the door.
    ROOM 2 : BOSS : BUBUTON (hit him with an Ice spell) + 2 SOLDIERS (fire). Press 
    the switch 	 behind him to exit to room 3.
    ROOM 3 : Take the energy core and Elishin receives his third skill, "Self 
    Support", it 	 	 increases the ability to dodge an attack. Before you 
    exit, Gigi comes.
    BOSS : GIGI. (light)
    Then Mamma is kidnapped and Burl escaped. Elishin must find him to save Mamma. 
    After the
    scene, talk to the party Gabri and take Gomez with you. Now return in Alambra. 
    You must buy
    a ticket for the circus. One guy sell it for 100 000 senis but another one up 
    the circus
    sell it for 50 000 senis. Buy it. Once inside and after the scene you can chase 
    1 : Use the first ladder and open a refrigerator to collect an item. Go down to 
        it (answer 3) to the red panther. 
    2 : Use the second ladder to collect an item for the white panther. Then answer 
    3 again 
        to avoid the fight. There is an orga stone hidden behind a rock in front of 
    the cage 
        of the white panther. Then you meet Burl and Anna.
    BOSS : BURL + ANNA (light). 
    After the battle they come with you. Go to the arena of Alambra. There's a new 
    game. Look at it first, then go to Room A to play the game. You must touch 5 
    onces the barrel. If the soldier don't show him, you have won. Then you can go 
    to Room B for the second round. Search for an item in this room. After you win, 
    Elishin is recognized as the master of this game. You have two new rings.
    You can go to the harbor and use the boat. Talk to the guy, answer yes and you 
    will go there.
    Once you arrived, walk on the water and near the mountain to reach a secret cave. 
    You find a powerful armor for Elishin.
    In the forest, search for an orga stone in front of the entrance of the cave. 
    Bantross appears to ask about the emblem of Gigi, because he saw she obtained a 
    skill after
    the battle, and she doesn't answer. She goes into the cave. Follow her.
    FARBLE CAVE : (light)
    ROOM 1 : Go down.
    ROOM 2 : Enter the Sacred Ship.
    ROOM 3 : Kill a sacred knight and a grand knight. You find 2 items and 1 hidden 
    in the box
    ROOM 4 : Use the moving walkway. Enter a room to kill 3 sacred knights. Push a 
    box to the
    	 switch and take the item.
    ROOM 5 : Take the item and save. Use the stairs. Exit.
    ROOM 6 : Push the box to the switch. You enter the little room. Search for an
     	 item and kill 3 grand knights before you exit. Exit.
    ROOM 7 : BOSS : GORN. Exit. 
    ROOM 8 : You can use 2 boxes for 2 switches. Exit left to come back on the 
    	 part of Room 4. Take the item and push the box to open a shortcut to the 
    save 	 	 point. Go back in room 8 and exit right.
    ROOM 10 : it's a trap. Gigi takes the energy core. The king Layas appears (it's 
    the father
    	  of Burl and Gigi). Now the giant ship takes off.
    Scene 1 : Bridge shield open.
    You are teleported on the island to die. Burl and Anna stays to fight a guy, 
    scene 2 : Safety lock 1 activated at 51 %.
    Hurry to escape and take 3 of the 4 chests on the way. Or you can choose to 
    fight the final boss of this scenario and then escape.
    FINAL BOSS : LUNE. (light)
    For now this boss can't be beaten (or it will be very long). Come back to him 
    with powerful light weapons.
    Gigi doesn't want to shoot the island cause of her brother. The king does it. 
    The giant ship shoots.
    The island is completely destroyed, We don't know if Burl and Anna are dead and 
    Gigi is not
    happy. To be continued in CD 5.
    							      ADK, on the road to Eldorado.
    It's fairly simple, at the screen where (after you load a file) you can select a 
    scenario, press down after the last scenario for a new choice which is : "go to 
    Terra  Fortuna", answer yes (the dragon shines). Between each scenario, the 
    storyline changes and you can create a party by talking to the gabri (name of 
    the creature in Terra Fortuna) of the right. This Gabri is even called "the 
    party Gabri". You can have only in a party a character who received an emblem. 
    Since CD 3 this option is available during the game and not only when you go 
    back to Terra Fortuna, i hope you will appreciate it.
    Another point of interest is when you go up of the main room. You arrive near 2
    shops. One is for exchanging Orga Stones against an item. Every five orga stones 
    receive something.
    Just near is Bantross, talk to him and he explains that the next shop is the 
    SHOP. It means that you must go on the internet homepage and download the files 
    there. Once done come again to this shop, and choose to load your download files. 
    You will buy extra items that are not sold elsewhere.
    Since CD 2, you can make shining an orga stone. It happens when you exchange 
    orga stones against an item.
    How can i earn money ?
    when you fight a bird, use magic on him before he escapes. You can also sell the 
    useless items and weapons.
    Is there a secret scenario in this CD ?
    How can i be sure that the eight scenarios are synchronized ?
    On your save file you see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 once you have completed them 
    How can i obtain all the scenarios on the same file ?
    Once you have saved after the end of a scenario, reload the same file to access 
    to the next scenario, then overwrite the file of course.
    I thank Capcom for this good idea of RPG.
    This walkthrough is copyright 2001, ask for permission before posting it on your
    ADK, on the road to Eldorado.

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