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    NFL 2K1 FAQ v3.2
    By Brad Cherone (dirty2002@home.com)
    ** NOTICE **
    This FAQ is created with the intention of giving you helpful guides to 
    play with a game. If you misuse the information in anyway harmful to 
    anyone, I cannot take responsibility. I do not support the breakage of 
    law in anyway.
    Everything in this FAQ is copyrighted to Brad Cherone. If you 
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    Copyright Law, to do whatever I can to make yourself have a bad day. 
    This page cannot be used in any printed or electronic media without my 
    permission. I, Brad Cherone, and not you own this FAQ.
    Some of the information has been taken from the game that is listed 
    This FAQ is to be placed on GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com). I have 
    already lost count of all the other FAQs that I have let other people 
    use on their site, and feel the need to use this easy, user-friendly 
    page. I suggest you do the same.
    This FAQ can be found only at GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com). If 
    you see that this is posted at another site, contact me at 
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    Send all errors to dirty2002@home.com. Feel free to email me on whatever 
    questions you have, even if it is on a different game, and I will try to 
    help you to my best ability. Send all your corrections in too, even I 
    make mistakes.
    NFL 2K1 is published by SEGA (http://www.sega.com) and developed by 
    Visual Concepts.
     Table of Contents
       I.    UPDATES
             -  Offense
             -  Defense
             -  Special Teams
             -  Other
             -  Practice
             -  Tourney
             -  Exhibition
             -  Season/Playoffs/Franchise/Fantasy
             -  Quick Start/Tutorial
             -  Network/Online Play
       IV.   TEAMS
             -  NFL Teams
             -  Alumni Teams
       V.    GLITCHES
       VI.   E-MAIL Q&A
       VII.  CREDITS
    Release 3.2             Added to Email Q&A.
    Release 3.1             Changed email to my current one.
    Release 3.0             Reformatted To My New Style
                            Added To Glitches
    You will find out how to play the game in this section. Learn these 
    first to learn the other stuff later.
    Offense is a very important part of the game. If you do not have this, 
    how do you expect to kick ass in game? You can't.
    Before Snap
    Analog L/R: Send player into motion. This is used for plays when a 
    receiver goes into motion.
    L/R: View receiver button assignments, names, and fatigue level.
    A: Hurry players to line of scrimmage/Snap the ball when on line.
    Y: Call up the audible menu. A, B, and X are used for an audible. Y 
    closes the menu.
    X: Lower crowd noise. Only useful when playing in your home stadium.
    B: Fake signal count.
    A: Speed Burst/Power move.
    L or R: Stiff arm left or right.
    L+R: Juke move.
    X: Dive.
    Y: Hurdle.
    B: Spin move.
    D-Pad: Lateral ball to closest teammate behind you.
    Hold A: Fills up your player arrow, giving you the ability to make more 
    powerful jukes, stiff arms, dives, hurdles, spin moves and lowers the 
    shoulder when you press A again.
    A, B, C, Y, L: Pass to that receiver. Double tap to pump.
    D-Pad: Throw the ball away. Doing this when no receivers are in the 
    area and while in still pocket is a penalty.
    Note: Pressing R will let you start scrambling and also hides the 
    passing buttons.
    R+L: Juke move.
    R+A: Speed burst/Power move.
    R+B: Spin move.
    R+X: Slide (or dive, if close enough to first down marker).
    R+Y: Hurdle.
    While this is not necessary, as the computer will catch the ball for 
    you, you can increase the chances of catching the ball when you do it 
    B: Select closest receiver.
    X: Dive for pass.
    Y: Jump for pass.
    Another important part of the game is Defense. You have to have this so 
    you can stop the other team, and to get the ball back for your offense.
    Before Snap
    B or D-Pad: Select defender.
    Analog Stick: Reposition defender.
    L or R Trigger (with LB or DB selected): View players.
    L or R Trigger (with defensive line selected): Shift defensive line 
    left or right.
    A: Hurry players to the line.
    X (with LB or DB selected): Pump up the crowd.
    Y: Call up the audible menu. A, B, and X are used for an audible. Y 
    closes the menu.
    After Snap
    Take control of defender nearest to ball.
    Speed burst.
    Jump to knock down or intercept pass.
    L or R Trigger: Defensive line special juke moves.
    D-Pad: Switch players.
    Hold A: Fills up your player arrow, giving you the ability to make more 
    powerful defensive line juke moves, tackles, and jumps.
    Special Teams
    While not a very well known part of the game, this is equally important 
    to the team as offense or defense. If you let your opponent score on 
    you every time you kick it off, your defense won't have a chance to 
    stop them, and their offense will not mean anything.
    1. Set the ball trajectory and direction with the analog stick, making 
    sure to factor in the moving of the arrow.
    2. Press A to start the power meter.
    3. Press A again to stop the power meter and to start the play.
    Y (after catching ball): Down the ball.
    Y (before catching the ball): Fair catch the ball. Only allowed on punt 
    Whatever I did not explain in the other control sections, will be 
    described here.
    Menu Controls
    Analog or D-Pad: Highlight menu options.
    A: Select highlighted menu option.
    B: Return to previous menu.
    Y: Bring up help menu.
    Calling Plays
    You can call plays from the VMU; controls are the same as if you were 
    doing it without the VMU.
    R/L: Toggle through formations.
    A: Select formation or play.
    B: View previous formation or play sets.
    X: Flip play or formation.
    Replay Controls
    The L and R buttons are pressure sensitive. The harder you press, the 
    faster the replay will move forward or reverse.
    D-Pad: Moves highlighting icon.
    Analog Pad: Change angles.
    B: Zoom out.
    Y: Bring up help menu.
    A: Play (real time)/Pause.
    X: Zoom in.
    L: Rewind.
    R: Fast Forward.
    The different ways that you can play the game will be describe in this 
    Practice makes perfect, so before going up against your friend in a 
    multi player frenzy, practice your plays to get perfection.
    Practice Type
    You can choose among three different types of practice.
    There is a special move practice type that allows you to practice 
    juking, spinning, dodging, whatever against a player that doesn't even 
    move. This kind of practice did not help me any, since the defender 
    doesn't even move.
    The Full Scrimmage option lets you play against another team. The 
    difference between this and exhibition mode is that you get to place 
    the ball wherever you want, and also you get to choose the defensive 
    Offense only allows you to get familiar with the routes of your team. 
    This can help prepare you for what you will see in a regular game. Can 
    be very helpful.
    Other Options
    Scrimmage Line: Lets you decide where you want to put the ball. You can 
    put the ball anywhere you want on the field.
    Direction of Play: South or North is what you get to pick. Doesn't make 
    a difference if there is no wind.
    Randomize Defense and Offensive: Allows you to pick what formation the 
    offense, and defense is in to play against you.
    Offense Play Type: If you are playing defense, you can pick between 
    Pass, Run, or Pass/Run. Helps you get familiar with the pass and run 
    Randomize Down: Allows you to pick wither it will be 1st down, or a 
    random down. Defense and Offense Play: You get to choose the play the 
    offense or defense will run with this option.
    Tournament play is fun when having a bunch of your friends come over 
    for some Dreamcast fun. Not much you can do besides play games.
    Teams: You can select between 4, eight or 16 teams in tourney mode.
    Exhibition is the best mode if you do not have a Visual Memory Unit 
    (sold separately) on hand to save your tourney, season, or franchise 
    Pretty much all you do is pick your teams, the stadiums, the uniforms, 
    options and then you play. Fun for days when you just want to play one 
    I put all these in the same category because they relate a lot to one 
    another. In all of them you can usually do the same options such as 
    trading, and drafting.
