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Reviewed: 10/24/00 | Updated: 10/24/00

Hell of a Good time...In a 3D Action Heaven!

Hmm...Spawn one of the most successful comics current to date. Capcom one of the most successful developers ever, teams up for Spawn: In Demon's Hands and we get a awesome onmi mix of both. This wonderful game boast over 30 CHARACTERS from the Spawn universe giving you UNREAL action as you try to OUTTRIGGER your enemies. Some will make you QUAKE with delight once unlocked all the while trying to survive with only a HALF-LIFE until you get a health power orb. Confused? I'll explain

Graphics 10/10 > Grandiose and breathtaking. Each character is finely detailed, unique, and smooth. Backgrounds are detailed as well having some interactive and multi-layers compotents to them. The Effects are beautiful as well completely solid.I only wish there was a replay mode to watch the last 10 seconds of the game!

Game Control 8/10 > Controlling your character is not hard but will take a little time (10min for me) to get use to.
The analog is not supported (sad) but it's not terrible. Button layout is fluid and easy. This is also including those Right and Left triggers as well. Just remember to
always use the dreamcast controller trigger button to get
the camera behind your character!

Game Play 9/10 > Spawn is in essence like Quake, Half-Life,
or even Outtrigger but with a PowerStone capabilities, 4 players even included. While running around in third person you'll find orbs that will give Health, Defense, or even PowerUps for your weapon. Besides using guns, grenades, and blades, each character can fight hand-to-hand(Thank you Capcom!!!) Also each character has Super Special Attack.

All the modes of game have time limits to them it's FUN. The modes of play are Boss Attack Mode > Which is like a story mode. Tournament mode > Single or teams go head to head in a Mortal Kombat ladder to the top! Arcade Mode > In this mode you can set-up who you fight against and where. The game is fairly brutal in fighting and shooting at you so don't get upset. This game as elements to master and it's not that hard to!

Now Spawn's most terrible flaw is the camera! It is the plague of the game and some reviews send this game to the neitherworld because of it. Trust me this 60fps, multi-player, multi-layer, 30+ character, bloodfest is extremely playable and enjoyable.

Audio 9/10 > Voices great and sounds. Good music but to much rock music but aleast the Yells and Screams of your friends in two or four player games will be music to your ears!

Replay 9/10 > Capcom is becoming the kings of extra's and replayablility. Not only characters to unlock totaling somewhere around 30+. But there are Hidden/Special Weapons scattered around. There is also a Gallery Mode to unlock.
Alternate paths in the game that pop-up in game play. One, Two, and up to Four players in Team or Battle Royale mode to play...Whew! Could there be more???

Overall 9/10 > Spawn has surprised me with it's speed, graphics, action, variety, and comic book story. The only note to this game is the horrible camera nonetheless, can be
tamed if you can remember the camera button. So the game is pretty violent(it is!),deals with the subject of hell, and has over 5 to 7 seven characters on screen at the sametime. Finally if your unfamailar with the story...Spawn 1,2,3
animation is completely incredible and helps you understand the story and game. Heaven and Hell, Al Simmons and Spawn So go get!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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