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"This should NOT be missed by ANYONE, simply awesome!!!!!"

Cannon Spike

Graphics: 10/10

This game has some of the best graphics and special effects I've seen in a game in a long time, the textures are
smooth, not to mention the backgrounds, which are amazing, there's no pop up or slow down if your playing with
more people than just yourself.
The end-of-level-bosses are very well-thought of and very imaginative, although through out the game,
you'll notice that a lot of the characters look very similar to some out of other great game, for example, on one
of the levels where your in a forest/ swamp type place, the end of level looks exactly like the boss out of HOD 2
(House of The Dead 2) which jumps out of the water, hell the look-a-like in Cannon Spike even has his spear, not
to mention that when your first introduced to him, it goes to a camera angle where you expect the ''Weak Point''
thing from HOD2 to show up!
Other familiar characters you'll notice are: Dr. Robotnik (Sonic), Mammoth (Thrill Kill), Eve (Parasite
Eve), not to mention the zombie-dogs from Resi Evil's and a ninja from Tenchu, it's basically every best game in

Gameplay: 10/10

The gameplay is fast and furious to say the least, it's a lot of fun to pay the game alone and even more fun to
play co-operative with a friend, which you don't tend to see often anymore...
If you hold 'R', it'll help you by putting the target lock-on to the enemy which you're facing, which
at certain point in the game is vital and you need to be always on the move, otherwise you won't last 2 minutes!!
Each character has their own individual attacks and special moves, some of which look absolutely
amazing and can take up to half of your enemy's health off in one shot - pretty damn impressive, eh?!
You get 5 different types of attack, by pressing either Y, B, A, X and L (Special attack) which
normally consist of the firing of a gun to beating the hell outta your enemy with punches and kicks, each of which
has it's own infliction of damage to hand out.

Control: 10/10

The contols can be mastered in no time at all, you fire and do different attacks by pressing Y, B, A, X and L, there
aren't really any combos to use that I know of, all you need to make sure of is that you keep on the move and
keep shooting as fast as you can!!

Re-playability: 9/10

This is the ONLY department which lets it down, there are 10 stages in all, which believe me get VERY HARD and
frantic, each level shouldn't take more than 8 minutes to complete, possibly shorter of co-operative. There is
nothing to unlock besides an art gallery which shows off the characters in the game, not to mention that the art
is fantastic. All I can say is that if it was longer and had more things to unlock, it'd be sheer brilliance.

+ Fantastic gameplay
+ Frantic action
+ Brillant effects
+ Fantastic graphics
+ 2 player co-op play
+ Begs for a sequel!!!


- Bit short
- Not much to unlock, at all

Buy or rent:

If you don't, then I'll stick the ''Cannon's Spike'' straight up your Candyass - OUCH!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/24/01, Updated 02/24/01

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