    Season Specific
    This is a season type of option. You can place whatever teams in 
    whatever division you want.
    In season game mode, you can customize many things, like players, 
    teams, plays, and you can even download the roster update from this 
    In this menu, you can choose to create a player. You can choose almost 
    everything about him, except his favorite food.
    Weight: Between 150 and 300 pounds.
    Height: Between five feet and seven feet.
    Arm Scale: Determines the size of your player's arms.
    Leg Scale: Determines the size of your player's legs.
    Skin Tone: six different skin colors, from pale to midnight.
    Gloves: nine different glove settings, from none to team colors.
    Shoes: eight different shoe settings.
    Arms: nine different arm accessories.
    Wrists: seven different wrist settings, from tape to neoprene.
    Mouthpiece: Either one or not one.
    Eye Black: Stripes or Not.
    Breathe Strip: Again, stripe or not.
    Face Mask: Choose between 28 types, from the nerdy kickers, to the 
    black visor, like the one Ricky Williams uses.
    Face: five different face settings.
    Best Hand: Either left or right.
    You can also look at player cards, and import players you've gotten off 
    the net.
    In this menu, you can create a team, import a team, trade players, even 
    overrule rejected trades, pick up free agents, reset the rosters, and 
    look at depth charts.
    City: City name for your team. I.e. San Francisco
    Team: The name of your team. I.e. 49ers
    Short: The abbreviation of your team. I.e.: SF
    Stadium: The stadium you want your team to play in.
    Home and Visitor Uniform: Choose between 16 colors for your jersey 
    Home and Visitor Numbers: Choose between 16 colors for your numbers.
    Playbook: Pick the playbook of a current NFL 2K1 team.
    Profile: Pick the profile of your team.
    Logo: Choose between ten different logos, including the fan favorite: 
    Water boy.
    In this menu, you can create plays for the defense and offense, or 
    import from your VMU.
    Select Playbook: Select the playbooks you want to add your play to.
    Select Formation: Select the formation you want to add your play to.
    Select Play: Select the play you want to change.
    From this menu, you can download the updated roster for your team. This 
    is useful if you do not want to buy NFL 2K2 and you would like to get 
    the new updated rosters with new and improved stats. This takes up ten 
    blocks of your VMU, so make sure you have one. You also need net access 
    setup on your Dreamcast for this to work.
    Playoff Specific
    Playoff mode is kind of weird. It simulates the whole season and gives 
    you a bunch of teams that made it out of the 17-week season. 
    This menu lets you look at the teams that are in the Lombardi Trophy 
    hunt. You can see the finals of all the games, along with the scores.
    Franchise Specific
    Franchise mode lets you take the GM seat of a NFL team. You can draft 
    players, trade, sign free agents and a whole lot more. The most in 
    depth game mode of them all.
    College Draft
    After the season is over, along with the post-season, and after re-
    signing all the players and signing free agents, you go to the College 
    Draft. This is where you can rebuild your team if you had a very bad 
    record. Most players out of college do not have higher ratings then 85, 
    so you will have to build them up to be super stars. There are a total 
    of seven draft rounds, so choose wisely.
    During and after the regular season, you, as a GM of a NFL team, will 
    have to make players moves. Maybe you have to free up some cap room, to 
    get under the cap, or trade because your star player had to retire. 
    This is the place you can do all this. 
    Cut Players: Cut players that just plain out suck, or players that you 
    cannot afford.
    Signings: This is where you can sign your new draft picks, and also 
    where you sign players that need a new contract.
    Trade: This is the menu where you offer and receive offers from other 
    teams for your players. If you offer an average player for a superstar, 
    the team with the superstar will give you a counter offer, or just 
    reject your offer completely!
    News: All the leagues signings, retirements, and releases are here.
    Needs: Go here to figure out what you need, so you can trade or sign to 
    get what you need.
    GM Watch: View your team, your current record, career record, post-
    season record in this menu.
    Scouting: Scout out other players and see if they can fill a gap on 
    your team.
    In the off-season, you will have to make re-signings and also pick up 
    needs on your team. This is a very tedious process with the cap limit. 
    Pick your players wisely, and do not forget to update your depth 
    This is the menu where you offer and receive offers from other teams 
    for your players. If you offer an average player for a superstar, the 
    team with the superstar will give you a counter offer, or just reject 
    your offer completely!
    Fantasy Draft
    When playing in Franchise mode with fantasy draft on, or when playing 
    in Fantasy mode, you will have to do a draft of 54 rounds. This is 
    where you pick your team. Be careful about this. Even though Deion 
    Sanders is better then Champ Bailey, I would go with Champ just because 
    he is young and will provide me with a worry free DB spot for the next 
    couple of years.
    In this menu, found in Playoffs and Franchise mode, you get to look at 
    all the stats of everyone in the league. From most interceptions, to 
    attempts on 4th downs, you can get all you need to know about the stats 
    Quick Start/Tutorial
    Quick Start is the game play mode where you do not get to select your 
    team, or the opponent's team, and then you start playing. It's just one 
    game, but it's faster to setup then exhibition or any other game play 
    mode, since all you do is press A once. 
    The Tutorial game mode is exactly the same as Quick Start, except 
    throughout the game the game gives you tips. Very good for beginners.
    Dotted lines show Man Coverage, circles show Zone, arrows show Blitz, 
    and dotted lines with a T show Bump and Run Coverage.
    You can down the ball in the end zone by pressing [Y] once you have 
    Hold the analog stick in the direction of the play you want. When you 
    have highlighted your play, press [A] to select.
    Press [L] or [R] before the snap and the camera will zoom out to 
    display your off screen receivers and defensive match ups.
    On field play calling lets you see each player route. Your primary man 
    is always highlighted in red.
    Feeling a step too slow? Tap [A] repeatedly for a speed burst.
    You can get your players to hurry to the line by pressing [A] after 
    your huddle breaks.
    For short pass success, go with screen plays, quick outs or quick 
    slants. Try to get the ball to your man before the opponent knows what 
    hit him.
    Did you know the yellow line on the field represents the 1st down?
    Goal Line, I Formation, Pro Set, Strong I, weak I and Ace are good 
    choices for short yardage situations.
    To call an audible, press [Y] and the corresponding play you want when 
    the Audible overlay appears.
    The first target on the catch mechanism is where you can jump to make 
    the catch, the middle target is optimum for a normal catch, and the end 
    is best for a diving grab.
    After the snap, you will see your colored icons near all your eligible 
    receivers. These icons correspond to buttons on the controller.
    Pass plays have blue backgrounds, run plays have red ones.
    Learn the right situations to use your defensive special moves. Pay 
    attention to whether the line is moving left, or right and if you have 
    an angle to any side. Reading these factors correctly will mean success 
    for your line play.
    If you can get your defender to face the ball before pressing jump [Y], 
    the odds of intercepting it increase.
    Charge up defensive moves to give hits more damage and more fumble 
    Let off the analog stick and press jump [Y] for a standard block, 
    otherwise you will do a running block.
    If you wait for the offense to call their play, you will get to see 
    their formation before making your call.
    You can call a Fair Catch by pressing [Y] before the punted ball begins 
    to descend.
    Avoid mismatches through smart play calling. Linebackers matched up 
    against wide receivers is a bad sign.
    Hold down [A] to charge moves. Once the arrow is filled, hold it as 
    long as you want, but you only have a second to execute your move once 
    you release it.
