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    Boss FAQ by kaioshade

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    Spawn: In the Demon's Hand 
    Boss FAQ
    E-Mail: kaioshade@yahoo.com
    AIM: kaioshade or kaiosozou
    ICQ: 62594700
    Version 1.0 
    August 17, 2000
    This FAQ is Copyright 2000 Kevin Deane. Anyone wishing to post this FAQ on their 
    web site please e-mail me first. ( www.cheatcc.com and www.gameadvice.com have
    my permission to use this FAQ )
    Table Of Contents:
    I. Version History
    II. Boss Strategies ( Single Player )
    III. Boss Strategies ( Team Play ) 
    IV. Thanks
    I. Version History
      First version of my Boss FAQ, so for right now, i only have the single player boss
    strategies up right now. As soon as i go through the game with a partnet, i will update
    this FAQ with the team bosses.
    II. Boss Strategies ( Single Player )
      The Strategies are as follows: a brief introduction on thos boss and their general tactics.
    Then, more specific strategies are given to short range characters and long range 
    characters. Short range characters are people whos PRIMARY weapon is short range. For
    example, Tiffany, Grace, Redeemer use swords, which are short range. Spawn, Jessica,
    Al Simmons use guns, which are long range.
      Stage 1: Defeat The Mafia
      Stage: Abandoned Warehouse
      Introductory stage. Easy stage which allows the player to get accostumed to the controls
    and play mechanics of the game. Take out the Mafia guards any way you choose. After 
    about 20 seconds into the round, the boss shows up. The Mafia boss is very easy as well,
    just do not jump at him very much. He may be pretty slow, but he has a tendency to have 
    very good aim, and will take you out of the air with one well placed bullet. Up close, he will
    throw a basic combo. He has a basic amount of health. A few combos should do him in.
      Short Range Characters: He shoots slowly, so when he gets ready to shoot at you, run to 
    his side to avoid the shot, run up close to him and hit him with combos. Back up and repeat.
      Long Range Characters: With a long range weapon, this fight is almost too easy. Just about
    every character you have up to this point has a faster firing rate than The Mafia Boss. Get into
    firing range and shoot him until he is dead. He should not even touch you once.
       Stage 2: Defeat Soleil / The Curse 
      Depending on who your character is, the boss of the second stage will differ. 
      Stage: Rooftops
      Slightly harder than the first stage, but still not much of a problem. The minor enemies
    are not much of a threat, except the one with the long range weapon. She tends to hide and
    wait until youre occupied to fire and get a few hits in. One of the enemies will drop their
    lightning sword, which a few characters can use for soem added attack power. Soleil appears
    after about 30 seconds. Soleil is pretty fast and has some damaging attacks. Her beam can kill
    in one attack if she catches you in the air, so keep jumping to a minimum. Her combo is fast,
    but is less damaging than her beam. Her health meter isnt too long.
      Short Range Characters: To make this fight as easy as possible, close in on Soleil. Do not jump
    unless absolutely necessary, or she will fire her beam, most likely ending up killing you. When you
    are close enough, she will either attempt a combo, which you can back up from and retaliate when
    she recovers, or she will jump in the air and try to hit you with her beam from above. Run to her 
    back, and when she lands, land a combo on her. If the lightning sword is in your possession, your
    combos will do slightly more damage to her.
      Long Range Characters: Long range characters are at a slight disadvantage for this fight. Soleil
    REALLY likes to use her beam attack, and it has longer range than any of the characters (except 
    Twitch's sniper rifle). So even though you are long range, you have to close the space between you
    and Soleil. Run close and wait for her to either to try a combo or jump and do her beam in the air.
    After avoiding either attack, back away a bit and shoot her. Soleil has a pretty fast recovery time,
    so do not try to empty your clip and get stuck reloading on her. She will make you pay for it with
    her beam.
      The Curse
      Stage: Sewers
      Another easy stage. The enemies pose no threat to you, being dispatched in 2 strikes. The Curse
    appears after about 20-30 seconds into the round. The Curse's combo is very slow, so there is no
    worry for it. its flamethrower attack can quickly drain your health, but that also is easily avoided. The
    only major thing to worry about is its long range attack. The Curse shoots a green fireball that 
    loosely follows your character on the screen. A direct hit can kill your character in one hit. His health
    meter is average.
      Short Range Characters: Run right up to him. Either he will attempt to combo you or torch you. 
    Either attack is easily avoided. Circle around him and combo him. Easy fight.
      Long Range Characters: Slightly harder than short range characters. Avoid his green fireball.
