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"What Hardcore Gamers Want"

Well here I am writing my first review and what better game to do it on than Cannon Spike.Ive been hearing different views of the game from EGM, Gamefan and IGN and I had to know what all the fuss was about. It had been lauded by some for its ''hradcore gameplay'' and ''old school style'' and it had been condemmed by others for being ''too short''. What is a person to believe? I, as a somewhat hardcore, somewhat casual gamer am here to give a down to Earth review for all of you confused gamers.

Gameplay: Its hard to describe exactly what genre this game would fit into but I'd say that it is an ''Action Shooter''. This level-based game has you going through each level pretty much destroying anything and everything like a typical shooter. Developed by the renowned Psikyo(Gunbird, Strikers) this game has you dodging bullets, a lot of bullets, whil at the same time destroying the baddies who are shooting them at you. You can play as one of 7 people and five of the are some of Capcom's greatest heroes. Each character has five moves: Machine gun, Stronger gun, Close range attack, Stronger close range attack and a Super. In the right hands these attacks, mixed with the lock-on feature, can deal serious damage. Each level has 2 bosses, a sub-boss and a final one. Mix this with the astounding 10 levels and your in for one long blastfest. The game is 3-d, not 2-d ad each level is an enclosed place. Gets a 10.

Story: This game's is about a group of anti-terrorists fighting to save Earth. All I can say about the story is... who cares!! At the beggining of the game there is a little blurb about something and than thats it, no more story just staight up shooting and thats why I love this game. This anecdote may be out of place but the game is kind of like my basketball class last year. You change, go to the gym, get a lecture by the teacher, then play basketball for an hour. That is why that was my favorite class of all time and why I love this game so much. No pointless story to bore you(kind of like stretching), just straight up gameplay. Gets a 0.

Graphics/Sound: These 3-d graphics are nice, really nice. The characters look cool, the baddies look cool and the bosses look really cool. That is all that is needed since this game isnt about graphics, no game is. The music and sound effects are cool, nothing ground-breaking. This is the kind of game you just sit down, crank up your stereo, play some music and enjoy. Gets an 8.

Replayability: This is one of those game that will keep you coming back again and again. Once you beat it you will most likely try to beat it again on a harder level. I just beat it on normal and Im gonna go back and try to beat it on hard. It is also the kind of game you play when youve got nothing to do. Say youve got an hour to kill, just sit down, play this game and the time will fly by. Id give it an 8 in this category.

To buy or not to buy?: This game is a must buy if you like straight up gameplay expieriances. It will take you a while to beat it the first time, and you will come back again and again to beat it and out do yourself. Also, its only $30 and that is a steal for a new game. Do yourself a favor and pick this game up.

I hope you took my review seriously and buy this game, you wont regret it. This game truly is ''What hardcore gamers want''. Have fun!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/10/01, Updated 01/10/01

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