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"Man, This is the best buy i've ever made."

Now, let me give you a little backstory. I first heard about this game from my friend Richie(AKA Cowboy) about 6-8 months before it was released. We were both pumped, waiting for the game, sucking down every piece of new information that came out like a buffet of alien front online bliss. And then, it finally came out. Then the worst happened. I HAD NO MONEY. Well, after a few days, I scrounged up enough cash to purchase this godly game. Asking me if I love it is like asking if the sky is blue.

Storyline(7)- Well, This game has the most clichéd storyline ever. Evil aliens fall upon the earth, striking fear into the hearts of millions. They try to destroy the little homo-sapiens, but we decide to band together and fight back. It's an 'oldie, but a goodie', you could say. Eh, I always liked it.

Gameplay(10)- The gameplay is the elixir of gods. Smooth easy to get used to controls. A is the main weapon and B is the secondary. L and R triggers strafe. Y does, well, I'll cover it in the multiplayer section. B changes view, while analog stick moves. Simple!

Multiplayer(9)- I wish I could give it a 10, but here's the only reasons why. The server is still a little shaky right now(I'm sure it'll be fixed soon), so you get disconnected a little often. But on the good side, there's pretty much no lag whatsoever. Also, something that isn't used often, but is friggin' awesome, MICROPHONE COMMUNICATION. That's right, you can talk to fellow players, human or alien, with a microphone stuck in the VMU slot of your controller. I recommend putting it in the second slot, as if you put it in the first it'll stick out pretty far. Anyway, a simple hold of the Y button lets you speak to teammates, while a tap and a hold let's you speak to all. Record an up to five second message, and release. A few seconds later your friends hear you talking. It comes out perfectly, except sometimes it stutters a bit.

Sound(8)- Mostly excellent. The sound effects are great, and cool, but the voices are, put simply, sad. I can barely understand the aliens, and all the army guys just sound dumb. :) The music is great, The humans have rock and the aliens get techno.

Buy or Rent- Buy. Definitely, Buy.

Overall, I'd give this excellent Dreamcast title a 9 out of ten. It's too bad the Dreamcast is dying.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/14/01, Updated 08/14/01

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