    If you time your hit perfectly, you can jar the ball loose.
    To recover a loose ball, use your analog stick to guide your player to 
    the ball and he will pick it up.
    Shotgun, Quads, Pro Slot and Trips are good choices for long yardage 
    To break free of a blocker, press any button repeatedly to get loose.
    If you own a VMU, try VMU play calling. It is a great way to call plays 
    without your opponent knowing what to expect.
    Use the QB to quiet the crowd by pressing [X] at the 
    L[ine]O[f]S[crimmage]. If you are not the home team, you may get the 
    opposite reaction.
    Press [B] at the LOS to get your opponent to jump offside. Be careful, 
    as your man may jump as well.
    Some formations allow you to send a man in motion. Press your analog in 
    either direction and your man will change sides if the formation 
    Go to the Audible menu off the Pause Screen to customize your play 
    For diving catches, lead your receiver long, swap into him, speed burst 
    like mad toward the target, then press [X] dive at just the right time.
    For Bluff Mode, hold down [A] when you find the play you want. Keep it 
    pressed as you flip through plays to hide it. When you let go of [A], 
    your original play will be selected.
    To do a Line Shift take control of a lineman and press either [L] or 
    Did you know you can hurry up referee calls by pressing [A]?
    Do not tap [A] before the ball is snapped, or you will jump off sides.
    Dive tackles are effective and a charged dive may actually cause a 
    fumble, but you risk giving up the long play if you miss.
    It is OK to blitz, but if you blitz with a primary cover man, you may 
    find yourself on the wrong end of a big play.
    To avoid getting tripped up by a tackler who is diving for your feet, 
    hurdle him by pressing [Y].
    You do not have to adjust the arrow for the field goals in Rookie or 
    Tutorial modes, but adjustments are necessary at the Pro and All Pro 
    Move the yellow arrow with the analog stick. By doing so, you adjust 
    the direction as well as the trajectory of the ball.
    Did you know you can choose Quick Start off the main menu, which will 
    put you immediately into an exhibition game with random teams and 
    weather conditions?
    Did you know that Coaching Mode allows you to call all the shots, but 
    has the CPU run the plays?
    Did you know you can create your own plays and put them into any team 
    play book?
    Did you know you can create your own players, and put them onto any 
    Did you know that Performance EQ makes attributes for both teams equal? 
    It gives you a chance to play any team at the same level.
    Did you know that you can practice ball handler moves, passes and 
    catches, field goals, on side kickoffs, full scrimmages, and more in 
    Practice Mode?
    Try staying in the packet. If you drop back too far your line cannot 
    protect you.
    Did you know you can use the D-Pad for a directional swap? You may find 
    this more effective than the tradition cycle swap on [B].
    To have the QB Kneel, call this play from the "Clock" formation in your 
    playbook and use up as much time as you want.
    The longer you hold the pass button down, the harder the pass will be 
    thrown. Tap the button to lob.
    If winning, the CPU offense will waste time trying to kill the clock, 
    so use your timeouts wisely.
    If the tackler is coming from the side, put a hand in his face by 
    pressing the [L] or [R] trigger in the corresponding direction.
    Hold down [R] for SCRAMBLE MODE, which allows your QB all the moves of 
    a running back. Release [R] and the receiver icons will reappear.
    Press [L] and [R] trigger together to pull off a juke move. 
    Alternately, tap the [L] or [R] trigger lightly to juke in the 
    corresponding direction and embarrass the defender.
    To execute a successful Spin, press [B]. You can spin off of a player 
    coming from any direction.
    Network/Online Play
    By far one of the most fun, and satisfying additions to NFL 2K1 is the 
    ability to play over the net. The Dreamcast is easy to setup and after 
    just a few inputs, you will be on your way, giving players turf toe 
    over the net.
    As stated before, connecting to the NFL 2K1 servers is easy. All you 
    have to do is select the Network menu, add in all your Internet info, 
    and dial-up. Depending on what you are using, you will put in that 
    information, or you can take advantage of the 50 FREE hours of SEGA.Net 
    you receive from purchasing NFL 2K1. I did this and it's very lag free.
    Screen name
    After dialing in, the SEGA servers will ask you if you have a screen 
    name or if you would like a new one. If you have one already, then you 
    just have to put in that info. If you do not you have to put in your 
    screen name, password, city, state, and all that good stuff.
    Selecting a Regional and City Server
    Usually, it's a good idea to pick a server that is close to you, at 
    least with the 56k built in modem. If you are one of the few lucky ones 
    that have gotten a Broadband Adapter, then it doesn't matter much. If 
    you still have the 56k modem, then pick the server closest to you. If 
    you live on the East Coast, pick the Eastern Server. Now, at the next 
    screen, there will be a list of some major cities in your region. Pick 
    the one that is closest to you, but make sure it has people in it. Some 
    of the cities servers do not have people in them, so go to the next 
    closest city server with people in them.
    Challenging and Accepting Challenges
    I bet you are wondering how you play now? Well, you got to challenge 
    someone of course! If they decline the challenge, then go on to the 
    next guy. It's a good idea to pick fights with people who have GOOD or 
    GREAT lag rating. Otherwise it gets quite unplayable. Accepting a 
    challenge is just as easy. A screen will pop up that goes 'So-and-So 
    wants to play you. Select Yes to play against them. Select No to 
    decline the challenge. After that, you go about like any other game, 
    selecting your teams, going through the toin-coss and kicking some 
    III. Teams
    See how well each team stacks up in NFL 2K1. Also see who is who on 
    each team.
    NFL Teams
    The NFL Teams are in this section.
    San Francisco 49ers
    The San Francisco 49ers aren't the dominating team they once were. 
    Their salary cap problems have been the main reason for this. Can you 
    lead them to greatness?
    City: San Francisco
    Stadium: 3Com Park
    Offense: 69 Key Players: T. Owens - C. Garner - J. Rice - J. Stokes
    Defense: 68 Key Players: B. Young - L. Schulters - C. Okeafor - J. 
    Overall: 67 
    The key players to this offensive unit are T. Owens and C. Garner. They 
    will have to be the ones that step up to make this a successful season. 
    Even though Jerry Rice is great, he is not as big as a deep threat as 
    Owens. Garner can bust through holes like they are paper. Get the ball 
    to these two guys often and a lot and you can win.
    The 49ers do not have a powerful front offensive 5, so you will have to 
    rely on your passing game a lot. This can cause problems because J. 
    Garcia is not that high rated of a passer. Try to throw to just open 
    receivers. Throwing into a crowd will get a nice interception for the 
    other team.
    The secondary of the 49ers is pitiful. They are short, small, and slow. 
    You will get passed on, no matter what anyone says. The only way to 
    fight against this is to put your defense into Nickel packages almost 
    every single down. More CBs mean less open receivers, which means well 
    for you.
    The front four of the 49ers is not too great, but with help from the 
    linebacker corps, they should be able to stop the run fairly easy. 
    Watch for outside runs though, your CB's cannot get away from blocks at 
    Chicago Bears
    The Chicago Bears drafted C. McNown in hopes that he could bring the 
    glory days back to the Bears. The scouts of the Bears aren't very good, 
    and the fans of Chicago's Bears are hurting because of it.
    City: Chicago
    Stadium: Soldier Field
    Offense: 85 Key Players: C. McNown - C. Inis - Marcus Robinson - B. 
    Defense: 78 Key Players: B. Culpepper - P. Daniels - B. Urlacher - T. 