    It dissipates after a while. He rarely fires more than two at a time, so it shouldnt be too difficult. Or, 
    as an alternative, you could run to him, forcing him into a short range attack, then running and shooting
    him. Either way is effective.
      Stage 3: Destroy The Vandalizer
      Stage: Arena
      This is going to be your first taste for a challenge. The Vandalizer comes with two skeletons, one with 
    a sword, the other one with a machine gun. The Vandalizer appears at the very beginning. The 
    Vandalizer has several damaging attacks. Its short range attack is a (fast) shoulder charge that can easily 
    take away half of your life. The Long range attack is either one or three fireballs that knock your character
    very far back, putting some very uneeded distance between you and the Vandalizer. When the Vandalider
    raises its arms, it is getting ready to do a shoulder charge, and when it is gathering energy in front of itself,
    it is getting ready for a fireball. While it is preparing for either attack, run around it and it will miss you. While
    it is recovering, take out the skeletons. If you leave the skeletons, they will be a severe burden on you as you
    are trying to attack The Vandalider, especially the one with the machine gun. The Vandalizer has a quite large 
    health meter and some very good defense. Speed and efficiency is the key to winning this battle.
      Short Range Characters: Getting close to The Vandalizer is not going to be easy. If the two skeletons are 
    present, it will be even harder to close in on The Vandalizer. With the skeletons out of the way, run up to the 
    Vandalizer as it is charging for a move and try to combo it before it gets a chance to unleash its move. Or, if
    you do not think you will be able to make it, dodge and attack as its recovering. Occassionally, a lightning sword 
    might make itself available to you. Pick it up and hit the Vandalizer as much as possible with it. The lightning
    sword does some good damage against it.
      Long Range Characters: Long Range Characters have an easier time than short range ones. The skeletons are 
    easier to take out at long range. As a result, the only thing you have to worry about is the Vandalizer's fireballs.
    You can see them coming a mile away, so dodging them should be childs play. the only way you can possibly get
    caught by a fireball is if you are caught reloading your weapon. 
      Stage 4: Destroy Cy-Gor
      Stage: Forest
      A moderate challenge. As you start the stage, immediately run foward to avoid an attack by a wolf. the wolves are
    exremely easy to kill, requiring only two strikes to kill. Beware the red ones however, they can breathe fire, and do so
    quite quickly. Cy-Gor appears after about 30-40 seconds into the match, on top of the mountain, but quickly comes
    down to ground level. When Cy-Gor comes down, some zombies(?) are with him. They are no cause for concern, as 
    they are very slow and do very little damage. You shouldnt get hit by any of them. Cy-Gor is quite powerful. He has a 
    shoulder charge similar to the Vandalizer, but it is much faster and stronger. He also has a fireball that is also faster
    then your previous opponent's. He also has a close range backflip, which is extremely lethal, killing you unless you are
    at full health. Cy-Gor does not have as much health as Vandalizer, nor is his defense as high. 
      Short Range Characters: Cy-Gor is not too hard as long as you do not try to stay on him for too long. Run to the side 
    of him while he is doing his attacks and retaliate with a combo. When you knock Cy-Gor down, do not stay on him, hoping
    to get another shot at him. If you attempt to do so, he will perform his backflip, which will mostly likely end up killing you.
      Long Range Characters: Cy-Gor is a piece of cake for long range people. Shoot at him and when you see Cy-Gor get
    ready to charge, step to the side and resume shooting him. Not much of a problem at all.
      Stage 5: Destroy the Admonisher.
      Stage: Factory
      Simply put, the Admonisher is HARD. None of the immediate characters can match his firepower, except Al
    Simmons. There are plenty of enemies on the level, each equipped with machine guns. Try not to get trapped 
    with more than 3 of them at a single time, otherwise you will have a very hard time on your hands. The 
    Admonisher appears pretty late into the round, from 40 seconds to a minute. He comes equipped with a heavy
    machine gun, which can kill your character in seconds. He also has a rocket launcher, which he will resort to
    when his health gets low. He also has a average combo, but he will rarely use it. The only good thing about
    this battle is that his health meter and defense are pretty low. But with that machine gun, hes pretty hard to hit.
      Short Range Characters: Getting close to the Admonisher is a tough task, and if he has any people with him,
    it is near impossible. Try to catch him alone. Since the gun he carries is very heavy, when he shoots, he cannot
    turn around very quickly. Wait for him to exaust firing, then run next to him and give him your best shot.
