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"Short but sometimes short can be good."

I was impressed. When this game first came to the light of the world I thought it was going to be a shoddy rushed product. But I was very wrong. The visuals are perfect for this game. All the characters are modeled very well and don't think there is that much room for improvement on this game.
Rating: 9

Very tight controlling. I liked the set up but using the set up may take a little time to get used to. The only kinda big problem is not being able to turn while firing but other than that there isn't really anything wrong with the controls at all.

Game Play
This is what the Dreamcast was made for. Fun Games. This game is so kool, even though it might be a little short, I have had alot of fun with this game. I like trying out all of the different characters. Then trying to beat the game on the harder difficulties. The only feasible problem I can think of is that some people say Mega Man is a bit overpowered. But I kinda think Charlie is a little better. But thats just personal opinion. But anyways you cannot go wrong with this game. It is a wonderful piece of work. Now I need to try Gunbird 2...

Nothing that detracts from the game. I think the enemy dying noises are a little annoying but it is nothing you can't tune out or anything. Music from what I remember it sounded pretty good. But I didn't buy the game for good music so it wouldn't bother me if it didn't have bad music but it has pretty good music for its type of game so thumbs up for this category

Replay Value
I can't believe how much of this game I have been playing. Its short but you will play through it alot. Its a really cool game to play with friends. And then when you get down to the highest difficulty rating you will be playing this game over and over until you beat it. But what you benefit from it being a short game you never have to worry about not having enough time to play it.

Buy or Rent
Gotta love this game. Its awesome and its only 30 bucks. If it was 50 bucks I probably still would have bought it. There is even some story in there for people who whine about games without stories. What else is there to say...Good Graphics, Awesome Gameplay, and a Huge amount of replay value. What can get better than this. Not alot but maybe they will make Cannon Spike 2. Lets all hope...


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/20/01, Updated 01/20/01

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