    Overall: 79
    The top performers on this squad are C. Enis and M. Robinson. Enis has 
    the power to force mistackles, and also has the speed to break the long 
    ones. The defense better put two or three DBs on M. Robinson, because 
    he will blow you away if you give him the chance.
    Give the opposition a mix between the run and pass and you will fair 
    well here. If your line collapses, run out of the pocket and use C. 
    McNown to scramble to the first. Jam the ball up the middle and force 
    the hole to get six a carry.
    Chicago has a nice pass rush line, but they are susceptible to the run. 
    Blitz with the linebackers to fill the gaps and hope you do not get 
    burned. Your DBs should pick up any receivers that manage to get out.
    The secondary crew of the Bears is fairly decent. Their top three 
    corners can cover well, and also have the speed to catch up. But watch 
    out. If the offense spreads the field, and has four or five receivers, 
    those two extras will be able to get open. Try to stick to 4-3 and 3-4 
    Cincinnati Bengals
    The Cincinnati Bengals are moved into a new stadium this year, and 
    hopefully a new life. They have struggled in recent history, but there 
    is promise in the A. Smith/C. Dillon/P. Warrick trio. If they can 
    mature well, they can get as good as the Colts trio.
    City: Cincinnati
    Stadium: Paul Brown Stadium
    Offense: 68 Key Players: C. Dillon - P. Warrick - A. Smith - T. McGee
    Defense: 59 Key Players: T. Barndt - M. Bankston - T. Spikes - B. 
    Overall: 62
    This team has what it takes to be great, but they do not know how to 
    take advantage of their abilities. Peter Warrick is very good, and so 
    is C. Dillon. Why can't they do anything? Bad play calling and bad 
    decisions by the 2nd year QB, A. Smith. Once he matures into a good 
    back, he will be able to bring the Bengals home at least a playoff 
    Give the ball to C. Dillon on at least 60 percent of the carries and 
    you should be able to open the passing game. Launch one to P. Warrick 
    deep and you are set to win. Remember though. The passing game sets up 
    the running game, and the running game sets up the passing game. You 
    need a mixture of both to win with this team.
    The defense on this team has some good players, but only a few. To be 
    great, you need at least more then 3. Their secondary is really beat up 
    with some bad players, but the front four and the linebackers can hold 
    their own. Expect to be able to do something against the run. Do not 
    expect to do anything with the pass.
    Blitz on run downs and bring a corner on a passing down to give 
    pressure to the QB to force short passes. At least your corners can 
    defend against the pass a little...
    Buffalo Bills
    After a very sad play for the Bills in the playoffs last year, they 
    were eliminated from post-season. This year they have high hopes with a 
    revamped defense and a powerful, efficient offense. D. Flutie still 
    should have started.
    City: Orchard Park
    Stadium: Ralph Wilson Stadium
    Offense: 91 Key Players: R. Johnson - A. Smith - E. Moulds - J. 
    Defense: 78 Key Players: T. Washington - P. Hansen - S. Cowart - S. 
    Overall: 83
    The Bills have a good QB in R. Johnson, so passing the ball should be a 
    breeze, especially with a receiver like E. Moulds. Run plays in the 
    shotgun formation, and try to confuse the defense with some play action 
    draws. Throw quick, precise pass routes. R. Johnson doesn't do very 
    well under pressure and will lob the ball from time to time.
    The Bills have a NICE linebacking group, so run the 3-4 without 
    hesitation. Blitz the outside men to protect against the toss. On run 
    downs, play the 4-3, or 3-4 with linebackers blitzing. You do not want 
    to leave the deep spots open to the deep pass, as the DB's can be flaky 
    at times. Do not safety blitz too often and only do it when you are 
    sure you will not get beat by the pass.
    Denver Broncos
    When J. Elway retired, the Broncos did not know where to turn. They had 
    B. Brister and B. Griese to choose from. They are lucky they made a 
    good decision to stay with B. Griese, who is now putting up all-pro 
    numbers in the NFL. T. Davis is back after a torn ACL injury and almost 
    to top form. E. McCaffrey and R. Smith give the Broncos the passing 
    game they needed to make the playoffs.
    City: Denver
    Stadium: Mile High Stadium
    Offense: 88 Key Players: T. Davis - R. Smith - E. McCaffrey - B. Griese
    Defense: 84 Key Players: T. Buckley - R. Crockett - J. Mobley - M. 
    Overall: 86
    Run, run, run, run, run. Run the ball. T. Davis is diesel in the 
    backfield, and he can run over anybody. The Bronco offensive line is so 
    good, anyone could do good, even Bill Gates. Run the ball. Jam in down 
    their throats, then pass it once in a while when you see them charging 
    with everything they've got. The key to the Broncos success is their 
    running game, no doubt. Everything revolves around it.
    Do not get your linebackers mixed up with the wide receivers. That is 
    certain death. Run the dime package mainly and do not blitz too much. 
    The line should be able to handle the run against mediocre backs. You 
    have some pretty good DBs, so do not worry about them too much. Just do 
    not get mismatches against your linebackers.
    Cleveland Browns
    The newly created Cleveland Browns invested in T. Couch and K. Johnson 
    and they are getting their money's worth. The Browns WERE doing well 
    until T. Couch got hurt. Expect them to kick ass next year, when they 
    get some new free agents, and T. Couch back. All they need is time, and 
    they've got lots of it.
    City: Cleveland
    Stadium: Cleveland Browns Stadium
    Offense: 63 Key Players: T. Couch - E. Rhett - K. Johnson - D. 
    Defense: 64 Key Players: C. Brown - J. Miller - P. Ellsworth - C. 
    Overall: 63
    The Browns are the king of short, precise plays. Going long is not for 
    them. In fact, they do not have a deep threat now. E. Rhett is a good 
    back that can cut, dash, and hit his way to the goal line. The passing 
    game should not be a huge problem, but you can't throw deep. At all. 
    Just go for the quick slants and outer cuts, and you will do fine. 
    Throwing a screen off to the side doesn't hurt once in a while either, 
    especially with someone like Rhett. This could open the deep pass to K. 
    I recommend doing the 4-3 packages while playing with the Browns 
    defense. They have a good line with a young C. Brown. The DBs aren't 
    too shabby themselves and should be able to keep two or three receivers 
    at bay. Also, blitzing the linebackers to cover up the holes that open 
    for the run would not be a bad idea either. I saw that the interior 
    line was very susceptible to the run, and needs help.
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    The mighty defense of Tampa Bay now has an offense to bring to the 
    prom. J. Green, K. Johnson, M. Alstot, and W. Dunn are a force to be 
    reckoned with. You can't stop them. J. Green has the speed, K. Johnson 
    the strength, M. Alstot the rumbling power, and W. Dunn the jukes. S. 
    King is finally coming into his own, but he still has room for lots of 
    City: Tampa Bay
    Stadium: Raymond James
    Offense: 91 Key Players: W. Dunn - K. Johnson - J. Green - S. King
    Defense: 97 Key Players: W. Sapp - J. Lynch - D. Abraham - D. Brooks
    Overall: 94
    The Tampa Bay GM has brought in a nice arsenal of rockets this year. 
    Well, only 1. K. Johnson. He opens the game so much for the Buccaneers. 
    Now J. Green is not the only one that can do anything. W. Dunn and M. 
    Alstot can now run the ball easier since people worry about the run. 
    Ram the ball, pass the ball, it all works out in the end when you have 
    an offense like this.
