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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

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    Hi, here is the walkthrough for the sixth volume of the saga. Once again it was
    a hard task to made it. Thanks to the constant support i received, i will
    finish this serie.
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    Also, i want my readers to know that my first language is the french, so you
    can ask me more about this game either in french or in english.
    I have missed 2 orga stones in scenario 15.
    I have missed 4 orga stones in scenario 16.
    Here is the summary :
    1 REVIEW :
    We are back in the world of Eldorado for the sixth volume. We are near the end
    and near the moment when the game becomes a true RPG. In the sixth volume, your
    mission is to obtain Gigi as a playable character. Due to the synchronicity
    with previous files a lot of events can change. For example, all the side
    quests can be completed in this CD. It stays quite hard but you can try it from
    now. Capcom hides behind this to sell a short CD 6. I don't mean it's not a
    good one, i simply say it's a short one.
    The presentation is completely different with a new design and even some
    original animations. As usual we can see all the things possible to do in this
    Graphically, the quality is the same as in CD 5. It seems that Capcom has
    reached the maximum. Ok, the last dungeon of the 16th scenario is very good
    graphically however. The decors are various, the sprites in the game quite cool
    and once again the general design of Amano is in progress and even sometimes
    best than Capcom's work. Since the guy works clother of Capcom's sprites the
    battles are more attractive.
    The animation doesn't change at all. The difference is that now you can use all
    the level 4 magic spells and enjoy new 3D effects during the battles. During
    the game itself, i appreciated the scenes with the sacred ship. It reminds me
    Skies of Arkadia.
    The sound is perfect now with the new musics and only the best of the old one.
    I like also the musics of the bosses. It's too bad there is no voice acting.
    The game loses a
    great part of fun.
    The controls are the same. Nothing new, as in the fifth CD. Except for Sophie,
    no character will show an extra skill like catching monsters. They are perfect
    as usual.
    In conclusion, with this game Capcom signs a new easy success. The story is
    very interesting and original. In each scenario new characters appear. We can
    clearly see that this CD is the sequel to the fourth and the fifth CD. It
    wasn't always the case for CD 1, 2, and 3. I regret that it contains only 2
    scenarios. Why not 3 or 4 ? Capcom was free to do this because now, all the 12
    characters are together. Well it's not the case. Just one more CD and we will
    settle this saga once and for all. You will enjoy anyway playing with the sixth
    PRESENTATION : 16/20
    GRAPHICS     : 18/20
    ANIMATION    : 18/20
    SOUND        : 18/20
    CONTROLS     : 18/20
    INTEREST     : 15/20
    FINAL NOTE   : 90%
    							ADK, on the road to Eldorado.
    This section will be in each guide i will product from now.
    ABOUT MY ENGLISH : i know it's an awful one, but it's the only one i have.
    Correct me if you wish that's the best you can do.
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    when i correct my english or post an update with more informations it's on
    gamefaqs but never on YOUR sites.
    THE RESULT IS EASY TO IMAGINE : i receive questions about things that are in an
    update and some people continue to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies
    Of Arkadia...
    Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the updates as you do
    for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.
    3 WHAT HAS HAPPENED DURING CD 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 :
    In scenario 1, you met Gomez and helped him to save Marsha from Draco. If Gomez
    was the bad boy of the CD 1, he has learned how to become a better guy in the
    life. His emblem is the Buffalo.
    In scenario 2, you met Kanan and helped her to evolve enough to beat the
    terrible Freeman. She didn't find her emblem yet and was only powered by the
    evil power of the mask.
    In scenario 3, you met Radia, the most sympathic character, and helped her to
    free the village of the curse of her beloved father, Radigan. Her emblem is the
    Fox, a strong robber.
    In scenario 4, you met Bud, in a world where beast were chased by hunters.
    After the death of his sister, he decided to awake the power of Metanomu and
    killed Bubba, hunter's chief. Unfortunately he didn't find his emblem and was
    probably kidnapped by the evil force at the end of his scenario. He mutated in
    Bud Robot and escaped of the town.
    In scenario 5, you helped Elishin, the prince, to save her princess. Behind a
    poor scenario idea was one of the best in the way of the interest. You must
    search a bit for your way as in a true RPG. His emblem is the Pegasus.
    In scenario 6, the best of all for the moment, we discover Ein, a robot that
    gained conciousness by helping Gomez to save the Gabri (people of Terra
    Fortuna) from the
    terrible Baku baku tribe. Ein's emblem is the Golem.
