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    Network Play Guide by AOGrady

    Version: 1.32 | Updated: 12/19/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       | Dreamcast Quake III Network Guide |
                       |     Written by Adrian O'Grady     |
                       |     v1.32 - 19th December 2000    |
    1      Introduction
    1.1    History
    1.2   *Credits
    1.3    Getting a copy of this FAQ
    1.3.1  Getting an older copy
    1.4    Feedback
    1.5    Copyright
    1.6    Disclaimer
    2      Importing Quake 3
    2.1    Why would I want to import Quake III?
    2.2    How can I play an imported game on my Dreamcast?
    2.3    Does the US mouse work on European Dreamcasts?
    2.3.1  The Sega mouse is really crappy! Can I use my own?
    2.4    Will I be limited to US servers if I use an import copy?
    3      Getting On Line
    3.1    What do you need to get on line?
    3.1.1  What do I need from my ISP
    3.1.2  Where can I find my username and phone number
    3.1.3  What about my password?
    3.1.4  Now all I need is the Primary and Secondary DNS
    3.1.5  But I can't find any of that information!
    3.1.6 +I still can't get on line please help me...
    3.1.7  I don't care about phone charges, give me Dream Arena!
    3.2    I now have everything I need, how do I get on-line?
    3.3    How do I know if I've got on-line?
    3.4    No servers are showing up in the list, where are they?
    3.5    The European Dreamcast only has a 33.6k modem, can I still play?
    3.5.1  But is it really much of an upgrade?
    3.6    What free/flat rate ISPs work with the Dreamcast?
    3.6.1  Can I use these with Dream Key instead of Dream Arena?
    3.7    I've accidentally deleted my Dream Arena details! Can I get them back?
    3.7.1  But I've lost my Dream Key disc!
    4      Dreamcast Vs Dreamcast
    4.1    How many people can I play against?
    4.2    How can I find the fastest server?
    4.3    How can I find a fast server with people in it?
    4.4    How can I play on a specific server?
    4.5    What are the different game types?
    4.6    There's someone doing much better than me. He must be cheating!
    4.7    Come on, I'm sure he's cheating!
    4.7.1  I don't want to leave the server though!
    4.7.2  How can I tell if I'm on a server with cheats?
    4.8    All the servers are screwed! I can't play!
    4.9    Can I log into a server running a mod?
    4.10   What's the complete list of maps in the Dreamcast version?
    4.11   How can I use colours in my name?
    5      Dreamcast Vs PC
    5.1    What do I need to connect my PC?
    5.1.1  Where can I get dcmap1.0.zip?
    5.1.2  Can you email me a copy?
    5.1.3  What about the server list?
    5.1.4  What is the master server?
    5.2    Ok, so I've got all that, what do I do now?
    5.3    I can't connect!
    5.4    I whipped everyone! I am the best!
    5.5    Why is my connection being interrupted?
    5.6    Can a PC player nuke my Dreamcast?
    5.7    Which are the Dreamcast exclusive maps?
    6      Console Commands
    6.1    How to issue a command
    6.2    Calling a vote
    6.3    Kicking a bot
    6.4    Cheats
    6.5    How dare you tell every one these commands? You 5uX0r!!!
    7      Running a server for the Dreamcast
    7.1    Those SegaNet servers are to slow, how do I run my own?
    7.2    How many people can I have in the game?
    7.3    Can I have bots on the server?
    7.4    How do I set up a map cycle list?
    7.5    Can I turn off voting?
    7.6    Can I run a server with cheats?
    7.7    What about mods?
    7.7.1  What mods currently work with the Dreamcast?
    7.7.2  What do I need to make my own mod for the Dreamcast?
    7.7.3  Can't I save client side stuff on the Zip Drive when it's released
    7.8    Is anyone else running Dreamcast servers?
    7.9    How can I let people know about my Dreamcast server?
    7.9.1  Can I publish my server on Sega.Net?
    8      Miscellaneous
    8.1    Can I connect the Dreamcast to my LAN?
    8.2   *What about the broad band adapter?
    8.2.1 *The Japanese adapter
    8.3   +Setting up a Dreamcast LAN 
    8.3.1 +Setting up the PC
    8.3.2 +Setting up the Dreamcasts
    8.3.2 +Connecting to a game on the server 
    9      Further reading 
    1) Introduction
       This FAQ is all about playing Quake III across a network on a Dreamcast.
       Hopefully, in this guide I will be able to provide as much information
       about Dreamcast Vs Dreamcast, PC Vs Dreamcast, Running a Dreamcast server
       and maybe, a few extra bits. I'm writing this from my own experience, that
       is, using a UK Dreamcast with a US import of Quake III and a US mouse. At
       the time of writing this, the European version of Quake III is still
       waiting to be released, so I don't know yet how different getting on-line
       through Dream Arena will be. Although I may mention a number of companies
       in this guide, I have included them for completeness and to make it easier
       for you to get hold of anything I have mentioned in this FAQ.
       Quoted information does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of
       Finally, this is my first FAQ so if you have any suggestions in ways I can
       improve my style, drop me a line at adrian@fivemouse.com.
       Thanking you...