    You do not even need an offense with a defense like this. The Bucs 
    proved that last year when they went to the NFC Championship. Of course 
    it is nice now that they have one. Play lots of 4-3 and Nickle 
    packages. You have the CB's and linemen to do both of the jobs and you 
    can blitz with it. Blitzing with this speed hurts.
    Arizona Cardinals
    Arizona is in a good spot this year. They have some offense, and some 
    defense. You can't win games without at least one of them and you 
    definitely can't win a championship without both of them. There is some 
    silver lining in J. Plummer, but until he matures, it's going to be a 
    long season.
    City: Tempe
    Stadium: Sun Devil Stadium
    Offense: 69 Key Players: J. Plummer - T. Jones - R. Moore - F. Sanders
    Defense: 74 Key Players: S. Rice - R. McKinnon - R. Fredricks - A. 
    Overall: 71
    When on offense, the Cardinals need to pass it to R. Moore and F. 
    Sanders, and T. Jones out of the backfield, and get the ball down 
    field. You need to pound the ball also. Let the Safeties come in to try 
    to stop you and then you stab them in the back and throw it long for a 
    touchdown. Remember, J. Plummer is a Scrambling QB. Use this to your 
    advantage, and get some yards when the receivers aren't open.
    Arizona has some good pass rush in S. Rice and a good CB in A. 
    Williams. Let S. Rice blitz on all passing downs and force the ugly 
    throw towards A. Williams. He will surely pick it off. Do not be afraid 
    of the run, your LB's got your back and will crush wannabe running 
    backs and send them packing. Stick to Nickle Blitz package with this 
    San Diego Chargers
    With a dominating run defense, the Chargers can easily stop the run,  
    but can they stop the pass? Their offense is still suffering from Leaf 
    Syndrome, and will continue until they find someway to get out of that 
    hefty contract they made with the dysfunctional QB.
    City: San Diego
    Stadium: QUALCOMM Stadium
    Offense: 62 Key Players: C. Conway - J. Graham - F. Jones - R. Leaf
    Defense: 81 Key Players: R. Johnson - J. Seau - R. Harrison - E. Hill
    Overall: 72
    Not much you can do with this team. Ryan Leaf has little clutch, so all 
    you need is a blitz to shake the man up. He can get passes accurately 
    to his receivers, and even can throw pretty far, so there are bright 
    spots. You will have huge troubles running with K. Bynum. He is one of 
    the worst starting running backs in the league. Rely on the pass and 
    you can do it.
    With a linebacker corp lead by the famous J. Seau, you should have no 
    problems covering the inside run and pass. Although the CB's can be 
    flaky sometimes, they can usually get back to the ball with their 
    speed. Use mostly 4-3 and 4-3 blitz packages to guide this team to a 
    Kansas City Chiefs
    The Kansas City Chiefs aren't a hugely dominating team, but they can 
    win games and can make it to the playoffs. They have a steady running 
    game in M. Cloud, and a decent passing game in E. Grbac. With the loss 
    of the late Derrick Thomas, the leader of the Chiefs defensive unit, 
    the Chiefs will have some problems, but maybe they can rally for their 
    fallen comrade.
    City: Kansas City
    Stadium: Kansas City Stadium
    Offense: 79 Key Players: E. Grbac - M. Cloud - D. Alexander - T. 
    Defense: 77 Key Players: C. McGlockton - D. Edwards - J. Woods - J. 
    Overall: 77
    Although the team doesn't have any outstanding players besides T. 
    Gonzalez, they should do well against most defenses. Try to run up the 
    middle behind T. Grunhard and W. Shields. They have some of the best 
    run blocking in the league and should get you maximum yardage with the 
    run. Passing to T. Gonzalez on slant and outside passes are the high 
    percentage throws.
    This defense comes included with two stellar linebackers and a great CB 
    to help them. The line might have problems running against the stronger 
    offensive lines, but the linebackers will help as long as they do not  
    get caught on an inside blitz when the play goes outwards. Play 4-3 and 
    3-4 packages with this defense to defend.
    Indianapolis Colts
    The young trio of P. Manning, E. James, and M. Harrison are sure to 
    bring the Colts a promise to THE game. Their defense is strong, but 
    their offense is the one that will score points against any offense. 
    They have the running game, and the passing game to kick ass, even 
    against teams like the Buccaneers.
    City: Indianapolis
    Stadium: RCA Dome
    Offense: 98 Key Players: P. Manning - E. James - M. Harrison - T. 
    Defense: 78 Key Players: E. Johnson - C. Bratzke - C. Bennett - C. Cota
    Overall: 88
    Oh damn. Sorry, this offense sucks...and I'm lying! No matter what 
    happens, this offense should not be stopped if you know what you are 
    doing. Running with E. James is like eating cereal for dinner! Same 
    with hooking up with M. Harrison, one of the best receivers in the 
    game. Sheeeeeeet, eating cereal for dinner is probably harder.
    Not bad. A good defense for a stellar offense. With a DB like C. Cota, 
    you should not have much problem with the long ball. E. Johnson, and C. 
    Bratzke can hold their own against the run, but do not get caught on 
    the weaker side of the ball or you can be in trouble. 4-3 and 4-3 blitz 
    packages do well with this defense.
    Dallas Cowboys
    With the addition of J. Galloway, and both T. Aikman, and E. Smith, the 
    Cowboys have a chance at another deadly trio. Along with R. Ismail, 
    they have a chance at quadrio? Anyways, their defense is decently good, 
    getting a B rating from NFL2K1.
    City: Irving
    Stadium: Dallas Stadium
    Offense: 98 Key Players: T. Aikman - E. Smith - J. Galloway - R. Ismail
    Defense: 78 Key Players: D. Coakley - R. McNeil - J. Bowden - G. Ellis
    Overall: 88
    Accurate quarterback. Fast receivers. Powerful juking running. What 
    else do you need to fight the best defenses in the NFL? A line would 
    help, but the quick pass routes to the outside should make sure 
    linebackers do not blitz.
    Only one player can do anything, and that is D. Coakley. I do not know 
    what to say, but stack up on 4-3 Cover eight a lot and try not to get 
    wasted on the deep pass. Also try not to miss tackles, as you will not 
    have luck catching up against some of the fastest.
    Miami Dolphins
    With the retirement of Dan Marino, the passing game of the Dolphins is 
    in jeopardy. Who will take his spot? J. Fielder can try, but does he 
    have the skills to? And you do not have a huge running game, the 
    Dolphins never did before, why would they have it now?
    City: Miami
    Stadium: Pro Player Stadium
    Offense: 70 Key Players: J. Fiedler - L. Smith - T. Martin - O. Gadsden
    Defense: 96 Key Players: T. Bowens - B. Marion - Z. Thomas - S. Madison
    Overall: 83
    A very average offense. Do not expect to blow out your opponents, but 
    also stick to the high percentage plays. You know, slants, cut outs, 
    running plays. Stuff that is not long ball. I-Formation is a good 
    formation for these types of plays. Try to mix it up and confuse the 
    defense with motions. Do not expect to blow your opponents with speed.
    Bling, Bling is the only thing that describes this defensive unit. They 
    have two 99 or above corner backs who will get the interceptions and 
    make them pound your front four. There, you have help with a person 
    named Z. Thomas. With amazing speed and strength, running backs are 
    eaten for an in-game snack.
    Philadelphia Eagles
    With a powerful scrambling quarterback in D. McNabb, and a nice running 
    game in D. Staley and B. Mitchell, the Eagles have a chance to make it 
    to the playoffs. If they can find some receivers, and some other 
    players at vital positions, they can be a contender for the Superbowl.