    In scenario 7, Kanan disappeared. Gomez and the other look for her. They
    arrived in
    Vanis the town of the two pisces where they found a lot of problems. Finally,
    purged the evil from her body and then awoke. Her emblem is the Siren.
    In scenario 8, we discovered a tortured Pamela. She has lost her memory and
    looks like
    a robot, and even worst a puppet. After a lot of battles, she finally awoke.
    Her emblem
    is the Wolf. The final boss was Dorine and after her death, all Vanis was free.
    In scenario 9, we discovered a sympathic fairy named Mima. She completed a
    quest in order to save her 3 mothers of a disease. Greatly helped by Gomez and
    the other she finally killed all the 3 gods of disease. At the end of the
    scenario we learn that Mima likes so much Gomez. Her emblem is the Fairy.
    In scenario 10, Pamela wanted to fight in order to progress. She goes alone in
    Alambra and was involved in a quest. The local king, Alan, wanted to retrieve
    his love, Aylis. Instead of finding her, Pamela found her son Mamma. After he
    awoke Mamma went in the Mammoth Sanctuary to beat the king of Mammoth who was
    the first minister of Alan. Afer decades he completed the quest of his father
    Alan. Mamma's emblem is the Mammoth
    In scenario 11, We discovered that Elishin and Mamma are good friends. They
    wanted to go to the fest in Alambra town. We also discovered that Mamma has a
    lot of problem to stand up. They were involved in a quest. Bubuton stole all
    their money and the Energy Core guarded by a guy named Burl. After they found
    the Energy Core and killed Bubuton they met Gigi. Gigi kidnapped Mamma and
    asked to Burl the Energy Core in exchange. Aftr Gomez and Elishin found Burl
    and his fiancee Anna, they all run to Farble Island for a fight with Gigi.
    Unfortunately it was a trap and they escaped with Mamma letting Burl and Anna
    for dead.
    In scenario 12, We discovered a very special and powerful character named
    Sophie. She is a monster hunter. She can capture and sell monster for money.
    This scenario was incredibly hard to play and all the prices were very high. At
    the end of the scenario, Sophie saved her sister from Aboguard. Unfortunately,
    all the money earned can't be kept. Sophie is the Spider.
    In scenario 13, Bantross though to Bud. Probably the fact of the hazard, Bud
    Robot comes to Terra Fortuna to ask some help. He wants to see again his
    sister, Liza, who died in scenario 4. Gomez and the others manage to help him
    by going in the dead world. On the way they met Rado. Finally Bud helps his
    sister to take the train of souls by saving her from the sinister (but very
    impressive) Soul Eater.
    In scenario 14, Gomez was sad for Bud. Bantross told him to find Rado, who is
    supposed to be the only one who can help Bud. Rado's adventure is quite
    unusual. Rado and his devil soldiers want to be very popular. They want to help
    the weak. Bud met Rado and they become friends. After a small fight, Rado took
    the control of Gamerandal, a flying fortress. He becomes so evil that he wasn't
    able to awake. After he realizes his errors, Rado asked some help to Gomez to
    kill Gameline, who has taken the control of Gamerandal. Finally Rado and Bud
    awoke. They are the Unicorn and the Serpent. They killed Gameline. Gamerandal
    was destroyed by the sacred ship of Gigi's father but all were saved.
    The battle system is very simple. Here are the menus when you fight :
    Usually the monsters hit you before you hit them cause some of the heroes are
    slowest than monsters as in Cosmic Fantasy Story.
    There is a blacksmith in some town, so you can combine two weapons of fire to
    obtain a level 2 weapons of fire. It's not an obligation to do this in each CD
    but i prefer to say it now so you can decide by your own.
    Another property of this blacksmith is that he can create weapons with skills
    like poison
    or decrease force. Try various combination of weapons.
    After a battle you can choose which items you want sometimes. The one you
    choose comes with you and the other can be found in Terra Fortuna because
    there, you can store all items you have found and then give it to a character
    if it's necessary.
    Last you must understand the battle system in order to survive in the world of
    Heat beats Leaf
    Leaf beats Ice
    Ice  beats Heat
    That's why when you buy items, an armor or a weapon is in three different
    For some dungeons you must be in fire to minimize the damage and then all
    change the equipment during a battle against a boss.
    Once you have understand it you can win easily all fights here.
