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"Great fun, but utimatly too shallow..."

This was one of the last Dreamcast games to be released for the system. It was SUPPOSED to have great gameplay, tons of Campaign missions, the ability to choose Aliens or humans, and great online play. Well, I can tell you that it only gets it half right. Why? I'll get to that later. Let's get started!

I got this game expecting it to have awesome online play (plus it came with a microphone for voice-chat). I pop in the disc, hook up my DC, and get ready to play. It turns out SEGA shut down the server! Yes, they SHUT DOWN THE ONLINE PLAY in a game called Alien Front ONLINE! So I'm reviewing this game totally offline. If you want a review of online, leave now.
Online Play- ?/10

This game has some great graphics. The detail on the human and alien vehicles are amazing. The enviroments are semi-destructive (though the box says fully, they're wrong), and blow up nicely. The enviroments themselves are decent, but certainly not as good as they could be.

The controls are simple and quite fluid. A is shoot, B is fire special weapon, and the L/R triggers strafe. The bad thing is that it is hard to turn 180 degrees, so the enemy has a pretty clear shot of your back 99% of the time.Not much else to say except that they are pretty good, but could use a bit of work.

Now we get to the bad stuff...
Yes, my friends, there is alot of work to be done here...

If Sega put music in this game, I didn't hear it. Oh wait, I did! The game has two, count 'em, TWO backround ''themes''. The sound effects are also generic. Clangs of alien ships, the overused laser blast sound, and everyone's favorite, the explosion. Yay! Seriously, did Sega think we were deaf? The game overuses these thems so much, you'll want to rip the speakers out of your TV.

Gameplay and Modes
Gameplay, the part that makes or breaks a game. Well, this game is broken like a tree at a mulch factory. The gameplay isn't as bad as the variety in this game, but still sucks. The Arcade mode has you going through stages trying to kill 15 enemies with your allies. Actually, just you, seeing as how your allies shoot at a wall most of the time. This mode is killed even more by the way it progresses. THREE stages OVER AND OVER untill you get sick of them (or take a sledgehamer to the disc drive). Yep, it's Tokyo, D.C., and the Easter Islands over and over. When you quit, it gives you a score, which really just tells you how long you played (bigger score, more time wasted on this mode). The Tactics mode is campaign mode, but with a HUGE difficulty. I played about 12 missions and managed to beat 2 of them! Not to mention they were all boring... the third mode is, well, Options. That's right folks, you get TWO modes to play by yourself and one that's shut down!
Gameplay- 3/10
Modes- crap/10

''Well what about offline multiplayer? Surely that can redeem this game!''
It doesn't. Mainly because there isn't any! What kind off sickos shut down the online servers and don't include a mutiplayer!
Multiplayer- 0/10

Well, that's it. I've done my ranting. See how SHALLOW this game is? It's fun at first, believe me, but after the fifth hour, you'll be returning it to the store in no time. I'm not going to put a Replay Value or a Buy or Rent section in here because, as you can see, there is NO replay, and you SHOULDN''T buy this (not to mention no one rents DC games anymore)
If you need something with aliens, get Halo. Otherwise stay the heck away.
Overall- 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/31/02, Updated 07/31/02

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