    Luckily, you shouldnt have to do this too much. An easier way to finish him off is to knock him into the lava.
    It may be hard to do so, but if you have a character who is capable of launching their opponent in the air,
    you can do so, then hit him in the air into the lava. killing him instantly.
      Long Range Characters: This fight isn't too much differrent than short range characters. Avoid his shooting,
    but make sure you are never caught reloading your weapon, and never try to get too many shots in on him. 
    He can (and will) break through your firing and unload his machine gun on you.
      Stage 6: Destroy Overtkill
      Stage: Arena
      Another tough fight. Overtkill is ridiculously powerful, but very slow, unless hes charging at you. He has 
    two egents with him, one equipped with a flamethrower, the other with a weapon that can turn you into
    stone for 2 seconds. They really are not that annoying, seeing how Overtkill usually kills them for you.
    Overtkill has 4 attacks. He has a (very) fast shoulder charge, a double punch which will kill your character
    and a laser, similar to Soleil, except, he sweeps it around. For his fourth attack, he pounds the ground,
    creating a shockwave that hits anything in its path, including the agents with him. Overtkill has the longest
    life meter and defense in the game. He appears right from the start.
      Short Range Characters: Overtkill is very slow, so running up to him shouldnt pose much of a problem.
    Even though it may be a short range attack, his double punch has a nice range to it, so be careful not to
    get hit by it. His shoulder charge comes without much warning, so keep moving and you should never get 
    hit by it. Jump when he pounds the ground and retaliate with a combo. Stay on Overtkill and you should be fine.
      Long Range Characters: Long Range Characters have one advantage and one disadvantage against 
    Overtkill. Since you are at long range, he does not create a shockwave, so the agants do not get killed. 
    So you now have the agents to deal with. The advantage you have is that Overtkill seems to have a 
    weakness towards bullets. They seem to take off more damage than standard melee atacks. At long range
    the only thing you have to worry about is Overtkill's laser attack. Jump when he sweeps it at you and 
    resume firing on him. If any of the agents approach you, quickly dispatch them and return focus on Overtkill.
    If you are caught reloading your weapon, he will charge at you, causing some serious damage.
      Stage 7: Destroy the Vaporizer.
      Stage: Ruins
      The last single player stage. This a tough battle due to the two skeletons with machine guns. The
    vaporizer himself has some damaging attacks. Its most common attack is a purple mist cloud which
    hits your character multiple times and could very well end up killing them if youre not careful. At close 
    range, the Vaporizer comes down with one swift powerful strike. By itself it is not too powerful, but if you 
    are caught in one of the skeleton's fire, he will come up and strike you, most likely the damage being fatal.
    At long range, he flings some of the rocks lying around at your character. This move is very fast and very 
    hard to avoid (although with timing it can jumped over). The Vaporizer's life meter is a little longer than the
    Vandalizer's, but his defense is a little worse. The Vaporizer is also very large, taking up most of the screen,
    making running around him a tough task. He appears immediately in the fight.
      Short Range Characters: This fight is actually easier with short range characters than long range ones. 
    As soon as the match starts, run past the skeletons up to him. Most of the time he will try to spit the purple 
    cloud out. Since he cannot change direction while doing this, run behind him and hit him with a combo. When 
    this is done, back off. As soon as he gets up, he will attempt to use his close range strike. Avoid that and combo
    him again. At this point, the skeletons should have caught up to you from behind. Turn around and take them
    out and return to the Vaporizer and repeat.
      Long Range Characters: When you begin the fight, immediately run to the side and take out the skeletons.
    Approach the Vaporizer. If he tries the mist, simply back out of range from it and shoot him through it. Run to 
    his side and shoot him from there. The Vaporizer does not fall from bullets, so make sure not to get caught 
    reloading, or he will strike you or hit you with rocks. Your best bet is to stay a medium distance from him
    and wait for him to use his mist, taking out the skeletons as necessary.
    Upon destroying the Vaporizer, Malebogia appears and commends your skill for making it this far, but
    you have yet to know the true meaning of fear. A message then appears on the screen, telling you to play
    the game with multiple players to open up new stages and characters. "TRY AGAIN"
    III. Boss Strategies ( Team Play )
    IV. Thanks
    - www.cheatcc.com and www.gameadvice.com for nicely asking me to use my previous FAQ on their site.
    - J Andrew Valentine for giving me some feedback and some character combinations which i will write a FAQ
    for soon.
    - Everyone i mentioned in my first FAQ
    Copyright 2000 Kevin Deane

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