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"Capcom & Psikyo=Euphoria"

These days, it's just hard to find yourself a really good game to get into. Between the lackluster Tomb Raider titles, countless 3D action games & slugfest after slugfest, one has to wonder where the creativity from some companies have gone. Only recently has there been a throwback to games of old, where pure skill & reflexes are part of the key to survival. After Castlevania: COTM, The Legend of Zelda Oracle series, THPS2 & Mario Kart, I was wondering if I would ever find the same kind of fun on my home consoles.

Enter Capcom. A while ago, they released this little gem for the Dreamcast without so much as a whisper. A shame this didn't get as much press as Capcom's other killer titles, like CvsS 2 or Devil May Cry (I'll review Capcom Vs. SNK 2 later), because this title kicks some serious ass. This is a pure shooting/action game plain & simple, make no mistake about it.

Casual Players Need Not Apply

If you are verse on gaming company lore, you should be familiar with developer Psikyo. They are responsible for the totally kickass Striker 1945 II, which was on Saturn & Neo Geo arcade systems. They know they're shooters, trust me. Cannon Spike features a cast that's as unique as the green meat in your college cafeteria. Among the cast is Cammy & Charlie from Street Fighter (Yes I know, Charlie SHOULD be dead or something. I think he became the Kenny of Capcom), Arthur of Ghost & Goblins & two ne characters for the game. Also hidden (but not very well) is Mega Man & B. B. Hood (Or as I call her, Pissed Off Red Riding Hood Having A REAL Bad Day.)Each of them have weapons & hand to hand skills unique to them. Get used to them quickly, because between punching, shooting & bombing these relentless geeks, you will be dodging bullets. A lot of bullets. This is not an easy game by any means. You get three continues. For a real challenge, try beating this game on one credit. Fortunately, when you press the R button, you can lock on to an enemy & unleash holy hell on them. But be prepare to spend a lot of time running.

A Work of Gaming Genius

The backgrounds & characters for this game are made beautifully, showing great detail. The later bosses of the game are a testament to how well the designers do. The music is kinda catchy too, especially the jazzy boss music. If I have one gripe about it, it's only that the game's rather short. But it's more than worth the money to purchase it. Consider yourself very lucky if you bcan get a copy of this great game.

- S. Sage will NOT be selling this on eBay, so forget it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/19/01, Updated 09/19/01

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