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"Yes: 2-4 players, No: 1 player"

First, this is a pretty good game once you have all of the characters, the stages, the weapons, and the art. I bought this game because a friend brought it to my house. They were shooting me up and down the level and I thought it was fun. Then I saw the game somewhere for $9.99 so I thought I'd pick it up. This is how I rate this game:

Graphics/ 9 The graphics are good but not perfect. In multiplayer mode, you can hardly see the fighters. Then, when you shoot somebody's body apart the blood doesn't look real. The graphics do look good in the background of the level. For example, the Heliport has an airplane flying across. I would have gave this game a 10 but, when half of your body is blown away, the blood doesn't look good at all.

Sound/8 I really don't care much about music cause it has no effect on me except for Resident Evil Code Veronica. The rock n roll music is not me. If you're into techno and rock the music will certainly move you. Anyway, the music is not an issue to me.

Control/8 It takes time to get used to it but its fine with me and my family & friends. They had no problem blowing each other up. The only thing about the control is that performing combos is kind of hard. You have to practice and I like games that I can just hop on and start kicking *#4!!!

Replay/8 This game is only good when playing against somebody. Cause you already know how the bosses fight, its not fun when your by yourself. Even when the CPU helps you, its not fun unless somebody is watching you get blown to nothing.

Buy or Rent/ I say buy because I bought it at Gamespot for $9.99. Its optional, because the rental stores I go to didn't have this game and since it was so cheap I got it. If you can rent it , rent it. If you can't, just buy it for $9.99 to $19.99. Its worth it watching your friends character stand there with blood gushing out.

Overall, I rate this game as a 8/10 because replaying this game is not fun, unless you are blasting your friends in it. Personally, I think that Capcom could have done much better. Considering the makers of this game also did MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/25/01, Updated 11/25/01

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