    Let me finish with the light which is effective against all monsters. Light
    equipment are useful when you fight a Sacred Knight.
    It's time to fix it. Powerful and useful magics must be used to win the game.
    The magic has 5 forms :
    Recov : the healing spell.
    Heat  : the fire spell.
    Ice   : the water spell
    Leaf  : the earth spell.
    Light : the light spell.
    In this CD, heroes can cast level 1,2,3 and 4 magic.
    So far the effects change a little from CD 1 to CD 2 but not from CD 2 to CD 3,
    except for the level 4 magics used by foes.
    In CD 4 no news except that a level 5 exists. It's not exactly a level 5, and i
    will come back to it below. In the three last CDs it's the same thing.
    You can store the combination by using the third option after you create a
    spell : "the list option". Then use the List menu which is after all the magics
    menus during a battle. You gain a lot of time.
    Here are the names of all the spells in the game :
    For the Recov spells :
    Single Attack :
    Recoven (Recov + Recov)
    Recov Highen (Recoven + Recoven)
    Recov Rayon (Recov Highen + Recov Highen)
    Group Attack :
    Wrecoven (Recov + WRecov)
    Wrecov Highen (Recoven + Wrecoven)
    Wrecov Rayon (Wrecoven + Recov Highen + Recoven)
    There are other way to obtain the Wrecov spells. For example, Recov + Recoven +
    Wrecov gives a Wrecov Highen, but it's less good than a Recoven + Recoven +
    Wrecov. Fortunately, all the combinations are the same for each magic form.
    For the Heat spells :
    Single Attack :
    Heat Highen
    Heat Rayon
    Group Attack :
    Wheat Highen
    Wheat Rayon (wonderful magic)
    For the Ice Spells :
    Single Attack :
    Ice Highen
    Ice Rayon
    Group Attack :
    Wice Highen
    Wice Rayon
    For the Leaf spells :
    Single Attack :
    Leaf Highen
    Leaf Rayon
    Group Attack :
    Wleaf Highen
    Wleaf Rayon
    For the Light Spells :
    Single Attack :
    Light Highen
    Light Rayon
    Group Attack :
    Wlight Highen
    Wlight Rayon (very powerful and impressive)
    I will finish with the "level 5" of magic. To cast a Wlight Rayon, or more
    generally a "W* Rayon", you need a powerful magician who can cast a level 4,
    but you need also a ring that increase the magic skill of this magician, else
    you will not be able to cast such a spell. Other single spells like a "* Rayon"
    cause the same problem to some characters. In this CD Kanan can cast all the
    You have probably noticed the extras available since CD 3. In CD 5, you can
    visit a Monster Gallery, an Art Gallery and a Sound Test.
    The Sound Test and the Art Gallery are updated automatically by Capcom.
    To update your Monster Gallery, you need to fight new monsters. If you have a
    ???? aside a number it means you have missed the monster. To meet a monster you
    need to fight him. It's not an obligation to fight and win. If you wish the
    monster in your gallery you need at least to hit him and then escape.
    You can replay an old scenario !
    So far there are four bosses you will beat later, when you will have more power
    1) The Heat Tank in scenario 2. After you helped Kanan to awake you will be
    able to meet him in Kanan's scenario. It's possible to fight him in CD 6, but
    you must first input him in the monster gallery by replaying Kanan's scenario
    2) Rune, the final boss of the fourth CD. He is not very hard but long to kill,
    so escape for now and beat him later with the powerful weapons of CD 6 or 7.
    3) The Green Elemental of scenario 8. It's hard to meet him. It seems that
    there are two secrets area in this scenario according to the Dreamcast you are
    using. I will make the light on this later.
    4) In Aboguard's house in scenario 16, you can fight a Dadangas. It's hard to
    kill because it heals completely before it dies.
    This is just what i have found but there are more secret bosses and you will
    see how many by using your own Monster Gallery.
    General Tips : At the end of each scenario, if you wish to zap the credits
    press and hold the A button of your dream pad.
    Scenario 15 : EXTERMINATE THE GABRIS ! (6 orga stones)
    KISKA : He's Gigi's faithful knight. He always take care of her.
    RYAS : He's Gigi's father. He is very powerful and sometimes cruel, but he
    always shows his love to his daughter.
    ZENON : He is the most powerful "Knight of the Light" that exists in the world.
    He is supposed to serve Dios. However he has a strange behavior.
