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"This is my review of Sydney 2000"

I Think that Sydney 2000 is the greatest button bashing game ever released on any console. It has a wide selection of events and they are more fun that ever before. The game requires lightning fast fingers (or thumbs) and a very good button releasing accuracy to get the degree spot on. The high jump and weighlifting are good because instead of having just three attemps you can have three attempts on each height or weight, just like the real events. Skeet Shooting is also a very fun event but is very hard to shoot the targets sometimes. The worst event in the game is got to be the Kayak K1 Slalom because it is extremely hard to get used too. The 100m is also a very good event if your fingers are lightning fast and you get a very good start. The 110m hurdles also requires fast fingers but also the press the jump button on time to jump the hurdle. When I first started playing Sydney 2000 I played on it for over 4 hours and broke nearly all of thw world records. The straight forward events are the 100m and the 100m Freestyle, all the rest are required more than just pressing the buttons at a fast speed. e.g. in the Skeet Shooting you are required to shoot targets and in the triple jump you are to get a fast run up and release the jump button at a certain degree. Another feature in this game is the Olympic mode where you have to build your athletes strength up by taking him into the virtual gym which is more fum than just going straight into the Olympics and competing. You are to qualify through three stages in each event to qualify for the Olympics, you might just want to qualify in one event or just the ones you are good at.

Overall, this game offers hours upon hours of excellent gameplay and qualifing in the olympics in every event could take you up to 15 hours then the feeling of going into the Olympics and watching the starting parade feels good because all your hard work has paid off. If you get a gold medal it also playes the national anthem for your own country and the commentry is also a good touch.

Thanks for reading this review, hope it gives you a good opinion on Sydney 2000 because it is the greatest button bashing game EVER!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/05/00, Updated 10/05/00

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