                Adrian O'Grady
    1.1) History
       1.32 - 19th December 2000
             Added Brian Osserman to the credits
             Asked people to stop asking for help getting on line
             Included details of the internet connection screen
             Added information about the MAC address of the adapter
             Added instructions for setting a LAN
       1.31 - 28th November 2000
             Moved the information on coloured names to the correct section
       1.3 - 27th November 2000
             Included instruction for connecting with Dream Arena
             Added instructions for coloured names
             Added details about locating cheat enabled servers
             Added more information about mods from the Dreamcast point of view
             Added a complete list of maps for the Dreamcast
             Added the address of the Sega.Net master server
             Included a small note asking people to email me when they use my mod
             Added details of getting new servers listed in this FAQ
             Added instruction for getting you server listed on Sega.Net
             Confirmed the fact that the Dial Up server for Win9x can't be used
       1.2 - 26th November 2000
             Updated the mirror list with Neoseeker
             Updated the web site list with warning about different versions
             Updated the email address for the Quake 3 admins
             Added a list of the Dreamcast exclusive maps
             Added my thoughts on Zip Drive support in the future
       1.1 - 25th November 2000
             Added Alter-Ego to the credits
             Game FAQs and about.com now keep a copy of this document
             Added a disclaimer (you can't be too careful!)
             Added information about the PS/2 mouse adapter
             Updated the list of ISP's by adding Blue Yonder
             Added instruction for replacing Dream Arena for web browsing
             Added instructions for finding a replacement copy of Dream Key
             Added information about the current state of the servers
             Added a warning about calling votes
             Changed the link to a page with a more complete list of command
             Added another cheat code. Thanks rooks! :)
             Added a statement as to why I don't think it is worth while hiding
             the console commands
             Added information about the Japanese broad band adapter
             Added a link to Sega Dreams broad band preview
       1.0 - 24th November 2000 - Public Release (UK PS2 launch day)
             Moved from draft to release version
             Changed the FAQ name.
             Corrected 23nd to 23rd
             Gave Lee Rolfing (I think that's his name!) a full credit
             Added instructions for getting older copies
             Added instructions for recovering Dream Arena details
             Added information about nuking
             Added instructions for turning off voting
             Added download information for Dreamcast InstaGib
             Added details of the Ufrag servers
       0.2 - 23rd November 2000
             Added copyright notice
             Confirmed the instructions included work with NTL World
             In depth testing of modem tweaks
             Added list of free ISPs that work with Quake III
             Added instructions for creating a map cycle
             Added instructions for a cheat enabled server
       0.1 - 22nd November 2000 - First Draft
    1.2) Credits
       Firstly, thanks to Adele for proof reading this document. I know
       it's as boring a hell for her!
       id Software for creating Quake (http://www.idsoftware.com/)
       Raster for an excellent conversion of Quake III
       Rooks62 for figuring out the Dreamcast console commands.
       Lee Rolfing (Arleas) for tips on dealing with invisible players.
       Alter-Ego for his information on Blue Yonder, the broadband adapter and
       the mouse adapter. Check out his game saves at http://www.gamefaqs.com/
       Brian Osserman of http://www.sega-dreams.com/ for the info on the broad
       Band adapter.
       The people of the Game FAQs Quake III message board for information about
       cheaters, console commands and limitations of the Dreamcast.
    1.3) Getting a copy of this FAQ
       The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at the following sites:
       http://www.gamefaqs.com/ (Under the Dreamcast guides)
       http://vgstrategies.about.com/games/vgstrategies/ (Under Dreamcast FAQs)
       These sites are in order of the date they first posted my FAQ. Please note
       that not all sites will be updated at the same time and so they may not
       all have the most recent version of this document.
    1.3.1) Getting an older copy 
       If for any reason you need an older copy of the FAQ, they can be found in
       They are named as follows netdcq3a.X.Y.txt where X is the major version
       number any Y is the minor version number. So, for example, if you wanted
       version 0.1, simply go to
    1.4) Feedback 
       If you have any opinions, questions or comments then feel free to email
       them to me at adrian@fivemouse.com
    1.5) Copyright
       Copyright 2000 Adrian O'Grady
       If you need to use anything from this document in your own work, drop me a
       line to let me know and put a credit in for me.
       This document must always be made freely available. Do not charge for this
       document in any form.
       Please don't alter the content of this document in anyway when
       redistributing it.
       Please don't rip me off as I've put in many hours work on this FAQ and I'd
       hate to see someone try and pass it off as their own work.
    1.6) Disclaimer
       I am not linked to and therefore not responsible for any companies or
       products mentioned in this document. If you buy from one of the companies
       I have mentioned and have problems, don't blame me. Take it up with the
       company responsible, or if need be, a trading standards officer.
       Any tweaks or configurations from this document that you try are at your
       own risk. I can not be held responsible for any personal injury, loss of
       data or hardware. If you are scared, just don't do it.
       If you get on-line through the use of this document, remember that I am not
       responsible for any offensive or abusive material you may encounter.
       Finally, in no way can I be held responsible for any loss of life from any
       of the actions described in this document.
    2) Importing Quake III
    2.1) Why would I want to import Quake III?
       There are two main reasons I can think of as to why you'd want to import a
       copy of Quake. The first is simple. It's cheaper than buying it on the high
       street. I got my copy from Computer Exchange (http://www.cex.co.uk) for
       £37.99 at least a month before it'll be on the shelves over here. That may
       only be a saving of a couple of quid, but that £2 is the price of a pint.
       Besides, I didn't have to go out in the cold October weather to pick it up.
       It was delivered over night at no extra charge!
       The second reason is that it will cost you less in the long run. When the
       European version is released, no doubt you'll have to connect through Dream
       Arena, a service you still have to pay call charges for. With the US
       version, you have the option to enter your own ISP details when you go
       on-line. So, for any one who uses BT Surf Time, NTL World or Surf
       Unlimited, you can play on-line with your Dreamcast without the worry of a
       huge phone bill. That in its self has got to be worth the hassle of
       importing Quake.
    2.2) How can I play an imported game on my Dreamcast?
