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"Target. Destroy. Repeat."

The year is 20XX. Robots run rampant around the Earth. Time to call in the good guys. ROLL CALL!!
Shiba, sporting a hoverboard!
Simone, with her samurai sword!
Charlie, with.. slightly longer hair!
Cammie, in two different outfits!
King Arthur, bigger, badder, and just as naked under that armor!
BB. Hood, uh... she's... not too great.
Megaman, dynamite in a box!
What do they have to do? Seek out the guys who made all these robots! Put on your roller blades, hoverboards, and hover shoes, because we're gonna be surfing some snow, ridin' the rails, dancin' with the dead, and jammin' in the jungle! ... Really need to cut back on the sugar. Anyways...!

I am an old-fashioned video game player. I still kick it with the original Megaman and Galaga games. Megaman isn't really a shooter, but I consider it as a Shooter/Platformer. Anyways, the Dreamcast is pretty much starving for a game that lacks in story and gains in everything else.

One thing I enjoyed was the graphics. They were excellent, just as good as some of the stuff we see today, which is good. This is the first time we've seen any of these characters in full 3D [Megaman is kind of the exception]. The animation is very smooth and very beautiful, making the explosions look dang good too.

Another thing I enjoyed is the controls. Very easy game to learn, very easy to play. Get a friend and another controller and destroy. You have two shot buttons and two close-range buttons. You also have a basic target button, but it doesn't target for too long. Adds to difficulty. Also, you've got Special Attacks, which is a Capcom MUST.

The story... Well... It sucks. It's very basic, but for old-school players, it doesn't matter. Of course, the basic play of the game is see it, shoot it. So I guess it doesn't matter.

So like I said before... Target. Destroy. Repeat. That's the name of the game. My only gripe: it's a bit too short. Very challenging... But short. Best if played with a friend. Oh, by the way: It's cheap! So if you are tired of the same-old same-old or you want more of the old-school, buy the game and get a friend. If you're a new-generation person [Shenmue and Final Fantasy VII+ people, or anyone who likes a story], you probably won't like the game. If you can find it at Blockbuster or your local rental store, check it out. I recommend it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/11/01, Updated 02/11/01

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