Review by hayato42

"Not everything I've expected...but pretty good nonetheless"

Cannon spike, a game that lives up to its hype but not in all ways...

The game has everything a dedicated capcom fan could want... cameo's from other games...

But for gamers it has a very distinct and very different play style... even if i've seen a few games extremely close to this before...

Now on with the real review:

Gameplay: 10/10

The gameplay is fast, furious and can be extremely hard...
if you've ever seen or heard of smash tv and know that your faced with a HUGE amount of enemies that shoot off little bullets which do close to nothing on their own, but send 200 of those same bullets and they can pack a whollop.

Its just one of those games with a overhead view where you walk around a shoot stuff till it dies... sound uninterested? well its a WHOLE lot more fun than it sounds...


The controls had a very good variety in the attacks department with 5 different ways to attack enemies.:

light special (use gun)
hard special (slow startup, big bang...)
light attack (punches, kicks the works)
hard attack (character usually does his signiature move)
special's (much like other shooting games, it makes a very big boom!.)

Visuals: 9/10

Not what I expected!... I would have thought this game would be a 3d perspective but no!...

Instead the game IS in 3d but the camera is dropped down and the game basically plays in 2d...

Although the graphics are wonderful, and the close up shots of the characters look incredibly nice!

Story:... real story...but there are individual endings

but the back of the box says something like:

the future needs you!...robots take over the world, your in an orginization (which just HAPPENS to be full of capcom characters) who wants to stop these robots...

Music: 7/10

I usually have no real preference toward game music...but its not annoying, and its not catchy either...


Everythings here, from megaman's extremely high pitched voice to the awfully deep voice of BBhood/Bulleta

Replay: 5/10

Well if you beat it once theirs no real reason to play it again rather than beat it on the hardest difficulty...which is very hard BTW...

theres little extra's so...

I would definitely say buy...without a doubt.
The game has a retail price tag of 29.99 and is all worth it (and then some)

Overall: 8/10

I didn't go by average but I felt the game deserves an 8...could have been better...could have been worse but it is definitely more fun than expendable or zombies revenge...other games of the same type

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/17/00, Updated 11/17/00

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