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"Fun, fun, fun. For a while, anyway..."

First of all, allow me to share with you what motivated me to buy this game in the first place. It was those magical words I saw on the front of the box: ''Real-time voice chat! Microphone included!'' VOICE CHAT! MICROPHONE INCLUDED! And all for just thirty bucks! How could I possibly pass up such a deal? Anyway, when I got home and popped the disc in my DC, I was pleasantly surprised with what I'd purchased, and figured I'd share my thoughts with you.

Story: 2
Uh...if you bought this game for the story, you must be the biggest moron ever. It's the same old story: Good vehicles versus their enemy counterparts. You've seen it a billion times elsewhere, whether the vehicles are jet planes or plastic toys. In this case, it's tanks versus alien ground vehicles. Go figure.
Anyway, the point of the game is to kill your opponents. You didn't see that one coming, did you?
Let's move on...

Vehicles: 5
No, not five vehicles. The score is five.
You have an amazing selection of three vehicles to drive per side! And they handily fit into the following categories:
Weak Little Speedster - [Army: Merkava / Alien: Hovercraft]
Even Steven - [Abrams/2L Walker]
Big Fat Behemoth - [M-109/SP Walker]
What variety!
Personally, unless you're very skilled with them, you'd better avoid the Big Fat Behemoths, as the Weak Little Speedsters and Even Stevens can pick you off rather easily. Moving on...

Graphics: 8
What can I say? The game looks nice, whether it's before or after you blow the crap out of everything. Even the vehicles take damage nicely. It's always nice to see that tank billowing smoke and rattling around, or that two-legged walker falling all to pieces as you blast away at it. The environments look nice, too, and for the most part are totally destructible. Just find something and shoot it...chances are, you'll do something to it.
Even the menus are nice and slick. No complaints here.

Audio: 8
Another eight? Yeah, well...
The music in this game is really nice, and changes depending on which side you choose to play as. The Army dudes have some nice rock guitar-type stuff going, while the aliens have some weird techno-type tunes. It's all good, really.
The sound effects are also nice, from the bellowing cannons of the Army tanks to the crunch of cars beneath your vehicle. I do have a few complaints in this area, however. First of all is the alarm that sounds when your vehicle has taken too much's just fine if you're playing as the Army, but if you're an alien, you'd better grab a health power-up fast, or you will be driven insane. Along the same lines are the footsteps of the four-legged alien walker. The constant pounding of the legs will drive you nuts after a while. Last, and probably least, is the Army guy in your tank who keeps talking to you all through the battle, whether he's going on about how they've ''got a lock on us'' or ''you're good''. Seriously, it's just annoying.
As for the voice chat, it works pretty well, but don't expect to sound exactly like yourself when you say your five-second message.

Control: 9
Smooth sailing, baby. If you can't keep up with these simple controls, you should probably just give up on video games altogether. That's really all there is to it.

Gameplay: 9
Arcade mode- Simple but effective. Go out there and blow up anything that doesn't look like you. Fun for a while...
Tactics mode- Here, you're actually given a series of missions and stuff to complete. I'm sure it would be fun if you actually wanted to sit down and play by yourself for some reason. But why would you? Especially when you have...
Online mode- Woo-hoo! THIS is what makes this game fun. Just connect to the servers[...more on them later], pick a side and a game, and have fun. There are three different modes to choose from while online: Flag, Fortress, and Team.
Team is basically Arcade mode. Kill everything that's not you, and the team with the most kills wins.
Flag is...well...capture the flag, duh. Whichever team holds it longest wins.
Fortress involves one team defending its base while the other attacks. Yay.

Fun Factor: 9
This game is fun. F-U-N. FUN!
This section would get a 10, if it wasn't for three simple things:
1]The stupid servers. Honestly, I'm so sick of just getting disconnected in the middle of a game.
2]The overabundance of hovercraft users.'s just not fun playing against four hovercraft users all the freakin' time. Oh well.
3]GAMESHARK USERS! Okay, so they're not all that common, but COME ON. It's just stupid...

Replay Value: 8
While technically this game could have infinite replay value, you're bound to get bored of the same old thing after a while. I mean, come is pretty brainless.

Bottom Line:
BUY THIS GAME. It's only thirty bucks, after all, and it's sure to keep you occupied for a long, long time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/22/01, Updated 09/22/01

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