       This is much easier than most people would believe. Unlike the PlayStation
       which needs to be chipped, the Dreamcast can play imported games through
       the use of an Action Replay disc. I doesn't even need to be the full
       version. I'm using the free demo disc that was given away with the magazine
       DC-UK a few months ago.
       The method is simple. Place the Action Replay disc in your Dreamcast and
       turn it on. When the action replay software has loaded, take out the disc
       and insert your Quake III disc. Select play game without cheats from the
       menu and Quake III should start to load. Simple!
       An Action Replay disc can be bought from nearly every shop that sells
       Dreamcast games. It normally has an RRP of £29.99 but you could probably
       pick it up for a few pounds less if you shop around on-line.
    2.3) Does the US mouse work on European Dreamcasts?
       Yes. There are no problems whatsoever with using the US mouse with a Euro
       Dreamcast. The same goes for controllers and VMUs. Again I got my mouse
       from Computer Exchange (http://www.cex.co.uk/).
    2.3.1) The Sega mouse is really crappy! Can I use my own?
       Not yet, but Alter-Ego sent me a mail informing me that an adapter for
       normal PS/2 (not PlayStation 2) mice will be coming out. He recommends
       buying it from http://www.lik-sang.com/ when it does come out.
    2.4) Will I be limited to just US servers if I use an import copy?
       Although I can't be 100% sure, it would be very unlikely that you would be
       limited to only US server. The US version allows you to enter the IP
       address of any server and connect that way. When European servers start to
       appear, if they don't appear in the main list, you simply find out it's IP
       address and connect that way. I'll cover this in more detail later.
    3) Getting On Line
    3.1) What you need to get on-line
       Here is a quick shopping list of things you need to get up and running:
       A Dreamcast
       Quake III
       A phone line
       An ISP
       Although the first three items in the list are quite self explanatory, I
       shall go into a bit more detail about setting up your ISP.
    3.1.1) What do I need from my ISP?
       In order to play Quake 3 on line, you'll need the following bits of info
       from your ISP.
       Phone number
       Primary DNS
       Secondary DNS
       For getting these details, I'm going to assume you use a Windows PC to use
       the net. I use NTL World so I know this procedure works for this ISP.
    3.1.2) Where can I find my username and phone number?
       Open 'My Computer' and then 'Dial Up Networking'. Double click on the
       connection that you wish to use on the Dreamcast. A window should pop up
       with the username and phone number for your ISP. Simply write them down
       and close the window.
    3.1.3) What about my password?
       You should already know your password. If you don't you'll need to either
       get in contact with your ISP and see if they can tell you, or ask whoever
       owns the machine.
    3.1.4) Now all I need is the Primary and Secondary DNS
       The primary and secondary DNS are two machines that help you find every
       other machine on the Internet. Again Open 'My Computer' and 'Dial Up
       Networking', but this time, right click on the connection you wish to
       use and select properties. Select the 'Server Type' tab and click on the
       'TCP/IP Settings' button. A screen with the primary and secondary DNS
       should open. Write them down with your username, password and phone number.
       If the primary and secondary DNS are greyed out or are just, then
       don't worry, that just means that you don't need to know them.
    3.1.5) But I can't find any of that information!
       If you're having problems finding the information that you need, simply get
       in touch with you ISP and tell them what you need to know. They should be
       able to sort you out.
    3.1.6) I still can't get on line please help me...
       I'm sorry about that, but I probably don't know anything about the ISP you
       are using. Please don't email me about helping getting online, ring your
       ISP tech support line, that's what they're there for. These instructions
       have worked for me and many other people. If they don't work for you, then
       I really help you any further. Any emails I receive asking for help getting
       online will be deleted.
       Having said that, I will still help out people who have problems running
       servers or LANs for the Dreamcast as there is little or no information on
       these subjects.
    3.1.7) I don't care about phone charges, give me Dream Arena!
       Yes, you can use Dream Arena, but you need to remove the DNS numbers
       otherwise the Dreamcast will be unable to find any servers. Send both the
       DNS numbers to and every thing should work fine. One strange thing
       I noticed when connecting to Dream Arena with Quake 3 was that I never
       connected faster than 28.8k. Call me paranoid, but it wouldn't surprise me
       if BT had set the maximum connect speed to 28.8 on their servers to make
       more money from us Dreamcast users.
       Should you need to get the original DNS numbers back, they are:
       Primary   -
       Secondary -
    3.2) I now have everything I need, how do I get on-line?
       When Quake III has loaded, select Internet from the menu located just after
       You will then be presented with a screen asking you for information about
       your ISP. If you've already signed up with Dream Arena, this screen may
       already be filled in. If you want to use Dream Arena to connect, move down
       and click 'Dial'.
       If you want to use a different ISP then move up to 'Dial Account 1' and
       change it to 'Dial Account 2'. You need to use account 2 otherwise your
       Dream Arena account will stop working.
       Enter all the details for your ISP in the boxes. It should be quite clear
       where everything goes, but the only thing to make sure is that the phone
       number goes in the box marked phone number (not the area code boxes) and
       that if you don't know what your Primary or Secondary DNS are, then leave in the boxes.
       Finally, select dial to get on-line.
    3.3) How do I know if I've got on-line?
       When you dial, you will be presented with a screen showing the various
       stages of logging on. If something goes wrong, then you should see it on
       this screen. When you are finally connected, you will be shown a list of
       all the available servers. This list may take a few seconds to download.
       To play, simply select a server and hit the 'A' button on your controller.
    3.4) No servers are showing up in the list, where are they?
       Sometimes when you connect, the server list won't appear right away. You
       simply have to be patient and refresh the list a couple of times until it
       starts to download.
    3.5) The European Dreamcast only has a 33.6k modem, can I still play?