    LAMY : She is the most powerful "Sorceress of the Light" in the world of
    Eldorado. Always alongside Zenon, it appears she is Zenon's girlfriend and
    perfect partner.
    SHION : It's the sacred dragon of Dios. It's also the final boss of this
    A part of the action takes place in the region of Labora. After a reference to
    Italia and Spain, here is a small reference to France, because you can read
    these katakanas like this : "La Beaule" which is a famous beach in France...
    Elishin comes to talk to Bantross. Meanwhile, on the sacred ship a powerful
    light arrives. Zenon and Lamy come. They are here to order the destruction of
    the gabris. According to them, they are the creatures of Razin. Gigi and Kiska
    must investigate. Gigi must also kill the 11 protectors of the gabris, who are
    (as you can imagine) Gomez and Compagny.
    Click here and there in town and you will find some items. Enter the church and
    talk to the girl, Alice Moore, and then to the ... strange ... father. He will
    say that he saw gabris in Buck Mountain. When you try to leave the town Costran
    and his son, Costro want you to protect them through Buck Mountain. They are
    afraid of Gabris. Kiska refuses but you are free to accept (answer yes or no).
    Click on the mountain of the south west to find (on the small tree) the secret
    area. You will find a lightrayon. I think this is the entrance of a shrine, but
    i can't find a way to go in it. Exit.
    BUCK MOUNTAIN : (red)
    1) You must choose between Panic course (on the left) and Normal course (on the
    right). Begin with the normal course to find a chest and an item. You will find
    a secret way through the decor to another chest. Then use the panic course.
    2) You find 2 items, 1 chest and 1 orga stone. You see also one of the 3
    3) 3 items + 1 hidden in the rock of the lake.
    4) 1 item and the exit.
    5) Advance. There will be an event. Some Gabris arrive.
    BOSS : 3 GABRIS (red).
    After a scene, Kiska saves Gigi and Costro then dies with Costran. Now you are
    Elishin. Sophie comes with you. You can choose 2 other characters. Go to Buck
    Mountain. Use the same way as Gigi to see that the road is blocked by a rock.
    Go back in town.
    Go to the graveyard in the north part of the town. Costro is crying. The father
    says that someone will help you in Zora forest. Exit.
    ZORA FOREST : (green)
    1) Go right to find an orga stone, an item and north a chest. Then exit.
    2) 2 items, 2 exits left and north.
    3) With the exit left you reach a chest.
    4) With the exit north you find 3 items and 2 exits, norh and right.
    5) With the exit right, you find a chest.
    6) With the exit north, you can go up to a chest, then you see 3 exits. Left,
    right and up.
    7) With the exit right, you find a false chest.
    8) With the one on the left, you find 2 items and a chest.
    9) With the exit up, you reach a save point, 2 items and the exit to the boss.
    10) You see a Gabri.
    BOSS : 4 GABRIS (red).
    After this fight, you discover that they are not Gabris, but Copiers. They are
    creatures sent by Dios. With their help, Dios wanted to force Zenon and Lamy to
    kill the 11 heroes. It appears that it was a trap.
    BOSS : 4 COPIERS (red).
    Talk to each of them and they disappear. Save. Exit of the dungeon. Go back in
    town. Enter the church to use secret stairs under the pedestal.
    BOSS : 2 COPIERS + 1 COPYDOLL (red and blue).
    After the fight, Sophie captures the copydoll to show it to Gigi. It's the only
    proof. You can find 10 000 senis here, click on the chest and the boxes. Exit
    of the church. Save and heal then exit of the town. It's time to chase Gigi.
    1) 1 orga stone, 1 item and 1 chest.
    2) Enter the cave.
    3) 1 false chest and the exit.
    4) 1 item, exit.
    5) 2 items + 1 hidden in the rock, exit.
    You can access to the secret chest when you are outside. Immediately go right
    of the entrance of the room to find it and talk to another of the 3 idiots.
    Simply follow the way to the exit.
    GABRI'S LAST REFUGE : (light)
    1) You see Gigi, follow her. After the scene she understands the problem. She
    runs to stop her father and save the Gabris.
    2) you find an orga stone, in the second room of this dungeon. Be ready for the
    third room. I suggest that you save all of this before you enter the third
    Gigi runs to stop Ryas. Unfortunately, Zenon has sent Shion, the sacred dragon.
    it's too late to save anyone. Some Gabris dies. Gigi arrives and talks to her
    father. She explains what happened and Ryas stops the massacre. Unfortunately,
    when the dragon saw the four heroes, he becomes crazy and want to fight them.
