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"Fans of 2-D Shooters Will Be Right At Home With This, Despite the Nice New Graphics"

Let me start things off by saying I'm not the biggest fan of the shooter genre. I'm not talking about first person shooters (FPSs), but the ones where all gameplay includes is a few attacks and single axis movement. I don't dislike the genre but when it comes to choices I'd usually take most RPGs, Racers, Fighters, Sports games, or pretty much anything else over a shooting game. What caught my eye in Cannon Spike though, (besides being a big fan of Capcom) is that for once they've made the graphics quite good in a shooter. I mean, graphics aren't the first thing considered in my book but no matter how addicting a shooter can be, you're not going to persuade your mainstream friends to play it with it's 2D sidescrolling graphics. Well, that, and it has Mega Man in it, heh.

Graphics- Like I said before, this game has some nice graphics. For a shooter these have to be some of the best. Everything is super high resolution, animation is very nice, no clipping, everything is beautifully anti-aliased, AND the frame rate is an all-time 60 (maybe more)? That basically sums everything up nicely. The only thing bad about it is that it isn't very detailed, but can you really complain THAT much about lack of some small details? Well, normally yes, but for this game, not quite as much because you're constantly moving and don't have too much time to stare the screen down for the little flaws. Nevertheless, it lowers the score, not by much though. 8/10

Sound- Hmmm, well sound definitely isn't the highest point of the game, although it isn't bad, it isn't that great either. There's a few catchy tunes but nothing truly memorable here. On the other hand though, it does help keep everything flowing nicely during the game. The sound effects are pretty good and there are a few voice snippets for each character's attacks. 7/10

Gameplay- Well this is the category that most shooter aficionados flaunt in your face when you point at their game and say something like ''I've seen crap on wheels that looks better than that jet/car/hover thing'', so, in essence, how does this game portray the dynasty of gameplay excellence? Well, for the most part, quite good, there are a few flaws, but nothing too bad. The main flaw I can think of though would have to be how when you lock onto an enemy (in a similar form as Zelda, just with an overhead view), sometimes when you circle them you lose your lock. Now isn't a lock on meant so you can strafe around your opponent? This doesn't make it a bad game, just a minor flaw that can be made up for once you get pretty comfortable with the controls. 8/10

Replay Value- Well, I may have said the sound wasn't quite the games highest point, well neither is this. As a matter of fact, this is the lowest point by far. Although I guess most shooter fans are probably used to the ''beat and repeat'' method of play, but I mean, c'mon, the endings are nothing special (same theme as any Street Fighter game, but that isn't saying much), and once you beat the game you get to look at some art galleries you unlock. And that's it. The two player mode is pretty fun though, which is about the only redeeming factor in the replay score, but it isn't enough to give replay a ''good'' score. 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/14/01, Updated 01/14/01

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