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    Mini-FAQ by Billy Lee Black

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    November 22, 2000
    Version 1
    E-Mail Address: Renmazuo1017@aol.com
    GameFAQ's Username: Billy Lee Black
    Cannon Spike is a game much like expendable except it has Capcom 
    characters in it!  It's pretty easy to learn so I expect you to know 
    the buttons already.  (It took me 5 minutes to learn them)  Just in 
    case you don't know the buttons though, here's the DEFAULT setting:
    Y: Heavy Attack
    X: Heavy Shot
    A: Weak Shot
    B: Weak Attack
    LT: Special Attack
    RT: Target
    Note that the weak shot and weak attack can usually be comboed. 
    SHIBA SHINTARO********************************************************
    Story: Shiba got involved in the terrorists' conflict and became their 
    target right before he won the World Championship Skateboarding Title. 
    He's probably the most well rounded next to Charlie, use him as a 
    beginner's choice.  He really shines at close range though.
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Weapon: L999-A3
    Transportation: Skateboard
    Strength: 6
    Speed: 6
    Stamina: 5
    Attacks: 7
    Fun Factor: 7
    OVERALL: 7
    Heavy Shot: Cyclone Ball
    This has very short range, but powerful.  Get in a large group of 
    enemies and use it, it will most likely kill one of the enemies.
    Heavy Attack: 1080 Turn
    This Attack is very hard to hit with, but very strong. It has the 
    potential to take half a Boss' life if the whole combo hits.  Don't use 
    it too often though, since he is left wide open for a long period of 
    Special Attack: Homing Akaby
    Great Special.  Decent damage, and never misses.  Goes great if comboed 
    with any of his other attacks.
    Story: Charlie came from the U.S. Army to assist Cammy on a secret 
    mission.  He's from the Street Fighter series and one of the best 
    fighters in the game.  He is one of the best in both close range and 
    long range.  Quick and powerful attacks are his specialty.
    Age: 28
    Sex: Male
    Weapon: MARS Command Carbine
    Transportation: Rollerblades
    Strength: 8
    Speed: 7
    Stamina: 7
    Attacks: 7
    Fun Factor: 6
    OVERALL: 8
    Heavy Shot: Piercing Cannon
    Goes through EVERYTHING.  Use it against large bosses, and it wont stop 
    damaging them until it goes through it.  Damages like hell.
    Heavy Attack: Somersault Kick
    Very strong against bosses, except it leaves him wide open for a couple 
    of seconds.  Don't do it unless the enemy is dying.
    Special Attack: Sonic Barrage
    Pretty weak for a Special, but it has long range.  I wouldn't suggest 
    using this too much…
    King Arthur***************************************************
    Story:  He was sent to assist, or more so protect Simone.  He's the 
    strongest character in the game, being able to destroy most enemies 
    with a slash of his sword.
    Age: 32
    Sex: Male
    Weapon: Gunlance "Excalibur"
    Transportation: Walking
    Strength: 10
    Speed: 3
    Stamina: 8
    Attacks: 6
    Fun Factor: 5
    OVERALL: 6
    Heavy Shot: Arthur Missile
    Launches about 10 missiles.  All of which have moderate homing.  Not 
    too powerful for the strongest character in the game.
    Heavy Attack: Arthur Rush
    Very strong.  It could kill some bosses with one hit, and can kill a 
    crowd of enemies.
    Special Attack: Arthur Beam
    This practically crap compared to the other specials.  It's moderately 
    strong, but hard to hit with.  He does have stronger and better 
    Cammy White**********************************************************
    Story: Cammy is soldier from a crime organization in Shadaloo.  She had 
    recently been having trouble completing her missions so Charlie was 
    sent to help her.  She's one of the weakest but she's also the fastest 
    and most agile of the characters.  Her attacks may seem weak, but the 
    have great priority and cover area, making her one of the best in 
    killing a crowd of enemies.
    Age: 21
    Sex: Female
    Weapon: ZZ01 Mantis and Caesar SNG
    Transportation: Rollerblades
    Strength: 6
    Speed: 10
    Stamina: 6
    Attacks: 8
    Fun Factor: 7
    OVERALL: 8
    Heavy Shot: Riot Smasher
    It has great range and moderate power.  Use it occasionally and point 
    properly.  It leaves her open for a second or two.  Can usually hit 
    multiple targets.
    Heavy Attack: Cannon Spike
    Cammy performs a somersault and screams "Cannon Spike!"  Don't use it 
    too often since it leaves her open for a long time.  It's her strongest 
    move though…
    Special Attack: Chain Grenade
    It covers a wide area but it doesn't go far.  Weak for a special, only 
    use it if you need to be "Invincible" for a short amount of time.
    Story: Works with Arthur to complete a mission.  She is part cyborg and 
    has superhuman strength.  Simone is probably the weakest when fighting 
    a crowd of enemies from afar.  All her long range attacks go in a 
    straight line, but her close range attacks cover large areas.   
    Age: 25
    Sex: Female
    Weapon: C&P MPV and a Samurai Sword
    Transportation: Rollerblades
    Strength: 7
    Speed: 9
    Stamina: 5
    Attacks: 6
    Fun Factor: 6
    OVERALL: 7
    Heavy Shot: Samurai Laser
    Goes in a straight line, its powerful but it covers little area.
    Heavy Attack: Samurai Slash
    Very strong attack.  It can hit all enemies around her and it doesn't 
    leave her open that much.
    Special Attack: Samurai Sword
    Again, it goes in a straight line but is VERY powerful.  It can take 
    half of most bosses health.
    Baby Bonnie Hood*************************************************
    Story: A human with a dark soul.  She may be innocent looking, but she 
    is destined to be a great monster hunter.  BB Hood was not meant to be 
    played offensively, but defensively.  Her Cheer of Fire can be done 
    while walking making it perfect for going around bosses.  Her Apple for 
    You is weak in power but it pushes enemies away.  She's also a decent 
    hit and run character.
    Age: 12
    Sex: Female
    Weapon: S32 Impact
    Transportation: Scooter
    Strength: 7
    Speed: 7
    Stamina: 6
    Attacks: 7
    Fun Factor: 10
    OVERALL: 7
    Heavy Shot: Cheer of Fire
    It has short range but she can move while she's attacking. It has 
    moderate attack power.
    Heavy Attack: Apple for You
    Perfect hit and run attack, she drops an apple and explodes on impact.  
    It has weak power but usually pushes the enemy away.
    Special Attack: Bazooka Paradise
    One of the best specials.  You can move while she fires two sets of 
    bazookas.  It doesn't leave her open and it has great attack power.
    Mega Man*********************************************************
    Story:  A robot created by the infamous Dr. Light.  Although he is only 
    a machine, he carries the heavy burden of making the world a more 
    harmonious place for humans and robots alike.  Mega Man is the weakest 
    defensively, but a strong offensive attacker.  He's the perfect Hit and 
    Run character.
    Age: 7
    Sex: Male
    Weapon: Mega Buster
    Transportation: Hover Shoes
    Strength: 6
    Speed: 9
    Stamina: 3
    Attacks: 7
    Fun Factor: 9
    OVERALL: 7
    Heavy Shot: Super Mega Buster
    Average attack with moderate attack, range, and coverage.  Use it 
    Heavy Attack: Tornado Hold
    Short range, but it hits all enemies and usually stops them or even 
    kills them!
    Special Attack: Rock N' Roll
    One of the best Special Attacks.  Mega Man turns into an indestructable 
    ball for you to control.  You can either run away protected, or damage 
    an opponent severely.
    Special Thanks to my Mom for buying this game for me. ;)

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