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Reviewed: 08/16/01 | Updated: 08/16/01

This game is good,.. but

First of all i have to tell you i have not had sleep for three days just playing this game.Ive waited for about a year for this game after all the delays and hype did this game really live up to todays standards,..i thought the layout of the game was alright but i hated that the game did'nt have a chat lobby and that dissconects really took over this game,..and now my review.

Story(7)-This story has been told a hundred times aliens Vs humans,..but i have always liked it,.story isn't that bad but ive heard too many times,..but it is told i thought in a differant and way better way,. cmon you gotta love it,,..I really did like that there was the aliens as a team because most shooters dont have pick sides,..and for that matter pick your vehicle, that is also one of the games strong points,.so dont hate on afo just because it does'nt have that many vehicles.

Gameplay(9)-Well let me tell you this is the game's most what you do is you pick either the army or the aliens then you go to this lobby except there is no chat room so that sucks,.but afer five min. you will forget about that and be amazed by how fun this game is,..i also love how your teammates will talk to you and help you navigate certain area's,..but i really did'nt like the microphone and the stiff controls,.but thats about it.

Multiplayer(9)-This is the best multiplayer game i have ever played and you could play this forever online and not get tired of it,.plus it comes with a microphone so that is aweasome,.and you can get on there with little or no lag,..but just like in pso it disconects way too much,.i would have given it a 10 if it would'nt have been for that,..but otherwards this game is the best online game i have ever played....

Sound(8)-Sound is pretty decent in the game except for half the time the microphone does'nt work right probally the worst quality in this game,.. but sound affects are freakin aweasome in game,..i esspeccally love the specials when they are fired,..and the explosions,..Da Best.

Buy or Rent- well this is a definate buy for 30.00 but if you can only rent it you'll be pretty sad that you had to take it back,..Now what are you waiting for go buy this game,.Now,

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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