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    DC vs. PC Netplay Guide by DooMer / Problem69

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/08/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Quake 3 Area ROGUE SERVER GUIDE FAQ for DC vs. PC Ver.2.0  / Jan. 22nd. 2001
    Sega Dreamcast (DC) vs.  Personal Computer (PC)
    Written by DooMer, and Problem*69
    2.0 HISTORY
    4.0 SETUP
    5.0 COMMANDS
    6.0 TWEAKS
    7.0 MODS
    1.0 --]INTRODUCTION[--
    We will try to keep this FAQ short and sweet. But first a few thanks to
    individuals and organizations, SEGA (SOA) (SOJ), SEGA NET, Striker (DFC), and
    the TW clan. The rest.... you know who your are...especially the DC Map
    converter guy.
    We also suggest that everyone use "Rogue Server" as part of their server name
    in the server.cfg (see 4.0 Setup) file. For example: Stan's Rogue Server, or
    Chicago Rogue Server, or Chicago 1 Rogue Server etc... Since your not part of
    Sega Net or Sega, this should be clear for the users of Sega Net who pay a
    monthly fee. We don't need to give Sega or Sega Net a bad rap for poor
    performance from Rogue Servers. You may include your e-mail address as well,
    this will allow users to e-mail you with suggestions or complaints.
    We would also like to inform you that another FAQ is availble from
    www.gamefaqs.com. It's called Dreamcast Quake III Network Guide, Written by
    Adrian O'Grady. It's a very well written FAQ.
    2.0 --]HISTORY[--
    Version 2.0 Jan 8th. 2001
    -Major revision
    -Clean and organized the FAQ properly with contents
    -Covers Server Side MOD's
    -Server commands
    -Voting Control
    Version 1.0 Dec 18th. 2000 FAQ was created by DooMer, and Problem*69
    Here is what you need to set up a server which allows DC users to play on your
    server and for your server to be present in Sega Net's master list which DC
    users see when logged into Sega Net.
    -A PC with Quake 3 Arena
    -Point release 1.6n
    -The DC maps converted to play on the PC.
    -A very good connection to the Internet ie: DSL, Cable, T1, T3 etc...
    4.0 --]SETUP[--
    (Step 1)
    Install Quake 3 Arena on your PC. Then patch it to the 1.6n point release
    (Step 2)
    Take your DC converted maps and place them in your /baseq3 folder of the Quake
    3 Arena folder (usually found in you program files folder).
    (Step 3)
    Now create a server.cfg file with the following commands: Use notepad and cut
    and paste the commands below:
    seta sv_master1 master.id-q3a.games.sega.net
    seta sv_hostname "XXX Rogue Server"
    seta sv_pure 0
    seta sv_maxclients 4
    seta sv_maxrate 4000
    seta g_motd "XXX Rogue Server emial@email.com"
    seta g_quadfactor 4
    seta g_gametype 0
    seta timelimit 20
    seta fraglimit 0
    seta g_weaponrespawn 3
    seta g_inactivity 3000
    seta g_forcerespawn 0
    set d1 "map DC_MAP01 ; set nextmap vstr d2"
    set d2 "map DC_MAP02 ; set nextmap vstr d3"
    set d3 "map DC_MAP03 ; set nextmap vstr d4"
    set d4 "map DC_MAP04 ; set nextmap vstr d5"
    set d5 "map DC_MAP05 ; set nextmap vstr d6"
    set d6 "map DC_MAP06 ; set nextmap vstr d7"
    set d7 "map DC_MAP07 ; set nextmap vstr d8"
    set d8 "map DC_MAP08 ; set nextmap vstr d9"
    set d9 "map DC_MAP09 ; set nextmap vstr d10"
    set d10 "map DC_MAP10 ; set nextmap vstr d11"
    set d11 "map DC_MAP11 ; set nextmap vstr d12"
    set d12 "map DC_MAP12 ; set nextmap vstr d13"
    set d13 "map DC_MAP13 ; set nextmap vstr d14"
    set d14 "map DC_MAP14 ; set nextmap vstr d15"
    set d15 "map DC_MAP15 ; set nextmap vstr d16"
    set d16 "map DC_MAP16 ; set nextmap vstr d17"
    set d17 "map DC_MAP17 ; set nextmap vstr d18"
    set d18 "map DC_MAP18 ; set nextmap vstr d19"
    set d19 "map DC_MAP19 ; set nextmap vstr d20"
    set d20 "map DC_MAP20 ; set nextmap vstr d21"
    set d21 "map DC_MAP21 ; set nextmap vstr d22"
    set d22 "map DC_MAP22 ; set nextmap vstr d23"
    set d23 "map DC_MAP23 ; set nextmap vstr d24"
    set d24 "map DC_MAP24 ; set nextmap vstr d1"
    vstr d1
    Now save and place the server.cfg file in your quake 3 arena /baseq3 folder.
    The above command variables are only suggestions and can be modified to your
    *Quick note: When playing in levels dc_ss401 to dc_ss409 people can't JOIN via
    the dreamcast. So only go to those levels once the server is full. You may or
    may not want to include these in your map rotation found in the server.cfg if
    you do, maybe stagger them though the rotation.
    (Step 4)
    Now you need to create a shortcut on your desktop which will be used to start
    your quake 3 server.
    The following command line should be used in your shortcut:
    quake3 +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg
    NOTE: The above command line makes refernce to the server.cfg which was created
    in the last step. Make sure it's the same name.
