"A game that is doomed to be under rated. Forever."

Cannon Spike. Under dog of the Capcom universe. Liked by only a select few. Why? It's short( about ten minutes long) and has (and I quote) ''Mindless, uninspired gameplay.'' Well I find the gameplay to be quite enjoyable. Especially in 2 player mode.

Gameplay: 9

The gameplay is mindless but mindless doesn't necessarily mean BAD. It just doen't require much thought. Even with that said I find the game to be VARY HARD. Sure I can beat it on baby, child, very easy, and SOMETIMES easy but the higher difficulties just seem impossible to me. But back to the actual gameplay matters, Cannon Spike is a very fast moving game so the gameplay almost never slows down. (with the exception of load times) If it weren't for Cannon Spike's sever shortness the gameplay would be perfect.

Graphics: 8

The graphics are Dreamcast's usual. Clear, and crisp, with good framerate. I havn't noticed any problems such as clipping, or pop up. Very good.

Sound: 7

There are some catchy tunes( like the Perished city boss) and some very annoying ones. (Credits) The voice's used when attacking sound clear enough( Though un-translated.) Nothing much here.

Control: 10

A is machine gun. X is super shot. B is punch. Y is Strong phsyical attack. R is lock on laser. L is super move. Could not be any easier!

Story: 3

Cahrlie,Arthur,Simone, Some snowboarding guy(forgot his name), Cammy,Megaman,and Baby Bonnie Hood have been called to stop an evil robot rampage. Yeah, not great. But does CS really need a good story? After all this is a ten minute long beat-em up!

Replay: 1 player mode: 4. 2 player mode: 8

This is the game's biggest drag. There are only ten levels which take about a minute each to complete. In one player mode you will probably get board after a couple hours and not touch the game again for a matter of months. 2 player mode however...this is CS's savior! 2 player mode is a blast( not sure why. just is) and you can play for some time before it get's old, and once it does you will probably want to play again a month from then.

Originality: 9

Though it may seem un-inspired at first CS actually has much uniqueness to it. Most of that lies in boss names. (Ex: Insect Robo overlord, Bio gorilla bloody, Attacker Antonio, Crazy machine jet tiger) The bosses rule!

Box art: 8

The five more serious looking cahracters( Charlie, Arthur, Cammy, Simone, and Snow boaring guy) have been thrown in and one of the bosses is in the background. Not bad. In fact it's actually rather eye-catching.

Pros: Very fun gameplay, awesome bosses, has good 2 player replay value.

Cons: Takes literally only ten minutes to finish, odd jump in difficulty levels,( I can finish very easy no prob but I struggle to beat easy) single player get's old fast.

All in all despite it's large flaws Cannon Spike still manages to be another great under dog capcom game.

Rent or buy?: Rent first. If you are still enjoying the game the day before return then you should probably but it.( It's ptetty cheap)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/10/01, Updated 07/10/01

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