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"This game is drug..."

First I would like to say to every reviewer who gave this game a score of 3 or 4. You sucks ! Why ? Cause this game is a lot a fun !!! Sure there is problems with the camera, but there is a button to put the camera behind the character. Seriously, I wasn't affected be the camera. Whatever. This game is a 3rd person ( can be play in first person to ) action/deathmatch. The goal is simple. The player who have the biggest score by killing the orders in the time limits win ! 1 to 4 players can kick there butt in this very cool game. There are a lot of weapons over sixty i think, but the prob is that you can only have 3 weapons and your fists. And when you find weapon boxes and you take the weapons inside of it, if you die the weapons won't appeared again.... Well it's very tought to find a double desert eagle with a character without dying.

This game is simple. Run in a map and shoot everybody with a lot of cool weapons. But the prob is that you cannot shoot while running.... this kinda sucks but you can shoot while moving foward while jumping. The AI sucks to! You must absolutely put the difficulty to hard if you want to lose cause it's kinda impossible to lose on easy mode !
But it's strange cause you will think that this game become boring easily, but that not true.. Cause I beat it since 2 months and i still play often in single player modes !!!!

Graphics : Well this game is a delicious candy-eye !!! ALL the characters have A LOT OF details ! So it's awesome to see a game who run at 60 FPS with incredible animation and high res textures.

Sound : The sound of this game is kinda medium. Well the music isn't so good. Sure it's rock but it's not hard rock... :( But i must say that the noise of the guns are kinda impressive !!! The M60, Desert Eagle, Grenades, all the weapons have a REAL sound ! That's cool !!!!!

Value : With over 20 maps, 36 characters ( 12 at the start ) and 20 to unlock, gallery ( art 3d work for every characters ) you can unlock to, 1-4 players battle royal and team battle mode, DAMN FUNNY GAME, cool endings and cinematic, 5 games modes, a lot of gore, special attacks for every characters ( like you can put the Spawn cape and use is chains !!!! !!!!! ) and real and futuristic weapons, this game kick some serious butts !!!!

Controls : Very easy control. And you will master this game in 2 min. !!!!!

Sorry for my english cause i'm a frech canadian so i don't speak well in english so... whatever.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to someone who likes Outtrigger and games like this !!!!!!

9 out of 10 = one the greatest Capcom game if even everybody say that this game sucks.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/01/01, Updated 05/01/01

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