    (Step 5)
    Make sure your connected to the net. Now run your quake server by double
    clicking your shortcut. You should now be in the quake 3 console mode. Yes it's
    that boring, you should only see a blue screen with text messages about your
    server and the people connecting and playing.
    5.0 --]COMMANDS[--
    Server Console Commands:
    These are some commands for you to have fun with. Use them in the quake 3
    console mode:
    -Say (Your message goes here for the people playing)
    usage: Say Hello everyone, this is my quake 3 DC server
    -Map dc_map01 (this changes the map that they are playing).
    usage: Map dc_map01
    -Set g_gravity (default is 800) (This changes the Gravity) 150 is a nice moon
    usage: set g_gravity 150
    -Set g_speed (default is 320) (Speeds the gameplay up) 900 is like running 100
    miles an hour.
    usage: set g_speed 900
    -Status (Shows a status of players connected) map, ping, score, ports, maxrate.
    usage: status
    -Systeminfo (shows system info) serverid, pure server, if cheats are on etc.
    usage: systeminfo
    -kick (kicks a player out by name or number) Use status to see the player's
    usage: kick 0 or kick DooMer
    -killserver (Closes the server)
    usage: killserver
    -addbot <botname> [skill 0-4] [team] [msec delay] [altname] (Adds a bot to the
    usage: addbot 0 red 1 DooMer
    Note: Bots must be enbaled in the server.cfg file withthe variable: bot_enable
    "1". You could also turn of talking by using: bot_nochat "1".
    -knockback (sets the knockback force of the shot taken)
    usage: knockback 1000
    Client (DC) Commands:
    *Quick note: When playing in levels dc_ss401 to dc_ss409 people can't JOIN via
    the dreamcast. So only go to those levels once the server is full.
    -;callvote map dc_map01 (Changes Map) Hidden maps are dc_ss401 to dc_ss409
    usage: ;callvote map dc_map01
    -;callvote kick (Kicks a player by name or number) By number it's 0,1,2,3 be
    careful !
    usage: ;callvote kick 0 or ;callvote kick DooMer
    -;callvote nextmap (Moves to the next map in the server's rotation)
    usage: ;callvote nextmap
    -;callvote map_restart (restart the level)
    usage: ;callvote map_restart
    -;callvote g_gametype (picks the type of game DM=0, T=1, TDM=2, CTF=3
    usage: ;callvote g_gametype 0
    6.0 --]TWEAKS[--
    Ping time and lag/letency issues are addressed here for helping you get better
    Check out www.dslreports.com/tweaks they have an on-line java test for
    broadband computers. They also provide you will suggestions after the test.
    [Make a back-up of your Registry before you change anything]
    Close everything that you don't need opened when running your server. The
    system tray should be empty and you may use the ctrl-atl-delete command to
    remove unwanted programs.
    We all know Winblows 98 doesn't work so well, so try upgrading to Winblows 2000
    it's based on WinNT and apperently networking is much better.
    Try Tweakall (www.abtons-shed.com) a program which allows you to turn off
    unwanted programs and reclaims wasted memory.
    Last revision we mentioned the "cl_timenudge 0" command. After lookng into this
    command more, we have come to understand that it causes a small lag on the
    cient side. For example on PC single player game, if you set it to 100 or 200
    it acts as if your connected to a server with a ping of 100 or 200, With the DC
    and it's 56k modem the average ping seems to be around 200 to 250. With the
    DC's broadband adapter pings of 50 will be possible. So at this time we suggest
    that you play with this command to see if it makes a difference. (This may only
    be a client side useful command).
    7.0 --]MODS]--
    Lets keep this short. Only use server side mods, the DC version of quake 3 CAN
    NOT download extra maps. Server Side mods make changes to the game in small but
    fun ways, like only using rockets, rotating weapons at defined intervals, using
    the grappling hook, changing the gravity at defined intervals, speeding up the
    firing rate of weapons, or even changing things like quad damage, ammo amounts,
    health etc..
    Server side mod list:
    -Voosh 1.4
    Make sure they are compatible with quake 3 arena 1.6n.
    Again make sure they are only server side mods. Some mods are pretty fun :).
    8.0 --]CLOSING WORDS[--
    ///////////*****PC PLAYERS READ THIS*****\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Set your rate to 4000 with this command:
    /set rate 4000
    This brings you down to the level of a DC player. And remeber your most likely
    getting a FPS of 60 or greater !  DC players are getting 30 to 45 fps. Up your
    computers resoulution like 1024x768 or even higher so that you get the same
    ///////////*****PC PLAYERS READ THIS*****\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Can you cantact us? Try our Servers we sometimes watch.
    Or e-mail mtlhardcore@hotmail.com subject quake3
    Where can you find this FAQ. Search on the Net. Maybe you will find it on
    www.gamefaqs.com. Distribute it as is.
    Do you want your server listed here? Then e-mail mtlhardcore@hotmail.com
    subject quake 3 server.
    Server:	Montreal Rogue Server (Down until further notice.)
    Admin:	DooMer
    Hours:	Running during the night Approx. 9:00ET to 2:00ET
    Server:	Rogue Tabula Rasa
    Admin:	Problem*69
    Hours:	Running during the evenings and nights.
    10.0 --]DISCLAIMER[--
    Sega and the Dreamcast are registered trademarks and belong to their respected
    I will in no way take responsibility for anything that happens to you or sega
    or your dreamcast or anything at all, for using this document.
    This document was written for educational purposes only and should be used for
    This document Copyright 2001 DooMer & Problem *69

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