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"This game needs to be told to"

Disney movies come and go all the time. When their about to go, they release a game. Just before the release of Toy Story 2 for Playstation, Bookies and Betting shops all over the world stopped taking bets on the latest outcomes of ''Disney'' games, because everyone betted on ''Platforming Games''. 102 Dalmatians makes no diffrence whatsoever.

Story - 4 : A fur-obsessed woman called Cruella De Vil is plotting once again. She talks about toys and pets, then she decides to kidnap every pet in England (I think she should buy a lot of newspaper before she does kidnappings). Meanwhile, Oddball and Domino play in the 102 Dalmatians back garden, when they get back in the house, they find out that the 100 other puppies has gone missing. Their parents plan on finding, but Oddball and Domino plan to help. Quite dull, especially for a Disney Game. Get some plot lessons off Square and Nintendo please Crystal Dynamics.

Music and Sound - 2 : What can I say? Well, I think that Crystal Dynamics sent a team of 2 to London Parks, and recorded Band Music. My dog (don't ask) could make better music. The voice acting gets bad, the dogs lips carry on moving for about 6 seconds after the speech is said. And enemys make awful noises like ''Toast Lunch''. Also, the sound effects, Awful again, even the dogs don't bark like dogs, they bark like a pair of 3 year olds pretending to be dogs.

Gameplay - 5 : The puppies handle like shopping trollys on ice which has been polished. The puppies attacks work good, and the jump system is okay... Also, the game has a lot of mini games, which is quite clever and okay to control. When jumping on high platforms, it is annoying, as you may fall and have to start over :(.

Replaybility - 3 : The game is very easy, and once you finsihed, you won't want to start it agai. there are 100 puppies to rescue, so if you want to get all 100 of them, do it if you're board.

Overall - 4 : Easy, Awful Sound and avarage Gameplay. It might entertain the smallest of children for one of two hours.... stay clear. A trip to Battersby dogs home is at top of my list.

Good Points

1) Its a platforming game
2) Some Humore
3) Mini Games.

Bad Points

1) Easy
2) It's a platforming game
3) Bad speech.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/17/01, Updated 06/17/01

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