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Reviewed: 03/16/02 | Updated: 08/14/02

Classic Capcom Characters in an All Out Shooter!

I have on word to call this game and thats short! Cannon spike is an awesome game but I would not shell out more than $20 for it. You play as famous Capcom characters on roller blades shooting and using physical combat to kill all different kinds of creatures ranging from scifi robots to crazed out fat guys. The graphics look awesome in the game and everything is extremely detailed ranging from the characters to the missiles that you are shooting. The sounds and music sound really good and put the DCs power to good use but aren’t really anything spectacular. Controlling the game is simple but it can get confusing sometimes. The biggest problem with Cannon Spike is the length theres 10 levels and it does not even take 5 minutes to beat it. I put the disc in set it on easy mode and beat it first time. Sure it’s a fun game but it will not last very long with a lack of extra modes and very short levels. You get to choose from famous Capcom characters like Mega Man, Cammy and about 5 more. The 2-player mode is quite fun and makes the game last longer but playing alone it gets boring extremely fast.

CONTROL **10**

Controlling the players is quite simple you have one button for your guns, one for hand to hand combat, and one for special guns or moves depending on the character. It is quite simple to use all of these features to easily beat the game. When your far away use your guns, but as you get closer use your special guns/moves, and then go in for physical combat which all of these do a fair amount of damage to your opponents. An with your characters on rollarblades and scooters they really move quite fast which makes it easier to dodge stuff.


The sound in Cannon Spike is pretty normal and it gets the job done nicely. There are lots of little details in the sound from the shooting of your gun to the sound of a frog. The music sounds great but doesn’t really seem to match this game in some places. The only things that you really hear during the game is your gun and your character screaming something out but the music at some points can’t be heard at all it’s so chaotic.


The graphics look great like almost every other Dreamcast game. They characters are really detailed the enemies look great. All of the areas that you play in are detailed the fullest and show the tiniest of detail from bikes to cracks in the ground. The buildings on the levels and other stuff are really extremely detailed think of Shenmue detail. Capcom did a real nice job making this game looks great but where exactly is all of the replayability and length. Well I guess the graphics look nice but they could have added something extra to give the game more levels or something on a similar noter.


Playing this game with friends is one of the best parts of the game. It can get really chaotic and makes the game a whole lot funner. With only 10 levels and the levels only as big as the screen theres not much to this game to keep it going for some time. I played through the game quite a few times but after that it just doesn’t seem the same playing it again.


One really nice thing about Cannon Spike is that it has 8 different levels of difficulty so the steps up are more gradual and makes the game funner but doesn’t really add to the replayability. Having 2 people play this game makes it quite easy but try it on 8 and see how far you can get!


Capcom did a reall good job on the graphics but the levels are short and theres only 10 of them. The music and sounds in Cannon Spike are pretty good but nothing really special. Overall this is a great game but don’t expect a ton of hours or replay value. For $25 or less this game is a great deal.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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