    Ryas doesn't want to stop Shion because the four heroes helped Burl and Anna in
    the fourth CD. Anyway the dragon obeys to Zenon...
    Ok, for this fight you will need a lot of powers. I suggest that in your team
    you take Gomez and Kanan (because Sophie and Elishin, can't be changed). Shion
    is very hard to kill.
    Phase 1 : You will hit, Shion's body and legs (imagine it). During this phase
    it's not very hard to heal as long as Kanan can cast a Wrecov Rayon. Sophie can
    heal too or hit Shion alongside Gomez and Elishin.
    Phase 2 : Ryas will order to Shion to use his head to hit you. In this phase,
    Shion hits everyone in the party and you must heal as much as possible. This
    phase is short but you can run to a game over very easily.
    Phase 3 : is identical to phase 1. At least Shion dies.
    After the fight, Zenon uses the sacred ship to destroy partially Terra Fortuna
    and kill all the gabris. All the heroes and second characters (like Thomas the
    dog or Domp) have disappeared. Bantross can't do anything and the scenario ends
    on this. Fortunately Terra Fortuna wasn't really destroyed. It simply hides in
    the water.
    SCENARIO 16 : THE 12 ARE TOGETHER ! (8 orga stones)
    Knight : "Check the system".
    Grand Knight : "Ok."
    Knight : "Set up on Patrol mode on."
    Grand Knight : "Roger."
    Ryas : "Ah... Gigi..."
    Zenon : "Ryas, are you here ? Auto mode check, root system activated. Everyone
    out now !"
    Lamy : "The loss of Shion is terrible for our army. I know it's not your fault
    Ryas : "Oh thank you very much, your highness."
    Lamy : "But Gigi must pay, SHE is responsible !"
    Zenon : "You must obey to Dios's will and kill Gigi now !"
    Ryas : "NOOOOO... my daughter..., i will do it."
    Ryas finds Gigi and attacks her.
    BOSS : RYAS (light).
    I insist on this point : Beat Ryas. To beat him, begin to hit him as much as
    possible. Then he will begin to hit you. Use the fourth skill of Gigi (Reflect
    All) to dodge his attacks and reverse the effects on him. Last it will not work
    near the end of the battle, in this case hit him. Ryas will give you his sword,
    Balmunk, and then will save you.
    Zenon : "Ryas, what have you done ?"
    Lamy : "So, you betray us."
    Ryas : "This can't be... you are not Dios's apostles, i will fight you."
    Zenon : "PFFFFFFF, die."
    Ryas dies. He was a true hero, as Kiska. Gigi is safe. She awakes in a shrine.
    THE SHRINE OF LIGHT : (light)
    1) 2 items then enter.
    2) Begin to save and heal. 1 item hidden in the jar. Use 1 switch, take one
    item and use a second switch to exit.
    3) Go left to a chest, then right to use a switch. You can go to the exit.
    4) Use the blue switch on the right, then the second on the way and the last
    red switch. You find 2 chests here.
    5) Use a switch and advance.
    Scene : Gigi is in danger. Bantross has seen it. He asks Ein to find the other
    in order to help her. You are Ein now. Talk to the warp Gabri to go in Madra
    town of the first CD.
    Equip Ein in green. Go to the map to find a secret area (click on the small
    tree alone on the west) to find a chest. Go back in town. Go to the part of the
    town with the jail and the house of Marsha. You see the 3 idiots. They can't
    enter the pub because Gomez is inside. They run. Go in the pub and talk to
    Gomez until he says the same thing (Gomez fell in love for Marsha and he is sad
    because he has not seen her since he is back in town). Exit. Go to the house of
    Kanan's friends. Enter. You must push the piece of furniture to go in the
    sewer. Follow the same way as in the first CD to join Kanan. After you talk you
    have a surprise.
    BOSS : ICE TANK (green).
    It's easy to beat him. Kanan joins you. Continue. In this room there are 2
    possibilities :
    1) You play the game and you have not the Heat Tank in your monster gallery.
    You can take the item and then exit of the sewer.
    2) The Heat Tank is in your monster gallery because you have replayed Kanan's
    scenario. I think you will fight it now.
