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"Fun but hard game"

.Its like 50 years in the future and some group of terrorist robots are like terrorizing the citizens (Cause that's what terrorist robots do, right?) so a group called the Anti-Robot Special Forces is created to like...blow them up. But you didn't buy this game for its story did you? You got it to do just like I said; Blow stuff up, and lots of it, and with extreme prejudice, and stuff like that. If you wanted a story then Skies of Arcadia would be spinning in your DC right now, but it aint, so your here, so lets get down to business shall we? 6/10 - Weak, but who cares.

Weak attacks, strong attacks, lock on, and special move. Seems simple enough, responds quickly, and your character goes where you want it to. (You just have to live long enough to make it there.) With only a few tiny problems that make you miss cause you weren't turned far enough. In summary; simple, effective, and makes stuff go "Boom!" What more could you ask for? 9/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects, and Music
Very few voices, kinda forgettable music (The ending song is like...weird ‘n stuff.) And the sound effects to show you that shots go off and flames fly and stuff goes boom but it aint anything to write home about...whatever that means. {Dear Mom, blew stuff up today, recorded it to, I've sent you a copy, don't worry about that screaming in the background, but Charlie can be a wuss sometimes} erm... ok moving on.... Please. 4/10

Game play
Go to area (that is usually to small for my opinion) with one of seven characters (2 are secret) Whup some butt, boss type person appears whup him/her. Move on. Repeat. Very simple, very destructive, and a load of fun. This is a Smash TV overhead view, butt whuppin game, go to a place, and defeat everything that appears on the screen. Its fun, but again simple, luckily the release price is thirty bucks, so its cheap and fun, and multi player. 8/10

Replay Value
Well this is a downside. The two Secret characters don't need to be unlocked, and you get a image gallery pretty much at the beginning so aside from beating it at the highest difficulty (there are 8) and seeing if anything happens, getting high scores, and seeing all 8 simple endings...there's really not anything to do. 4/10

It's a cheap game for some cheap fun. Invite some friends over, blow some stuff up and have some fun. Simple, cheap, and fun; best way I can think of to describe this. 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/10/07

Game Release: Cannon Spike (US, 11/14/00)

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