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Reviewed: 10/24/00 | Updated: 10/24/00

Unlike the PS Spawn, this one ROCKS !

For those of you who had the misfortune of playing Spawn on the Playstation, the Dreamcast game puts to rest the fears of another bad Spawn game.
This game is totally different from the ps Spawn game. In this game, there are two modes : Tournament and Boss Mode. Tournament mode is like a mulitplayer deathmatch mode where you fight against the computer and human opponents and whoever has the most points wins the round. The winner(s) move on to the next round afterwards and this repeats until the tournament is over.
The multiplayer deathmatch mode (not the tournament mode) is a mixed bag. The stages are all awesome and you can have two teams and computer opponents too. But the characters are not well balanced. Some of the characters (mainly the bosses and the Vaporizer-type huge monsters) are extremely slow and they can (for the most part) only attack at close range. And some of the other characters' attacks (like COliogstro) do hardly any damage. The characters in the game either totally stink or are average. There is one character that is very good, although he attacks at close range usually. He is the spawn with a sword for an arm. He can kill opponents in one hit.
The Boss mode in this game is where the real fun is. In it, you fight a boss in a stage. You have a certain time limit to beat the boss in. If time runs out, you get a game over. Each time you die, you lose 12 seconds (default setting). If you want to unlock characters and weapons, you must play this mode. Some of the bosses are hard to beat. Only the first board boss is easy to beat. Overtkill takes forever to beat because he has such a HUGE life bar ! Most of the boards take around 2 minutes to beat (Overtkill takes almost twice that long with a somewhat good character). Luckily, you can make the time limit longer in the options screen. The default is 2 minutes and 30 seconds but you can make it as high as 60 minutes ! If you play by yourself, you cannot fight against the last boss. You need to play the game with a friend to do this. Or, you can select ''Multi CPU'' and pick a character for the computer to play as. This character will be on your team. This way, you have two players playing and can go up to the last boss. It usually takes around 10 to 11 minutes to beat the game one player and around 20 minutes to beat the entire game. Most of the bosses from Overtkill on are very hard to beat. You WILL die a lot on the bosses. Luckily, you come back to life. The boss that gets the pain-in-the-butt award has got to be the Admonisher. He has a gatling gun that never reloads (unlike your guns) and he almost always will hit you before you can fire at him. And when he loses a lot of his power, he turns his gatling gun into a rocket launcher. This hits you into the air.
The boards are either one room or a huge complex. You CAN get lost in the boards (especially the Admonisher's board). All of the bosses look cool. The Curse says ''Alleluia'' when he dies. ALso, some characters fight different bosses. Some of the bosses can kill you in one or two hits and they all have HUGE life bars. Strangely, when you unlock them, they stink and they have a normal life bar. Almost all of the bosses you fight can be unlocked. The coolest boss is DArk Brimestone. He looks like he is made out of a pruple fire.
The controls are average. It takes a little while to get used to aiming with the d-pad instead of using the analog joystick. Moving, however, is very easy to do.

The graphics are awesome ! The opening movie is very cool and very detailed (in terms of the quality of the graphics).

The ending and last boss are not very good. The last boss dies with one hit and the ending is pointless. If you play the boss mode, only beat the game entirely once or twice because it takes forever and the ending is not worth 20 minutes of playing. The game is very fun if you have an adequate character with weapons besides his hands. The entire game has over 14 bosses in it !

And now onto the camera angle. A lot of web sites gave this game horrible reviews. I am writing this review because the web sites did not give the right review. All the stuff they complained about is not a big problem in this game. The camera angle (at the farthest distance) rarely gets messed up and all you have to do to correct it is to press the first person view button. True, sometimes the camera does not show the enemies. But all you have to do is walk around a bit and the camera will get readjusted. The only hard thing is to aim properly. It is hard to aim with the d-pad. Luckily, all you have to do is face the opponent and you will automatically lock onto them. The web sites said that this messes you up a lot. It doesn't. But sometimes it does target the wrong enemy.

As to the AI being stupid, they are very smart and very powerful. It will be a real challenge to beat them in 2 and 1/2 minutes even on the easiest difficulty setting.

The music in this game is top notch also. It is rock 'n roll music. The best music is on the Curse's stage.

This game is fun in the boss mode. The tournament mode and multiplayer deathmatch mode are fun to play as long as the characters are all evenly matched. Otherwise, the player (or team) with the good characters is pretty much guaranteed to win by a landslide.

There are enemies with the bosses that do regenerate. They are more of a pain than the bosses because they always seem to hit you right before you hit the boss.

Here is the CORRECT ratings of this game :

Story : 2/10. There is no story to this game.

Graphics : 9/10. While not as good as Tekken Tag Tournament's graphics, this game does shine in graphics.

Controls : 8/10. It takes a little getting used to, but the d-pad is easy to use in this game.

Sound : 9/10. The characters do not talk much but the music is great when you can hear it.

Level Design : 7/10. Some stages are just one arena while others are huge multi-leveled boards. The best board is the board where you fight in hell (not the last board).

Secrets : 7/10. The game has tons of hidden characters but most of them are just for looks. They look awesome but you cannot play good with them.

Character Balance : 4/10. Some characters are okay to use and some are just a waste of time. The characters are not well balanced. It is crucial to pick the best character available if you want to stand a chance of winning.

Replay Value : 7/10. It is fun to unlock all of the characters and the boss mode is fun to play again and again (although after several hours, it does get a little boring). There are a lot of secret characters in this game and there are some hidden weapons and art to unlock too.

Overall (not an averag) : 8/10.

Buy or Rent ? BUY if you are a Spawn fan or if you like deatmatch games or Power Stone 2. If you are skeptical about this game, Rent it first. The game does get boring after awhile but the boss mode is usually fun to play (as long as you are playing as a good character). I would recommend renting this game first only because the multiplayer deathmatch mode may not be very fun. If you like the multiplayer deathmatch mode, then buy it. It is worth renting for the boss mode alone. But you may want to rent it first just to be sure that ALL of the characters are fun to play as. Of course if you are a die hard Spawn fan or if you like fighting against HUGE bosses that take awhile to beat, then go out and buy this game.

On a final note, the web site reviews make this game out to be horrible. It isn't. It is not a perfect game or even a must-buy but it is adequate and it is worth checking out. Don't listen to reviews that say that the game has horrible camera angles and bad controls and dumb AI, it isn't true.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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