    City: Philadelphia
    Stadium: Veterans Stadium
    Offense: 65 Key Players: D. McNabb - D. Staley - T. Small - C. Johnson
    Defense: 74 Key Players: C. Simon - H. Douglas - T. Vincent - B. Taylor
    Overall: 68
    Make use of D. McNabb. If your receivers do not get open, run out of 
    the pocket and go for the first down. McNabb has some nice speed and 
    can outrun most defensive linemen. D. Staley will help open up the 
    passing game, but do not rely on him too much, because he is not a 
    stellar star quite yet. Remember to run around with D. McNabb.
    A nice secondary with three corner backs with over 90 overall rating, 
    you will not have much trouble defending against the pass. The run is 
    what you should worry about. Try to stack up your line and blitz to 
    expect the run. Do not get caught with your pants down though, or you 
    will be weeping it up in a city where the fans are not to kind.
    Atlanta Falcons
    The Falcons lost J. Anderson near the beginning of the year due to a 
    torn ligament in his leg. He is finally back and is kicking booty all 
    over the place. This is the foundation for the Falcons, can they give 
    him some help, or will he have to bring them to the Superbowl like he 
    did a few years ago, by himself?
    City: Atlanta
    Stadium: Georgia Dome
    Offense: 73 Key Players: C. Chandler - J. Anderson - T. Mathis - T. 
    Defense: 82 Key Players: S. Dronett - J. Tuggle - A. Ambrose - R. 
    Overall: 77
    The passing game is really shaky for the Falcons. C. Chandler is not a 
    very accurate thrower, but he can throw the ball deep and sometimes get 
    the good plays. He only has one good receiver, T. Mathis, but it's hard 
    to three secondaries off one guy when you have no one else to throw it 
    too. Run the ball a lot with J. Smith. He breaks tackles like a machine 
    and earns the nickname Dirty Bird by his 'take no prisoners' type 
    Far from perfect, but pretty well overall, the main problem is the 
    line. They have no good linemen. They have one good linebacker to back 
    those guys up, and two corner backs to back those guys up, but by then 
    it's already a 15-yard gain. Blitz your linebackers in Nickle Blitz and 
    you should not have a problem forcing the throw, hopefully into one of 
    your guys' hand.
    New York Giants
    With a promising rookie in R. Dayne, and an accurate quarterback in K. 
    Collins, the Giants look to have a playoff bound season. With J. Sehorn 
    leading a B- defense, they also look to be one of the top defenses in 
    the league. Maybe the offense can win a few this year?
    City: East Rutherford
    Stadium: Giants Stadium
    Offense: 71 Key Players: K. Collins - R. Dayne - A. Toomer - I. 
    Defense: 83 Key Players: M. Strahan - J. Armstead - J. Sehorn - K. 
    Overall: 76
    Give it to R. Dayne for a charge throw defensive lines. This heavy-set 
    running shows his amazing speed around the outside, while showing his 
    strength up the middle. Throw to the open A. Toomer, and expect 
    accurate passes. The defense is ranked low mostly because the offensive 
    line is not very good, so that means you will have to juke some guys 
    out with R. Dayne.
    On the outside line, M. Strahan eats quarterbacks for lunch, and 
    dinner. At linebacker, J. Armstead eats up stray running backs for 
    breakfast, and J. Sehorn eats footballs for a in-game snack. You have 
    one good player at each position. Make use of this and switch to the 
    player that is closest. So, if they are running, get J. Armstead, 
    passing, get M. Strahan, and then switch to J. Sehorn to pick the ball 
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    With a disappointing three losses to the Superbowl runner-ups, the 
    Jaguars were sent home just inches away from the Big Game. They are 
    hungry for it this year, and with many of their receivers and others 
    coming back, they have what it takes to blow away the competition.
    City: Jacksonville
    Stadium: ALLTEL Stadium
    Offense: 96 Key Players: M. Brunell - F. Taylor - J. Smith - K. 
    Defense: 89 Key Players: G. Walker - T. Brackens - K. Hardy - F. Bryant
    Overall: 92
    With a powerful, quick runner in F. Taylor, you should have no problems 
    with this offense. It can do anything! M. Brunell throws accurate 
    passes, and is mobile too! J. Smith and K. McCardell own the 
    secondaries and will get open bunches of times. Do not be afraid to 
    throw it deep, either.
    With a defense like this, who needs an offense? Not this team. You can 
    run any formation, because you've got the players to back you up. Just 
    do not blitz every person, ok? That kind of hurts the chances of the 
    secondary being about to do anything, since they are going after the 
    New York Jets
    V. Testaverde watched helplessly as the Jets had a disastrous season, 
    with a leg injury. Now he is back, and so are the Jets. They do not 
    want to have another flop season, and have the weapons to make sure it 
    doesn't happen. Even without K. Johnson.
    City: East Rutherford
    Stadium: Giants Stadium
    Offense: 78 Key Players: V. Testaverde - C. Martin - W. Chrebet - D. 
    Defense: 72 Key Players: S. Ellis - R. Phifer -  M. Lewis - A. Glenn
    Overall: 75
    Passing the ball to W. Chrebet is easy. He can catch the ball, and he 
    can run the ball. He may be short, but he is there and he can get away 
    from defenders. C. Martin owns offensive linemen. The most underrated 
    player in the game, he has put up multiple 1000-yard seasons and will 
    add on to that this year.
    This side is a bunch of nobodies, but that is good. They work together, 
    and the play hard. They know how to stop the run, and can defend 
    against the short and long pass. Sometimes teams might get a good one 
    in on them, but if you mess up, they will make you pay for it. Do not 
    underestimate this defense, or its abilities.
    Detroit Lions
    Without Barry Sanders, the team made it to the playoffs. For the first 
    time in a long time. Who needs a running back when you've got heart 
    like this. It isn't a stat or a record, but one of the purest things in 
    the league is how much heart you've got, and this team has a lot.
    City: Detroit
    Stadium: Pontiac Stadium
    Offense: 77 Key Players: G. Crowell - H. Moore - D. Sloan - J. Stewart
    Defense: 79 Key Players: C. Claiborne - S. Boyd - R. Porcher - L. 
    Overall: 78
    H. Moore is the man to get the ball to. He can run, he can leap, he can 
    do it all. So can J. Stewart, but he fumbles so much it's not even 
    funny to count them. Do not get swamped or you will regret it. D. Sloan 
    is a nice blocker and an excellent huge target. Get the ball to him for 
    the short outs. Do not forgot to get the ball to J. Stewart, on passes, 
    he is better on passes then on runs.
    While very good against the run, they have no huge standouts in the 
    secondary. K. Schulz is their best, and let's just say he is not very 
    good. Go with Dime to help him out, as your front four should keep 
    runners at bay. Try to run Linebacker blitz, as they are the best kind 
    to run.
    Green Bay Packers
    After one crazy season with coach R. Rhodes, the Packers fired the 
    coach. He went off somewhere, and now the Pack has a new coach who can 
    bring them to the championship. With a gunner like B. Favre, and some 
    key weapons, Green Bay can bring glory back to THE TUNDRA.
    City: Green Bay
    Stadium: Lambeau Field
    Offense: 91 Key Players: B. Favre - D. Levens - A. Freeman - B. 
    Defense: 69 Key Players: R. Maryland - L. Butler - A. Edwards - V. 