       I've had no problems playing on-line so the modem speed isn't too much of a
       problem. However, Daily Radar (http://www.dailyradar.co.uk) ran a story
       saying that the European modem could be speeded up slightly by making it
       more efficient.
       This was done by using the DreamKey disc to enter a new AT string for the
       modem. The new string they suggested was 'ATs28=56', without the quotes.
       The original story can be found at:
       I have also heard rumours that the modem performance can be increased by
       resetting it before you dial. This can be achieved by changing the modems
       AT string with the DreamKey disc to either 'ATZ' or 'AT&F'. 
    3.5.1) But is it really much of an upgrade?
       I have tested these upgrades and yes, they do boost performance, but only
       by a small margin.
       To test them, I viewed three different web pages and timed how long it took
       the pages to load. After I had downloaded all three pages with one tweak, I
       reset the Dreamcast to clear the cache and entered the next tweak.
       The three pages were:
       http://www.fivemouse.com/dctest/       - A large image
       http://www.fivemouse.com/netdcq3a.txt  - A text only document
       http://www.bluesnews.com/              - A document with text and images
       Here are the results (all times are in seconds)
       AT String---->  (none)       ATZ      ATS28=56
       dctest           21.3       20.4        17.7
       netdcq3a.txt      7.6        6.3         6.9
       Blues News      1:06.9      54.5        53.6
       As you can see, there is not much in it. I shall leave it to you to decide
       if it is a worth while tweak.
    3.6) What free/flat rate ISPs work with the Dreamcast?
       Any ISP should work with your Dreamcast, but here is a list of free one's
       which are known to work.
       NTL World     - http://www.ntlworld.com/ (Needs NTL phone line)
       BT Surf Time  - http://www.bt.com/surftime/
       ic24          - http://www.ic24.co.uk/
       Blue Yonder   - http://www.blueyonder.co.uk/ (Needs Telewest phone line)
       NetZero       - http://www.netzero.net/
                       A guide for setting up net zero can be found at
                       (Thanks dj Smiley)
       If you use a free ISP that is not listed here, then email me the details
       at adrian@fivemouse.com
    3.6.1) Can I use these with Dream Key instead of Dream Arena?
       Yes, but you must enter the details in account one in Quake 3. Once you
       have replaced your Dream Arena settings, you will no longer be able to
       access the Dream Arena web site. You will be able to browse the rest of the
       next by jumping directly to web sites.
    3.7) I've accidentally deleted my Dream Arena details! Can I get them back?
       To get your Dream Arena details back, insert your Dream Key disc and do
       the following:
       1 - Log on
       2 - Press the left trigger and select 'Options'
       3 - Select 'Modem'
       4 - Select 'AT Setup'
       5 - Select 'Delete Memory'
       When you restart, you'll be given the chance to log on using an existing
       account. Choose this, and when you log back on, you'll be asked for your
       original Dream Arena username and password.
       The reason you have to do this is because the username and password to dial
       into Dream Arena is different to the one that you enter on the web page.
    3.7.1) But I've lost my Dream Key disc!
       You should be able to get a new one by contacting Sega, but I have tried
       and my email was unanswered.
       However, most games with internet functionality do also have Dream Key on
       the disc. This can simply be found by choosing to go on-line and the game
       will load Dream Key.
       Looking through my collection of games, I can see that Sonic Adventure,
       Metropolis Street Racer and Chu Chu Rocket all have Dream Key on them.
    4) Dreamcast Vs Dreamcast
    4.1) How many people can I play against?
       The Dreamcast servers are limited to a maximum of 4 people per level. If 
       you're used to the huge levels of the PC version filled with 30 odd people
       then you may be in for a bit of a shock! 
    4.2) How can I find the fastest server?
       Along the top of the screen with the list of servers there is a list of
       columns. By simply selecting the speed column using left/right on the
       controller, the servers get listed in order of speed, fastest server first.
       The length of the green bar indicates how good the connection to the server
       is. You can then use up and down to select the server you want.
    4.3) How can I find a fast server with people in it?
       Instead of sorting the list by speed, select the players column and the
       list will be sorted by the number of people in each game, then by speed.
       However, the list is sorted so that servers with the fewest players are at
       the top of the list. This will mean that you may have to scroll down
       hundreds of servers until you find one with people in it, by which time,
       the server you want may already be full.
       But, if you have a keyboard, simply hit the end key to be brought straight
       to the end of the list where all the full servers are. You can use page up
       and page down on the keyboard to scan through the pages of servers until
       you find one you want to play on.
    4.4) How can I play on a specific server?
       To play on a specific server, or a server that is not in the server list,
       you need to know the IP address of the server. You should be able to find
       the IP address of the server at the same place you found the server. The
       address takes the form xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxxx, eg or
       Once you have the IP address, from the server list screen, select the
       'More' button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be given the
       chance to enter the IP address. Simply type it into the box and select the
       info button. If the server is up and running, it will tell you who's
       currently in the game and what type of game it is.
       You can now join the game by selecting fight.
    4.5) What are the different game types?
       In the standard version of Quake III, there are four different games.
       Death Match, Team Death Match, Tournament and Capture the Flag.
       Death Match is the original game mode. You and three other people
       battle it out with the person with the most frags declared the winner.
       Team Death Match is much the same, except it's a 2v2 game. The team
       with the highest score is the winner.
       Tournament is a one on one game with winner stays on. People waiting their
       turn are in the game as spectators.
       Capture the flag is another team game. This time, each team has to go into
       the enemy's base and bring the enemy's flag back to their own base.
       Although this is my favourite style of play, it's just not quite the same
       with only 4 people.
    4.6) There's someone doing much better than me. He must be cheating!
