Review by zorro

"I have seen the light and it is Cannon Spike"

After finishing three or four straight hours of playing this unique and very addicting game, my friend and I can't help but wonder one thing. Where have all the great, mindless shooters gone? Remember those? The games that didnt require 80 blocks of memory and five minutes of load time...the games that you could just pop in and go straight to work on. Well this is it! This game is pure button mashing bliss. The graphics are intense, and they have Capcom's style written all over them. The control is dead on and the music is reminiscent of some of the old school games. i.e.: Ghouls'n'Ghosts and Mega-Man
Gameplay: The control takes a bit at first, but once you get it dialed-in, you would not have it any other way. Excellent.

Graphics: The in-game graphics of Cannon Spike are something of any anomaly. Though all of the characters are rendered, the game brings back that feeling of playing a 2-D side-scroller from the days of yore. A straight forward path is laid between you and the end of the level and there are no puzzles to solve in between. ( Anyone else sick of Lara Croft) Just pure mayhem. The colors are wonderful and...well...what else can I's a Capcom game. Who is Psikyo anyway?! Hats off guys!

Music: AAHHHHHH! Action game music at it's best. The last time I remember being this impressed by a game's music was the first installment of the S-NES import of Actraiser. Awesome.

Overall: A game that you will keep coming back to again and again for it's addictive gameplay and outstanding two-player action. We are now able to revisit the type of games that us hardcore guys(if your first system was a Playstation, you aint hardcore pal) have been sorely lacking over the long drought brought on by the plague that is the Sony Playstation. Cannon Spike rocks!

I wish I could go into so much more detail about CS, but I would like to end-off with this....Any review that you read that states that this game is too short, forget about it. Indeed, the levels are short and intense, but this pit bull of a game is not for gaming rookies. After 3 hours of team play, we were only able to get to the 6th(out of 10) level, and this is on the normal setting. Please, do yourself a favor, go get this game today! An instant hit!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/21/00, Updated 11/21/00

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