    Overall: 78
    B. Favre is the highest rated QB in the game. He has great clutch, 
    leadership, just among the few things he max's out at. He has a great 
    running back in D. Levens, and a great receiver in A. Freeman. They can 
    do many things with this offense. Running the ball is very easy, and 
    also throwing the ball. Scrambling is very key to being a Packer, so 
    scramble with B. Favre when you are in trouble.
    Not great is the only thing that you can describe this defense with. 
    They have their moments, but can give up the big play at anytime. Using 
    L. Butler to control the run is very key, so blitz with him often. Your 
    corner backs should not have a huge problem against any of the 
    receivers in this league, except maybe I. Bruce.
    Carolina Panthers
    With a good quarterback, and a great lineman coming back to help 
    against opponents offenses, the Panthers have great expectations. In a 
    mediocre NFC West, they can get to the playoffs, but that is just half 
    the battle. Winning against the best is hard, and it will take lots of 
    hard work to do it.
    City: Charlotte
    Stadium: Ericsson Stadium
    Offense: 83 Key Players: S. Beuerlein - T. Biakabutuka - M. Muhammad - 
    W. Walls
    Defense: 73 Key Players: E. Swann - C. Smith - R. White - E. Davis
    Overall: 76
    With many weapons, B. Beuerlein will have no problems finding an open 
    receiver. He has a great tight end in W. Walls and a great receiver in 
    M. Muhammad. They are mostly open every play. T. Biakabutuka is a hard 
    runner and plows over many defenses for the good 20 yard breaks. Run 
    and pass with these guys to win.
    The great reverend R. White returns to the game to go for the 
    Superbowl. His stats aren't that impressive, but he still got some 
    fumes left. E. Swann covers the outside very well. The secondary do 
    have problems against the pass, but going to Dime Odd will help against 
    this. Try not to blitz many times, or you will get beat.
    New England Patriots
    The Patriots do not really have any bright spots. Their QB is nice, but 
    doesn't have what it takes to make plays. T. Glenn will have to carry 
    the Patriots to victory, but a one-man show doesn't do well in the 
    playoffs, or in the season, either.
    City: Foxboro
    Stadium: Boston Stadium
    Offense: 72 Key Players: D. Bledsoe - K. Faulk - T. Glenn - T. Brown
    Defense: 81 Key Players: W. McGinest - C. Slade - L. Milloy - T. Law
    Overall: 75
    Not many weapons on this offense. T. Glenn is the only good player, as 
    stated before. It will be K. Faulk's job to run, but he doesn't have 
    the greatest legs in the game, so it will be hard to make teams scared 
    of the run, and bring the safeties up. Try to open the running game 
    with the pass, and then run to open the long bomb.
    No flaws in the secondary of this defense. T. Law, T.Jones, and T. 
    Milloy will keep the offenses begging for a good running back if they 
    do not already have one. W. McGinest will own the quarterbacks, as 
    finding an open receiver will take awhile, giving W. McGinest and the 
    line time to get the sack.
    Oakland Raiders
    With veterans like T. Brown and R. Gannon running around, this team has 
    the experience needed to win. The defense isn't too shabby themselves, 
    with a great secondary player. Getting home field advantage with this 
    team will not be too difficult, at least if you win.
    City: Oakland
    Stadium: Network Associates
    Offense: 89 Key Players: R. Gannon - T. Wheatley - T. Brown - R. Dudley
    Defense: 92 Key Players: D. Russell - L. Johnstone -  C. Woodson - R. 
    Overall: 89
    With a 'bowling' type of running back in T. Wheatley, you will have no 
    problems running up the middle. With a quick, agile running back in N. 
    Kaufman. For the long ball, throw it to T. Brown. For the short pass, 
    go to R. Dudley. This offense has many weapons, and a mobile QB in R. 
    Gannon. This presents problems for every defense.
    With three 90+ rated linemen, no one will be able to run. They do not 
    have any linebackers; so passing over the middle will not be hard. C. 
    Woodson should keep the most explosive receiver under taps, and all you 
    have to worry about those #2 receivers who can't make huge plays.
    St. Louis Rams
    Superbowl defending champs still have all their great players, and 
    their great defense. Winning against these guys doesn't come easy, but 
    they have to play against the Redskins, Buccaneers, just to know a few 
    playoff caliber teams. Can they repeat?
    City: St. Louis
    Stadium: St. Louis Dome
    Offense: 98 Key Players: K. Warner - M. Faulk - I. Bruce - T. Holt 
    Defense: 88 Key Players: D. Farr - K. Carter - M. Jones - R. Lyght
    Overall: 92 
    You should not be reading this. We all know they have the most 
    explosive offense in the league. Their quickness is unmatched by 
    anyone. With three fast receivers in M. Faulk, I. Bruce, and T. Holt, 
    they are a big trouble for defenses. Run any play and you will succeed.
    With at least two good players at each position, you should have no 
    problem stopping anything but the out pass. Even that is pretty easy to 
    defend against. Stuffing the run with your line is no problem. Blitz 
    often with the linebackers to get to the QB quickly. Most offensive 
    lines can't stop your players.
    Baltimore Ravens
    A huge defense is what keeps this team running. Their offense is pretty 
    much crap. Even though have some additions, such as S. Sharpe and T. 
    Dilfer, the offense will struggle as usual, because T. Banks isn't good 
    at all. The defense will have to save the Ravens.
    City: Baltimore
    Stadium: PSINet Stadium
    Offense: 74 Key Players: Q. Ismail - S. Sharpe - J. Lewis - T. Banks
    Defense: 94 Key Players: M. McCrary - P. Boulware - R. Lewis - R. 
    Overall: 83
    Eh, not much here. Get it to S. Sharpe as much as you can. Q. Ismail 
    has some speed and could be used on the long pass, but T. Banks can't 
    throw it very accurately down field. J. Lewis is a good, but has lots 
    to learn. I say let the defense do all the work, but if you do not then 
    take my advice and get it to S. Sharpe.
    Diesel. Beast. Best. Three words that describe this defense. They have 
    players at all positions. Two great linebackers, two great corner 
    backs, a good line. Everything you need to do good. Blitz lots with R. 
    Lewis, and he will kill QBs. Do not be afraid either. Your corner backs 
    will help you out.
    Washington Redskins
    Going to the playoffs in the first year in more then five seasons, the 
    Redskins, with new owner D. Synder, brought in more talent to make 
    their team even stronger. Considered the best team on paper, these 
    bunch of all-stars have what it takes to win the Superbowl.
    City: Landover (Raljon In Game)
    Stadium: FedEx Field
    Offense: 94 Key Players: B. Johnson - S. Davis - M. Westbrook - A. 
    Defense: 85 Key Players: B. Smith - L. Arrington (#56) - D. Green - D. 
    Overall: 87
    This offense has it all. A great running back that can plow over the 
    defense. A receiver that can get off the blocks and get wide open, and 
    a QB that can pass the ball accurately. With S. Davis, run the ball, 
    over and over and play smash mouth football. Do not be afraid to run on 
    three and 5. Chances are S. Davis will do it.
    Weak only in the line, nobody can pass against these guys. With a 
    secondary that consists of D. Sanders, C. Bailey, and D. Green, you do 
    not have to worry about anything. These guys will stop the pass, with 
    no problems. Your defense will have problems stopping the run, but B. 
    Smith can get to the QB before he hands it off sometimes. #56 will be 
    able to make sure no one comes over the middle with his huge stature. 
    Do not be impressed if they stop the Rams. It's their job.