       They probably aren't actually. The client/server style of Quake 3 makes it
       very hard for any one to cheat. The server controls what the Dreamcast or
       client can see and do. To picture this simply, the Dreamcast sends all its
       key strokes and button presses to the server and the server send back
       details of how these actions changed what's on the screen.
       In order to cheat, you would need access to the server.
       This would rule out any cheat devices such as action replay. If you used
       one to try and make you invincible, you would probably just end up being
       disconnected from the server as the information stored about your health in
       the Dreamcast memory wouldn't match the player information on the server.
       If you are being beaten a lot, my advice would be to practice more. If
       you're using a controller, swap it for a mouse and keyboard, it's what all
       the best players use.
    4.7) Come on, I'm sure he's cheating!
       Ok, there are actually two known ways to cheat on-line. The first is if the
       server has turned cheats on, 'sv_cheats 1' at the console. This means that
       players are allowed to enter cheat codes from the console. If this is
       enabled and someone is cheating, just cheat back, that way no one has the
       advantage. See section 6.4 for more info on cheat codes.
       The other way to cheat is much nastier. According to some posts on the
       Quake 3 message board at www.gamefaqs.com, it seems that seem people have
       played against an invisible enemy who is able to reign rockets down on
       people from a great height.
       From reading the posts, it sounds like that on some maps there may be a way
       for a player to get just out side of the walls of the game map. This is
       just a guess as I have never seen this myself and there is not much detail
       in the reports. If this a problem with certain maps, then it might be wise
       for server admins to remove them from the map cycle list.
       If you end up in a game where someone is cheating like this, then your best
       bet is to simply leave and join another server.
    4.7.1) I don't want to leave the server though!
       If you are really determined to stay, here is some advice from Arleas, a
       regular on http://www.gamefaqs.com/
       -- Quote ------------------------------------------------------------------
       I played another invisible dude today, and lemme tell ya, this guy wised up
       and didn't chat once... but I still made him leave... how you ask? 
       I went to spectator mode and told everyone where he was...what he was
       doing... and they fragged him heheh 
       It was funny because after they fragged him 5 times in a row, he left...
       apparantly he can't take being in a 'fair' game... 
       There's more than one of these guys. I've heard of sssick and I saw
       darkhawk... Do what I did and unless he's very good, he'll be fragged in no
       time and will leave.. 
       Also, like I said, I saw the guy enter and leave, and enter again almost
       immediately, so if you see this happen, try to take note of what name you
       saw and kick him (even if you think he's gone)... 
       I don't know if it's a pcplayer using a cheat or a DC player exploiting a
       bug, but either way, you can tick em off and ruin their fun by either:
       a) everyone go spectator mode and just sit and talk (try to get him to talk
          and then kick him)
       or b) have someone go spectator mode and report his whereabouts... this
          works best on levels with tight corridors though because wide open
          levels gives him to much room to avoid incoming shots...
       -- End Quote --------------------------------------------------------------
    4.7.2) How can I tell if I'm on a server with cheats?
       Not easily from the Dreamcast. The only way I can really think to do it is
       to log into a server and try a cheat. If it work, then cheats are enabled
       otherwise, they obviously aren't.
    4.8) All the servers are screwed! I can't play!
       At the moment, there are a lot of problems with the SegaNet servers. People
       have been abusing them and changing the map rotation settings, time limits
       and flag limits. You may need to do quite a bit of searching through the
       server list before you find a good one.
       In order to solve this, we really need to get in contact with the SegaNet
       server maintainers. If you find a server which needs fixing then you can
       contact the Quake 3 server administrator at q3admin@sega.net 
       The server admins go by the names hal9000 and Azazyel. Here is an example
       an email you could sent to them:
       -- Example ----------------------------------------------------------------
       Dear Sir/Madam
       I would like to draw to your attention fact that server is
       currently unplayable. The servers time limit is set to 0, and so I am
       constantly stuck at the loading screen because the game ends as soon as I
       Thanking you for your time.
       -- End Example ------------------------------------------------------------
       If you want to be really thorough in providing detail, you could trace the
       server from its IP address using the tracert command and include it in your
       post. For example, the server mentioned above traces back to
    4.9) Can I log into a server running a mod?
       Yes, as long as the mod is server side only. You can't actually download a
       mod to the Dreamcast to play it, the mod will always have to be hosted on
       a Dreamcast compatible server.
       I don't know yet of any servers currently running mods for the Dreamcast,
       but if I find any, I'll list them in here.
       More information on running server with mods can be found in section 7.7.
    4.10) What's the complete list of maps in the Dreamcast version?
       dc_map01 - Introduction
       dc_map02 - Arena Gate
       dc_map03 - House of Pain
       dc_map04 - Powerstation 0218
       dc_map05 - Arena of Death
       dc_map06 - Blue Monday
       dc_map07 - Hidden Fortress
       dc_map08 - Dark Chapel
       dc_map09 - The Place of Many Deaths
       dc_map10 - The Forgotten Place
       dc_map11 - The Camping Grounds
       dc_map12 - Fatal Instinct
       dc_map13 - Temple of Retribution
       dc_map14 - Lost World
       dc_map15 - Gaze of the Abyss
       dc_map16 - The Proving Grounds
       dc_map17 - Evil Playground
       dc_map18 - The Bouncy Map
       dc_map19 - The Longest Yard
       dc_map20 - Hell's Gate
       dc_map21 - Duelling Keeps(CTF)
       dc_map22 - Space CTF(CTF)
       dc_map23 - Blast Radius(CTF) 
       dc_map24 - Fallout Bunker(CTF) 
       dc_ss401 - Revolver
       dc_ss402 - Frenzy	
       dc_ss403 - Incinerator
       dc_ss404 - Brute Force
       dc_ss405 - Agony
       dc_ss406 - Crisis
       dc_ss407 - Incinerator(CTF)
       dc_ss408 - Slowburn (CTF)
       dc_ss409 - Revolver(CTF)
    4.11) How can I use colours in my name?
