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Reviewed: 03/24/01 | Updated: 03/24/01

Got Game? Sure do!

NBA2k1 is one of the best basketball games ever and is the best game to hit the Dreamcast yet. NBA2k1 has great graphics , great gameplay , great everything , accept for some glitches.

The graphics are great in this game , the models look so real and life-like. They look just like the players , they even have the tattoos on the players that they have in real life. There are many dunk and crossover animations and even different Free Throw Shoots. There are also many different camera views to choose from.

The control is great for this game , nothing is wrong with it , its just prefect.

The gameplay is pretty good , just some flaws though. Like if you jump when your oppenent is throwing the ball , I guarantee you that you will steal it or knock it out of bounds everytime. Also its a big learning curve from Pro to All-Star (All-Star make it seem un-real like hard). Everything else is great , like the need offenses you can set up with the plays and cool ways to break the defense with crossovers and such.

The sound is good but there are some glitches , like the anouncer might say Mike Bibby had a flow when really it was Tracy Mcgrady or it might say one person made a shot and another person did and so on and so forth. Everything else is good , its kinda hard to mess up on the sounds when your making a basketball game.

Playing this game with friends and family is real fun , playing street ball with them is even more fun. I suggest for playing with a small number of friends , not to many though since the game can be slow paced alot (I wouldn't suggest this game if you are taking turns).

Create-A-[Insert word here] Modes
The create-a-player and team modes are really fun and creative , alot to choose from. When you create a player first you choose there name , position , and number (duh!) then you choose a nickname for them. You also choose all that other needed stuff (how good they are and how they look) , but there so much stuff to choose from that it make take you a while to pick everything. The good thing about NBA2K1 is that any name that is in the game will be said if your created players have one of those names. The Create-A-Team more is not as creative , but still is creative , you pick your logo/jersey (10 to choose from) , the name of the team , the name of the arena , where there from , and the players on the team (you can choose to have any player on your created team).

Franchise Mode
The franchise mode is huge in NBA2K1. After each season they have the draft picks and the computeter
actually makes created players to draft for your team. They also have career tracking and all-star voting , in all this franchise mode is very detailed and creative.

Replay Value
This game you can play all the time and never stop having fun , and the Franchise Mode can do over 100 years in it , to keep you busy.

I give this game a 8.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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