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"Nice game, good characters. But too short!"

Cannon Spike is a 3-D action game, beat'em up style. You just pick one of the 7 available characters (4 of them are very popular Capcom characters) to clear 10 stages in one of the 10 different difficulties. Lots of charas, lots of difficulties, but the stages are too short!


The graphics are very well done. They surely did a good job porting Cammy, Charlie Nash, Megaman (Rockman) and Bulleta (Baby Bunnie Hood) to 3D. Not to mention the other characters! All of them are very detailed, except for Megaman's face (however, it can't be too detailed, or else he would look like a short Megaman X). Same goes to the enemies.
The backgrounds are good too. From the scary cemetery to the futuristic laboratory, all the stages make you feel their atmosphere.


The musics are good for this kind of game. Not anything amazing, just good.
Voice acting is fine. Except for Charlie Nash, who seems to use the same voice tracks from SFA3. Cammy got redubbed with her SF2 voice, but not so unfeeling (yet it could be better). Megaman's voice is dumb, if compared to his Marvel vs Capcom voice. Bulleta is cool and it sounds exactly like the Bulleta we all know and love. The new characters, Shiba, Arthur and Simone have all good voice tracks, better than Charlie and Megaman's. I think the characters could have more voice tracks, but this doesn't affect the game at all.
The enemies' voices aren't the best ones. Think KoF2001. That's exactly how enemies sound here!


The controls work very well. Like in any other Dreamcast Capcom game, you can use both the analog and digital direcionals to move your character.

The basic of the game is to shoot at the enemies, using (or not) a lock-on feature similar to E-102 Gamma's in Sonic Adventure. You can also do short-range attacks, like Cammy's Cannon Spike, to do more damage and knock the enemy on the ground. You're thrown in a small arena and have to defeat all the enemies that appear, and then you go to another arena to defeat more enemies, and then the boss. After that, you go to the next stage.

Like many beat'em up games, Cannon Spike (Gun Spike in Japan) has a 2-Player cooperative mode. But the game has a stupid limit of 4 credits. So, if you're playing with someone who doesn't know how to play you'll be in troubles.

Also, there are 10 different difficult levels, so you can raise your experience with this game from zero. From level 6 on the game gets very challengening.

Replay Value

I could say the game has zero replay value, but I would be lying. There are no unlockable characters. Actually, the only unlockable secret in the game is the Art Gallery that you can open by just finishing the game at any difficult level.

However, the game has 7 different characters, which means 7 different endings. Also, there are special endings for some special couples of characters in 2-P mode. Unfortunately there's no way to see these endings if you don't have someone to play with you.

Cannon Spike is a game made to be played when you don't have much time left or if you're just bored. So it's very short. You can't compare it to Shenmue or Phantasy Star Online! The game is even more interesting when you play with a second player.

Whenever you want a short challenge, you can always play Cannon Spike at a higher difficult level, and, if you want, try to beat your own score over and over.

That's the way the game is. If you want a challenge that last days and days, this isn't the right game.

No bugs, no slowdown... pretty good for its style. So this game gets a 8/10 from me.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/15/03, Updated 07/15/03

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