       I'm not sure how it is done from the controller, but using the 'F' keys
       along the tope of the keyboard changes the cursor colour.
       F1 - Gray
       F2 - Red
       F3 - Green
       F4 - Yellow
       F5 - Dark Blue
       F6 - Light Blue
       F7 - Purple
       F8 - White
       F9 - Blinking (DO NOT USE!!! PLEASE!!!)
    5) Dreamcast Vs PC
       At the time of writing, there is no official way for a PC to connect to a
       Dreamcast server. If you can't get hold of the required files, then you'll
       have to wait for the official patch in early 2001.
    5.1) What do I need to connect my PC?
       Until the official patch is released, connecting to a Dreamcast server is a
       bit of a botch job. You'll need the following items:
       Quake III for the PC/Mac/Linux
       Q3 Point Release 1.16n - ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/
       dcmap1.0.zip - The Dreamcast map pack
       A list of Dreamcast servers
    5.1.1) Where can I get dcmap1.0.zip?
       Unfortunately, most sites have taken this down as it is illegal to download
       it unless you own both the PC and the Dreamcast version of the game.
    5.1.2) Can you email me a copy?
    5.1.3) What about the server list?
       The Dreamcast servers aren't listed on the standard master server so for
       the time being, you'll either have to write down the server IP address's
       from your Dreamcast or see if you can find them around the web.
       Here's a few to get you started though:
    - SegaNet CHI  - SegaNet CHI  - SegaNet CHI  - SegaNet CHI  - SegaNet CHI  - SegaNet CHI  - SegaNet LA  - SegaNet LA  - SegaNet LA - SegaNet DAL - SegaNet DAL - SegaNet DAL
       It may be worth using a program such as Ping Tool (http://www.pingtool.com)
       or Game Spy (http://www.gamespy.com/) to store and monitor your server
       list. That way, you can quickly see if the server is busy and what map it
       is playing.
       Setting these up is currently beyond the scope of this FAQ.
    5.1.4) What is the master server?
       If you want an automatic list, then you'll be pleased to know that the Sega
       Net master server is master.id-q3a.games.sega.net.
       You can stick this into a program like Ping Tool or Game Spy to get a list
       of all the currently running servers.
    5.2) Ok, so I've got all that, what do I do now?
       Just follow these simple instructions:
       1 - Install Quake 3
       2 - Install the 1.16n point release
       3 - Install the Dreamcast map pack
       4 - Load Quake 3 and choose 'multiplayer'
       5 - Click 'Specify' and enter the IP address and port number for the server
           you wish to play on.
       6 - Click 'Fight' and you should be launched into a game.
    5.3) I can't connect!
       The server might be full, try another one. Even better, download Ping Tool
       or Game Spy and then you can check all the servers easily before you try
       to connect.
    5.4) I whipped every one. I am the best!
       One thing to bear in mind when playing people on Dreamcasts is that many of
       them maybe playing with a controller. Also, while you may be using a beast
       of a PC running at 100+ frames per second, the Dreamcast is a much slower
       200Mhz machine with 16MB of memory and the PowerVR chipset. This makes it
       much harder to aim at moving targets on the Dreamcast.
       If you want a real challenge, go back to playing on PC servers.
    5.5) Why is my connection being interrupted?
       I don't know why this is happening, but I suspect that it is an issue that
       will be fixed in the patch when it's released.
    5.6) Can a PC player nuke my Dreamcast?
       There have been no reports of this happening. Nuking involves an attack on
       a computers netbios port and send sending the computer garbage data. As the
       Dreamcast has no file sharing capability, there is no netbios support.
       However, if an exploit was found that could crash a Dreamcast, no permanent
       damage could be done as there is no hard disk to corrupt. A simple reset of
       the Dreamcast would fix any problems.
    5.7) Which are the Dreamcast exclusive maps?
       This list is pulled straight from the unofficial map pack:
       dc_map06 - Blue Monday
       dc_map07 - Hidden Fortress
       dc_map08 - Dark Chapel
       dc_map15 - Gaze of the Abyss
       dc_map17 - Evil Playground
       dc_map23 - Blast Radius(CTF) 
       dc_map24 - Fallout Bunker(CTF) 
       dc_ss401 - Revolver
       dc_ss402 - Frenzy
       dc_ss403 - Incinerator
       dc_ss404 - Brute Force
       dc_ss405 - Agony
       dc_ss406 - Crisis
       dc_ss407 - Incinerator(CTF)
       dc_ss408 - Slowburn (CTF)
       dc_ss409 - Revolver(CTF) 
       When the PC map pack is released, it won't contain these exclusive maps.
    6) Console Commands
    6.1) How to issue a command
       Console commands let you make requests of the server or give extra
       functionality in Quake III which you wouldn't normally get with just the
       controller. In order to issue a command, you need a keyboard.
       Press either F12, ` or ~ to bring down the console. Typing normally in this
       window will allow you to chat with other players much like IRC. However,
       adding a semicolon (;) to the front of you message will mean it will get
       treated as a command. So for example, if you entered ';say Hello everyone'
       the message 'Hello everyone' will be sent to all the other players.
       I won't cover all the console commands in the FAQ as many of them aren't
       relevant to the Dreamcast, but I will cover the more important ones. If you
       do want a complete list of the PC commands, one can be found at:
       Rooks62, another regular on the Game FAQs message board is currently
       writing an FAQ which I'm sure will cover all the Dreamcast commands.
