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"A Spawn tourny....good one too"

Hey hey hey! If you've read any of my othr reviews, you know im a total dumbass and I like GORE!!! Ok, we need to start talkin about the game. I rate the games on several features. Story, plot, control, sound, graphics, and, of course, GORE!!!


Ok, if you can beleive this, this game has some sort of story. Most others say it doesnt, but I say bullshit to that. You are an immortal or some person who is fighting for your life in a tounrament orchestrated by satan, or malbolgia (in one review, some guy reffered to it as malbuttocks, which was funny as hell). Over all though, I'd say that the story is so small, so pitiful that you won't notce it unless you read the manuel.


The plot is simply this: If it moves, it shall die. I could not stress this furhter. You run around and kill people and monster stuff. This is cool. I mean this is pretty freaking amazing.


The control for this game rulez all you peoplez. It is easy to execute specials, and easy to move around and stuff. You are runnin' aroud in a 3d world with a gun, sword, fist, chicken, dog, monkey, jackass, pepsi can, WHATEVER! It is the epitome of nice, and... its just nice.


YES! YESSSSSSS!!! Graphics are great. Greatest I have seen in a very long time. There is not much I can say about this, other then they are good, which I already said, so i'll just shut my mouth now. But I have decided to keep talking because my review isn't long enough so.....doot doot doot doot doot.


The sound is alright in this game. Excellent music too. The charecters talk, sometimes, and HEAVY METAL BACKROUND TUNES!! RAWK RAWK RAWK RAAAAAAWWWWK!!
Shudup spam face.
Up yours.
The gunshots sound like gunshots, the people moan when they get dead, and blah blah blah.


YES! YEEEESSSSSS! BLOOOOOOOOOODEH!! BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! This is kinda cool cuz some guys have green blood and others have red and stuff... I like bloody games, and this game I like.

Personally I say to rent this game before you buy it, because it will be insanely difficult to win some levels and will take you 4 EVER! Some bosses are insane hard, specially Mideval Spawn with commando Spawn. Da*n its tough. If you get this game, have fun with it and play with friends, for it is a 4 player game. Awsome cool.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/03/02, Updated 02/03/02

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