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"A dying system fights back with AFO..."

Alien Front Online is by far one of or maybe even the most original game for the Dreamcast. This review isn't one of those one sided reviews, it is purely based on 5 Factors that make a game fun... Sound, Appeal, GamePlay, Originality, ONLINE ENJOYMENT...

I'm not gonna bore you with replay factors because games weren't made to give us an infinite ammount of fun, and if they really hit that infinite replay value mark then they would probably solve 99% of lifes problems.-LOL-

Sound 10/10
Oh man, When I picked up this baby at my local Electronics Boutique I ran home and dusted off the old DC. After popping in the disk and passing the company stuff I was brought to a really nice main menu with awesome tactical music in the background, and that's not even half of it! After playing for about an hour I really noticed the music and sounds of differnt weapons, vehicles,environment etc... I finally understood what kept me from not blinking once for the whole match. The feel of the environment accompanied by perfect sounds. It's one of those things where you hear everything, and I mean everything. Even if you don't see someone launching a nuke on the other side the level, you'll still darn well hear it. The best thing is that it's not jumbled sounds like the ones that come from the twisted metal series, they are very accurate, well timed and smooth.

Appeal 10/10
The sheer fact that the case says Voice Chat on the dreamcast, and the fact that it says Mic Included gives the appeal factor a 10/10. I mean, for the software and hardware your getting at the price for this game, it's a steal. If the price was any lower, you'd be robbing SEGA. -LOL-

GamePlay 10/10
This is where the game gets interesting! Simple controls and extreme graphics with ZERO and I mean ZERO lag! Basic Shoot, Sub Weapon, Camera Change, and Straffe makes this game easy enough for an 8 year-old. It never gets old, because there are always the online scores to beat. Ex:When you get a high enough score on Arcade Mode your name and score will be added to the top ten and stay there until a certain ammount of people beat it, making this a challenging game that can keep you busy for weeks, or the type of game you can pick up for a couple of minutes before you watch a T.V. show or go out or something.

Originality 10/10
If I had my way I would consider this the most Original game out for the Dreamcast. It's not the total Melee fest like Everyman for themselves, finally a game where you always have a partner! Its not like any game I have ever seen for the Dreamcast. Finally a good game with small loading times and awesome graphics with a whole new control engine! I hate the fact that on Unreal Tournament, Outtrigger, and Quake 3 Arena that you have to move and aim at the same time, making a quite nausea packing experience. Alien Front Online is one game that is simple side to side, front and back movement game, including straffe and etc.. Finally a game that's easy on the queezy players stomach. -LOL-

If I had my way I would give it a 100/10, only because there are no things like weapons to collect and save like PSO, It's more like an online Twisted Metal! The sheer fact that GameShark Users have been rendered helpless is quite enjoyable. I love pounding on GS users who think they are invincible because they don't understand the fact that the odds have always been even in this game. NO CHEATS ALLOWED OR PERMITTED. This is because cheats don't work for this game online, so get ready to be annilated. The best fact of this game is that it is simple fun and even a beaver with half a brain would know how to join a match. It's sooo simple to join matches, leave matches, create matches, and play matches. Three types of matches make this game a total online enjoyment, Team Deathmatch, Team Capture The Flag, and Team Fortress Match!

Definetly a Buy because the 5 or so bucks you're gonna spend every month renting this game would be more costly than buying it!

Final Words:
Alien Front Online is an awesome game for users of all ages and has 3 awesome attributes! Simple Controls, Awesome Graphics, and Sweet Gameplay! Plus the fact that you can pound on people from around the world is a plus in its own respect...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/23/01, Updated 08/23/01

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