    6.2) Calling a vote
       When a vote is called, all the players in a game are asked if they want a
       particular action to be carried out by the server. If all the players
       answer yes, then the server goes ahead with the action.
       The valid call vote commands are:
       ;callvote map_restart
       If everyone votes yes, then the current map is restarted with everyone's
       scores reset to zero.
       ;callvote nextmap
       If the vote is passed, the server loads the next map in the cycle.
       ;callvote map <map name>
       The server will load the requested map if every one agrees
       ;callvote g_gametype <n>
       n is an integer in the range of 0-4 representing the type of game you wish
       to run on the server.
       0 = Death Match
       1 = Tournament
       3 = Team Death Match
       4 = Capture the Flag
       (Thanks to Rooks62 for the game types)
       ;callvote kick <player name>
       If there is a disruptive player in the game, the other players can vote to
       kick him out.
    6.3) Kicking a bot
       If you are playing a single player game and you're losing to bones, you can
       kick him out by bringing down the console and typing ';kick bones'. The
       syntax of the kick command is:
       kick <player/bot name>
    6.4) Cheats
       If you are playing on a server with cheats enabled or have completed the
       game to enable cheats, you can use the console to enter cheat codes.
       ;god      - makes you invincible
       ;noclip   - you can walk through walls and fly
       ;notarget - Bots don't target you
       Remember, you can only use these in single player games, or on servers
       where cheats have been enabled.
    6.5) How dare you tell every one these commands? You 5uX0r!!!
       Here's a small statement I have already made on the subject back on the
       Game FAQs message board:
       -- Quote ------------------------------------------------------------------
       As much as the state of the servers at the moment is annoying, pretending
       the codes don't exist by hiding them and deleting posts wont make the
       problem go away. As time has proven, history has a habit of repeating its
       The codes are out now, so even if we do cover all our tracks, people will
       still know them, use them and pass them on. 
       At the end of the day, it's not down to us to police the servers, it's the
       jobs of Sega and the people who are paid to maintain the servers. If vote
       calling has become a problem, then we need to draw this to the attention of
       the server maintainers. 
       Just my opinion... 
       -- End Quote --------------------------------------------------------------
    7) Running a server for the Dreamcast
    7.1) Those SegaNet servers are to slow, how do I run my own?
       First you need to make sure that your PC to Dreamcast setup is working. See
       section 5.
       Once that is working, simply start a server in the same way as you would
       for a normal PC vs PC game. There are however, a few things you must bear
       in mind.
       You must be running a NON-PURE server (sv_pure 0 from the console) or else
       Dreamcast users will be unable to connect to your server.
       As far as I'm aware, the Dreamcast is unable to download any extras from
       the server. Because of this, you'll need to make sure that you only have
       Dreamcast maps (dc_mapXX.bsp) in you map cycle list and no regular Quake 3
       maps (q3dmXX.bp) in there.
    7.2) How many people can I have in the game?
       Due to what is believed to be the limit of the Dreamcasts memory, you can
       only have a maximum of 4 people in a game. Although you can allow more than
       four people on you server, as soon as the number of players goes above 4,
       all the Dreamcast users will get disconnected.
    7.3) Can I have bots on the server?
       Yes, but you are still limited to 4 players including bots.
    7.4) How do I set up a map cycle list?
       You will need to create a script file in a text editor. This file can be
       called anything like server.cfg. An example script is shown below:
       set m1 "map dc_map17 ; set nextmap vstr m2"
       set m2 "map dc_map19 ; set nextmap vstr m3"
       set m3 "map dc_map15 ; set nextmap vstr m4"
       set m4 "map dc_map18 ; set nextmap vstr m5"
       set m5 "map dc_map13 ; set nextmap vstr m1"
       vstr m1
       When your server is up and running, simply type 'exec server.cfg' at the
       console, and the map cycle will begin.
    7.5) Can I turn off voting?
       Yes you can. Simply type 'g_allowVote 0' in at the console. Now, users
       won't be able to call votes any more.
    7.6) Can I run a server with cheats?
       Yes, simply enter 'sv_cheats 1' at the console before you start the server,
       but remember, it's not much fun playing death match with four people who
       are invincible.
    7.7) What about mods?
       The Dreamcast will work with any 1.16n compatible server side mods, but
       because it doesn't support downloading, you can not have anything new on
       the client side. No new maps, textures, models or graphics.
    7.7.1) What mods currently work with the Dreamcast?
       I have only tested two mods successfully with the Dreamcast. The first was
       Last Man Standing (http://www.planetquake.com/crimsoft/lms/) but there
       are some issues with the Grenade Launcher and the Lightning Gun. No
       graphics were drawn on the Dreamcast for either of them.
       The second mod, I wrote myself in order to test server side mods on the
       Dreamcast. It's a variation on InstaGib from Unreal Tournament and it is
       available from http://www.fivemouse.com/netdcq3a/dcinstagib.zip. If you
       plan on using my mod on a server, drop me a line and I'll list it in here.
       As this mod what created for use on the Dreamcast, it works perfectly on
       both the Dreamcast on the PC.
    7.7.2) What do I need to make my own mods for the Dreamcast?
       First, you'll need the Quake III 1.16n source code which can be downloaded
       You'll also need a C or C++ compiler such as VC++ from Microsoft.
       Once you have that, you can start making you mod. Just remember you can
       only make changes to the game code and cgame and ui are used on the client
       side and so can not be changed for the Dreamcast.
    7.7.3) Can't I save client side stuff on the Zip Drive when it's released?
       In theory, yes, but there in no support for the Zip Drive currently in
       Quake 3. Maybe Sega will release a new version of Quake 3 when the Zip
       Drive comes out, but this is unlikely.