    After this trip you go back in town. Radigan takes again the youth of people,
    but this time it's just for the fun. Everyone want to beat Radia. Before you
    join her, buy her equipment and Gomez's equipment (both in green). Go north.
    After a long scene, Gomez and Radia join you to fight a boss. Don't buy
    anything for Kanan.
    BOSS : 4 SOLDIERS (red).
    Now you can exit of the town. Marsha wants to talk to Gomez, but he runs. He
    wants to love her after he saves the world. You go back to Terra Fortuna. Kanan
    leaves the team. Talk to the warp Gabri to exit.
    THE ICE SHRINE : (green)
    1) 2 items, exit.
    2) 1 item in the jar. 1 orga stone and 1 locked door.
    3) Before you go to the boss, take the key on the left and open the locked
    door. Now advance in room 3.
    BOSS : MANTASFIA (green).
    It's simple if you haven't green armors, the boss will cast Wice Rayon. if you
    have green armors, it will be easy to beat him.
    4) 1 chest and 1 item. You find the key for the door in the next room.
    5) Advance to fight the boss (you will take the key after he dies).
    BOSS : FANGESFIA (green).
    6) 1 chest on the left, 1 item on the right and the exit.
    7) BOSS : DINOSFIA (green).
    After the three heroes input their emblems, you will play Kanan. Go to Ladona
    town. You must find there, Pamela (who is searching for her faithful dog,
    Thomas), Sophie, who wants to take the egg Osmo and Cosmo has stolen to her
    (remember, she found this egg in the fifth CD) and Elishin who is in love with
    a dancer.
    Go to Aboguard's house. On the way, Pamela joins you. Go at the top of the
    house and Sophie joins you. You will talk to Cosmo and Osmo. You let the egg.
    Talk to a man in the house to obtain a key. With it in your pocket, you can
    open a chest (with a poor gold sword in it) or fight a difficult boss.
    BOSS : DADANGAS (green).
    It's hard to kill him because he always completely heals before the final hit.
    You must count the damage you inflict in order to win. Good luck.
    Then exit of the house, equip everyone in blue and buy Elishin's equipment in
    blue. Find Elishin in the pub. As he doesn't want to come, the 3 girls hit him.
    Sophie enclose Elishin in a pokeball. Once back at Terra Fortuna, Elishin goes
    back to the normal when he hears that Gigi was in danger. Talk to the warp
    Gabri to exit.
    THE FIRE SHRINE : (blue)
    1) 2 items enter.
    2) 1 item, walk on the lava to find 2 chests.
    3) Exit north to a room for a chest. 1 orga stone in the lava. Exit.
    4) 2 exits. Go left on the lava to find a chest then exit north.
    5) 1 item + 1 hidden in a jar.
    6) BOSS : KING JELL (blue). Exit.
    After the four heroes input their emblems, you will play Rado. He must find
    Bud, Mima and Mamma. Talk to the warp Gabri to exit.
    In town you must go to the arena. You will play a new game, the simon. First
    look at the game by using the north door. Then you will enter room A. The
    combinations are random but easy to handle. Then try room B challenge. I
    suggest you use a paper and a pencil to win. You are a master. You have an
    invitation for the wedding of Mamma and Mima. Go to Alan's house and show it.
    You can now see the wedding.
    Suddenly a man comes. A giant beast is free in the circus and no one can stop
    it. Talk to Mamma and Mima. Go to the shop and buy Mamma's and Mima's red
    equipment (and of course Rado's one). Go to the circus. The beast beats Rado.
    Then Mamma and Mima arrive.
    BOSS : RAGAGOS (light).
    Then you warp back to Terra Fortuna. You need to find Kobud. Go to Liza's
    grave. Click on it. Bud arrives. Now that you are four, you warp back to Terra
    Fortuna. You can talk to the warp Gabri.
    THE LEAF SHRINE : (red)
    1) 2 items, exit.
    2) Go north. BOSS : GIGANTES (red).
    3) 3 gigantes to kill. An orga stone is hidden under one of them. Use the
    ladder first.
    4) You must kill 1 gigantes. You find one chest and must use a secret
    5) Kill 2 gigantes. Take the item and 2 chests. Go back in room 3 and use the
    6) 2 items and 1 gigantes.
    7) 2 gigantes and the exit.
    After the heroes input their emblems, Gigi can pass the third and final door.
    She receives her emblem. Gigi is the scorpion. Gigi's skills are Retain Heat,
    Retain Ice, Retain Leaf and Reflect All.
