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"Sweet b-ball game, a must have"

Sega Sports' NBA 2k1 is a very well rounded game. The graphics, sound, and gameplay are all great. The rosters are as of October, 200 but you can get updates with the modem. Overall, this is a great packeage.

Graphics 9/10: Its a dreamcast and its Visual Concepts so you know its gonna be visually sound. The arenas are stellar and they are all done in great detail. The players look good to. Theres a little clipping but nothing major, the graphics are definitely a strong point for the game.

Sound 8/10: The menu music is all for Redman or Methind Man, its one of the two but I'm not sure cause I really hate rap. So, in turn I dont like the menu music. But in game the commentary is good. Theres an occasional slip up but normally the commentators are dead on. The PA music in game also is a nice touch, as well is the players taunting their opponents and cheering their teammates. A little quirky, but the audio is good.

Gameplay 8/10: Gameplay, well if you played NBA 2k it'll be fine for you, and even if you haven't there shouldnt be much of a problem. Their are several glitches but are avoidable and dont hinder the experience. The icon passing is very helpful, but there are some passing quirks. Occasionally, a player will make an impsooble looking pass, doesnt matter if its Magic Johnson or Shaq they'll do it. Also, there is no bounce pass, I donno why. Despite the glitches, the gameplay is quality.

Improvements over NBA 2k: First off is the franchise mode. A mode where your a player/coach.and GM. Theres freeagent signings, rookie drafts, and everything in the real league. A funny thing about the rookies is that their combonations of existing players names. For example, Shaquile Kidd, Grant Mutombo, Jim Abdul-Wahad thats definitely crazy. Another improvement is streetball. A 2 vs. 2 up to 5 vs. 5 game on a street court such as the Cage and Franklin Park. There is, of course, online play. Seganet gets best results but you can also use your own ISP for both exhibition and street. Finally, there are legends teams complete with Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Connie Hawkins, Bill Russel and othjer famous players from past decades. As you can see, theimprovement over last years NBA game are immense.

Pros: Quality audio and visuals, easy to use controls, FRANCHISE MODE!!, legends teams (50s 60s/70 east and west/ 80s east and west), ONLINE PLAY!!, streetball, ONLINE STREETBALL!!, good commentary.

Cons: several glitches, quirky audio, some codes dont work, some rookies get too good in franchise, thats about it.

Rent/Buy: BUY!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/02/01, Updated 06/02/01

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