Review by Doodleheimer

"At least this game only cost $30.00."

Game Play-5/10

The game play in Cannon Spike is like a Capcom version of Smash TV. Yet, this game plays exactly like Smash TV. The storyline takes place in the future in both games, except that Cannon Spike is much easier and features Capcom characters, of whom I do not know who half of them are. If this a game with Capcom characters, I would have at least expected Ryu, Ken, Morrigan, and Akuma in this game. Cannon Spike is probably the worst Capcom game made for the Dreamcast. The control in Cannon Spike is pretty bad also. But, so was Smash TV's control. There is like, no replay in this game either, which is another downer to Cannon Spike.


The music is fast paced at times, but it does not fit the settings and scenery at all. The music just boggles the mind. The sound effects are your average game's sound effects, only really repetitive and annoying. The guns pretty much sound the same. They sound different, but they all sound annoying. I did not expect this kind of bad game from Capcom.


The graphics in Cannon Spike are the best feature in the game. The graphics do not really take advantage of the Dreamcast, but they are better than what the Playstation or Nintendo 64 can dish out graphic-wise. So, that was a plus. But it does not rescue Cannon Spike from a bad review, and I rarely give a video game a bad review. In my opinion, a bad review is a five-under. The animation is fluid, but there is some slowdown, mainly because there are so many enemies on screen at one time. The character detail is good. The enemies in one level pretty much look the same.

Overall-4/10 (Not An Average)

Even if you think that thirty bucks for a Dreamcast Game is cheap, do not get Cannon Spike! Instead, spend ten bucks on Chu Chu Rocket or Space Channel 5. God bless Sega, but a curse on Capcom. Another thing, what kind of name is Cannon Spike? This game just does not make sense. Do not buy this game, even if you did like Smash TV. Buying this game is exactly like throwing thirty dollars down the toilet, except that it wastes precious time and space.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/28/00, Updated 05/20/02

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