    After she tries to input the emblem, Zenon and Lamy arrive to take her. You are
    now Elishin. Choose a party and don't forget to save. Talk to the warp Gabri.
    It's time to fight Osmo and Cosmo. You need the wyvern which sleeps in the egg.
    BOSS : OSMO AND COSMO (light)
    They must die simultaneously or the fight will never end. After this annoying
    fight, they run away.
    You use the egg to go to the final dungeon. I appreciate the scene with the
    dragon, it reminds me Lunar the Silver Star.
    I suggest you take Kanan (because she can cast Wrecov Rayon), Gomez, Sophie and
    Rado. You can try various combinations because the final boss is virtually
    invincible. Winning against them is truly difficult. A victory = A miracle.
    1) 1 item south. 2 exits. You can try the exit south first.
    2) 1 item, use the ladder.
    3) 2 items. Each time you slide in this dungeon, you will go to this room.
    4) Here you can slide to room 3 or to room 5. There are two exits.
    5) Here is an orga stone, slide to room 3 and go all the way back to room 4.
    6) (first exit on the left) you find a chest.
    7) (second exit on the left). Slide.
    8) 1 item, you can slide or exit (slide for one chest).
    9) Heal and save. exit.
    10) 2 items and the exit.
    11) You see Gigi. You jump on the sacred ship to save her, but it's a trap.
    Zenon and Lamy were waiting for you.
    For this fight, hit Lamy with your weapons. Hit Zenon with your magic power.
    Lamy will abuse of Wlight Rayon and a Wheaten that decreases your attack and
    defense. Zenon will abuse of his super skill to kill a member of the party in
    one hit. Good luck to you.
    After this incredible fight, Gigi input her emblem. A stone tablet appears. The
    elder of the gabris wants to read it, but Bals appears and stops the ceremony.
    All are teleported in Terra Fortuna. Bantross explains to them that they are
    the 12 heroes of the legend and that they must save the world of Eldorado. Gigi
    joins the force definitely. You will fight Bals in the next CD.
    							ADK, on the road to Eldorado.
    It's fairly simple, at the screen where (after you load a file) you can
    select a scenario, press down after the last scenario for a new choice which is
    "go to Terra  Fortuna", answer yes (the dragon shines). Between each scenario,
    storyline changes and you can create a party by talking to the gabri (name of
    creature in Terra Fortuna) of the right. This Gabri is even called "the party
    Gabri". You can have only in a party a character who received an emblem.
    Since CD 3 this option is available during the game and not only when you go to
    Terra Fortuna, i hope you will appreciate it.
    Another point of interest is when you go up of the main room. You arrive near 2
    shops. One is for exchanging Orga Stones against an item. Every five orga
    stones you
    receive something.
    Just near is Bantross, talk to him and he explains that the next shop is the
    SHOP. It means that you must go on the internet homepage and download the files
    there. Once done come again to this shop, and choose to load your download
    files. You
    will buy extra items that are not sold elsewhere.
    Since CD 2, you can make shining an orga stone. It is in the instruction
    manual. In fact it happens when you exchange orga stones against an item. It
    shines and becomes an item.
    If you are using this device to play with you DC, i just want to say that you
    need to have a distance of one meter or two between you and your computer
    screen. If you play this game at 5 cm of the PC screen, you will see a Genesis
    game in 320 X 240. On the contrary with the distance you will enjoy the
    antialisasing and see that the VGA BOX is effectively more suitable than any
    other cable (Scart, Cinch or S VIDEO).
    How can i earn money ?
    when you fight a bird, use magic on him before he escapes. You can also sell
    the useless items and weapons. In CD 4 for example, when you kill light
    monsters you find money. In CD 5 you can sell monsters.
    Is there a secret scenario in this CD ?
    How can i be sure that the 14 scenarios are synchronized ?
    On your save file you see, 1 to 14 once you have completed them all.
    How can i obtain all the scenarios on the same file ?
    Once you have saved after the end of a scenario, reload the same file to access
    to the next scenario, then overwrite the file of course.
    I thank Capcom for this good idea of RPG.
    Thanks to Lord Grynn. He helped me to buy the three last Eldorado Gate.
    Thanks to Stelecroco. He helped me for the final fight with Zenon and Lamy.
    This walkthrough is copyrighted 2001, ask for permission before posting it on
    your site.
    ADK, on the road to Eldorado.

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