       What is more likely if Sega plan to have Zip Drive support in Quake 3 is
       that they will release Quake 3: Team Arena. That way, they can collect
       money from you again.
    7.8) Is anyone else running Dreamcast servers?
       So far, the only people I've seen who run them are Ufrag.
       Information on their servers can be found at http://www.ufrag.com/
    7.9) How can I let people know about my Dreamcast server?
       At the moment, there isn't really a central resource for Dreamcast Quake 3
       information. However, if you email the details of your server to me, I'll
       quite happily list it in this FAQ.
    7.9.1) Can I publish my server on Sega.Net?
       Yes, simply set sv_master1 to "master.id-q3a.games.sega.net". You server
       will now appear in the server list along side all the other Sega.Net
       servers. Any Dreamcast users can then log onto your server without any
       extra hassle.
    8) Miscellaneous
    8.1) Can I connect the Dreamcast to my LAN?
       Yes, I have managed this, but at the moment you need two phone lines or an
       exchange eliminator and a server of some soft which will accept in coming
       phone calls and act as a DHCP server.
       To do this, I used a Netgear Modem Router and created an account on it for
       my Dreamcast. I entered the details of the account I created into Quake 3
       and the phone number of the router. I then dial up as normal using my new
       Once connected, you must specify the IP address of the server you created
       on your LAN as there will be no server list.
       You could also use Windows NT or Linux as a Dial up server. If you know all
       about LANs and you understood what I have said so far, then you can
       probably figure it out for these or any other operating systems.
       It is not possible to use the Dial Up Server for Windows 9x for two
       reasons. The first and most important is because the Dial Up server won't
       assign an IP address to the Dreamcast. Second, is because the Dial Up
       server won't insert any dialled in users into the network. It treats the
       dial up connection as a separate network and doesn't route between them.
       This would prevent the Dreamcast from seeing the rest of the network and
       connecting to any servers.
    8.2) What about the broad band adapter?
       Quake III supports the broad band adapter and as far as I know, it is
       simply a network card for the Dreamcast. This would make it possible to
       connect to most LANs direct.
       When the broad band adapter is connected to the Dreamcast, the internet
       connection screen is changed to included the following information:
       User Name
       IP Address
       Subnet Mask
       Primary DNS
       Secondary DNS
       I don't know how fast the adapter is, but I suspect it will probably be a
       10 Base-T card instead of a 10/100.
       Hopefully I shall have more details when it is released in the US in 2001.
    8.2.1) The Japanese adapter
       Alter-Ego quite rightly pointed out that the adapter is out in Japan now
       and could be used. He was in contact with Blue Yonder about using it with
       their cable modem service. Here's what he had to say:
       -- Quote ------------------------------------------------------------------
       Also, if you wish to import the broadband adapter for the DC from japan, it
       should work with the blueyonder cable modem service, as i gave the specs of
       the broadband adapter to a blueyonder engineer and he says that its within
       the range there service will work with, BUT, you'll need the MAC of the
       card, which maybe supplied in the packaging, but being japanese I cant see
       it.. :) either way, I cant verify this till they get round to installing my
       cable modem. :/
       -- End Quote --------------------------------------------------------------
       Brian Osserman has pointed out that the MAC address is printed on the label
       on the adapter.
    8.3) Setting up a Dreamcast LAN
       As I haven't got a broad band adapter yet, I can't guaranty that these
       instructions will work. If you spot a mistake, email me and I will fix it.
       These instructions are for setting up a simple Dreamcast LAN. I've written
       these instructions for someone who doesn't currently have a LAN up and
       running. If you do have a LAN already, then I'm sure you'll be able to pull
       out all the relevant information for yourself.
       What you need:
       2 or more Dreamcasts with broad band adapters and Quake 3
       1 hub
       1 PC server with the DC map pack and network card (see section 7)
       Cables to connect all the machines to the hub
       Before we go any further, connect every thing to the hub and switch it on.
    8.3.1) Setting up the PC
       I'm not going to go into to much detail here as it's beyond the scope of
       this document.
       Install the network card in the PC and make sure that the TCP/IP protocol
       has been installed. Right click on network neighbourhood and select
       properties to see a list of installed protocols. If it's not there, add it.
       Set the PC's IP address to and the subnet mask to
       Install Quake 3 and the DC map pack as per instructions in section 5. Set
       up a server following the instructions in section 7.
    8.3.2) Setting up the Dreamcasts
       On each Dreamcast, go to the internet connection screen and enter the
       following information:
       Username and password - This should just be left blank, or have some
                               random text if the fields are required. (I haven't
                               tested this yet, so I don't know!)
       IP Address - for the first Dreamcast
           for the second
           for the third
           for the fourth
       Subnet Mask -
       Gateway - There's no need to access the internet in this example, so leave
                 it blank.
       Primary and secondary DNS - Again, leave these blank as there is no
                                   internet access.
       Click connect?
    8.3.2) Connecting to a game on the server
       Once you have been informed that there are no servers running, click more
       and enter as the address. You should now be able to connect to
       the PC server for a four way game with out a split screen.
    9) Further reading
       At the moment I know of only one good Dreamcast Quake III orientated
       message board. This can be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com/
       However, I can't seem to find any Quake III sites which have any
       Dreamcast resources or information. The only site I do know of is Sega's
       official site: http://www.sega.com/sega/game/quake3_launch.jhtml
       For more information about configuring a server, Quake 3 World have a very
       good FAQ at http://www.quake3world.com/info/server/serverfaq.html
       Sega Dreams have a preview of the broad band adapter up on their site:
    =================================  THE END  ==================================

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