    New Orleans Saints
    With a healthy R. Williams, and some new guys coming to the Saints, 
    they look promising. J. Blake and company will be able to add new 
    dimensions to their game and possibly beat the Superbowl champs, St. 
    Louis. If they can rally together, they will be a force to reckon with.
    City: New Orleans
    Stadium: Louisiana Superdome
    Offense: 76 Key Players: J. Blake - R. Williams - J. Reed - A. Glover
    Defense: 72 Key Players: N. Hand - L. Glover - J. Johnson - M. Fields
    Overall: 74
    The Saints acquired J. Blake over the off-season, and he might be what 
    the Saints need to get to the championship. He's got an accurate arm, 
    can scramble in the pocket, and is a natural leader. R. Williams will 
    run for 1000 yards, and is one of the key aspects of this offense. Give 
    it to him a lot, and he will give you results. J. Reed is the main man 
    to throw it too, he's got hands like glue, and can take a hit.
    Only weak in the secondary, this team can stop the run with its big 
    four line. Try not to let the running backs get past the line, or your 
    linebackers might have trouble bringing him down. Run 4-3's a lot and 
    blitz with M. Fields lots to force the inaccurate ball.
    Seattle Seahawks
    This team made it to the playoffs, but got beat by late game heroics by 
    D. Marino. Do not let this happen again and get to the playoffs. M. 
    Holmgren is a coaching genius and can make up plays that will confuse 
    the opposition. All you have to do is put the plays into action.
    City: Seattle
    Stadium: Husky Stadium
    Offense: 80 Key Players: J. Kitna - R. Watters - S. Dawkins - D. Mayes
    Defense: 81 Key Players: C. Kennedy - M. Sinclair - C. Brown - S. 
    Overall: 79
    The key to winning is to run the ball with R. Watters every chance you 
    get. He is a beast and very quick to the hole. J. Kitna has some 
    passing problems, but if you work with him, he will get better, and 
    possibly be a superstar. Again, run with R. Watters to win, as relying 
    on the passing game is shaky.
    One of the best secondaries in the league, you should have no problem 
    defending against the pass. A line that has a couple of great players, 
    you will not have much trouble stopping the run either. You have a 
    great linebacking crew too, so do not be disappointed when your 
    linebackers are a better line then your line.
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    With a struggling K. Stewart, the Steelers have put in K. Graham, who 
    is probably the better of the two. A defense with these kinds of 
    players can also help the offense, scoring their own amounts of 
    touchdowns. Do not forget about J. Bettis one of the premiere backs in 
    the league.
    City: Pittsburgh
    Stadium: Pittsburgh Stadium
    Offense: 71 Key Players: K. Graham - J. Bettis - T. Edwards - P. 
    Defense: 73 Key Players: L. Kirkland - R. Holmes - L. Flowers - K. 
    Overall: 72
    This is a team with a lot of mediocre players. Not really any 
    overpowering force. If you want to do well, run the ball up the middle, 
    lower your shoulder, and plow over the defense. Throw the ball on out 
    routes many a times. You do not have a deep threat, so open up the game 
    with your running.
    Not any spectacular players here expect for L. Flowers. You will have 
    problems controlling the run, since they aren't very well at stopping 
    it. The pass will be hard to defend against too. You will have to call 
    the correct plays, and blitz at the correct times to do any damage. 3-4 
    is a good defense to run, as the Steelers use it in real life also.
    Tennessee Titans
    Defending runner-ups of the league, they have the power to repeat all 
    over again. With a beast in E. George, as well as great receivers like 
    K. Dyson, you should not have much problems going against any 
    opponents. Do not let your turnovers rise, or you might be hurt by it.
    City: Nashville
    Stadium: Tennessee Stadium
    Offense: 93 Key Players: S. McNair - E. George - C. Pickens - F. 
    Defense: 93 Key Players: J. Kearse - R. Godfrey - S. Rolle - B. Bishop
    Overall: 92
    Run the ball. That is all you have to do to win. E. George is the MVP 
    of this team, and without him, the Titans would not have much of a 
    chance. To open the game up, run, then pass to F. Wycheck, who is S. 
    McNair's favorite target. He can get open, he can block, and he can 
    pass too.
    The power here lies in J. Kearse. Rush with him and get to the QB to 
    force the pass into defended territory. With your CB's you will pick 
    off many passes if you apply pressure. J. Kearse is so fast that he can 
    get the QB in a matter of seconds, and his strength is unsurpassed. 
    Rush with him and force the turnover.
    Minnesota Vikings
    The Vikings said bye-bye to J. George and R. Cunningham, and place D. 
    Culpepper into the role of QB. Can he repeat the last two years, and 
    have one of the greatest offenses in the league? We will have to see, 
    and hope the C. Carter and R. Moss help the kid out.
    City: Minneapolis
    Stadium: H. H. H. Metrodome
    Offense: 88 Key Players: R. Smith - R. Moss - C. Carter - D. Culpepper
    Defense: 67 Key Players: O. Thomas - R. Griffith - E. McDaniel - J. 
    Overall: 77
    If D. Culpepper can study the game and learn how to pass to R. Moss, 
    and C. Carter, the Vikings will be one of the best offenses in the 
    league. Passing to R. Moss is easy, as he is one of the best in the 
    business. All C. Carter does is catch touchdown passes. R. Smith will 
    lead the running game; to open the huge deep game the Vikings want this 
    A decent defense, with many high ranked players, you will not have much 
    trouble defending against the run, with J. Randle leading the line. 
    Linebackers can also keep the flat pass under raps, and the secondary 
    might give up the huge play every once in a while, but you can come 
    back with an offense like the Vikings.
    American Football Conference
    With the best of the best in the AFC coming out to play, you will not 
    have any problems with this team. Of course, with all the talent, no 
    one will have any problem with them, since they are the best of the 
    City: Honolulu
    Stadium: Aloha Stadium
    Offense: 100 Key Players: P. Manning - E. James - J. Smith - T. 
    Defense: 100 Key Players: T. Pryce - T. Brackens - K. Hardy - S. 
    Overall:  99
    National Football Conference
    With the best of the best in the NFC coming out to play, you will not 
    have any problems with this team. Of course, with all the talent, no 
    one will have any problem with them, since they are the best of the 
    City: Honolulu
    Stadium: Aloha Stadium
    Offense: 100 Key Players: K. Warner - M. Faulk - R. Moss - W. Walls
    Defense: 100 Key Players: W. Sapp - M. Strahan - J. Armstead - D. 
    Overall:  99
    National Football League
    With the best of the best in the NFL coming out to play, you will not 
    have any problems with this team. Of course, with all the talent, no 
    one will have any problem with them, since they are the best of the 
    City: Honolulu
    Stadium: Aloha Stadium
    Offense: 100 Key Players: P. Manning - E. James - R. Moss - T. Gonzalez
    Defense: 100 W. Sapp - K. Carter - K. Hardy - D. Sanders
    Overall:  99
    Alumni Teams
    Every player has come from a college. Here are the best players from 
    each region based on their college.
    Far West Alumni
    The best from the Far West come out to play. You will not have any 
    troubles, since they are the best from college, and have great draftees
    City: San Francisco
    Stadium: 3Com Park
    Offense: 100 Key Players: M. Brunell - M. Faulk - K. Johnson - T. 
    Defense: 100 Key Players: D. Russell - W. McGinest - C. Claiborne - J. 
    Overall:  99
    Great Plains Alumni 
    One of the weaker alumni, you might have trouble going up against 
    stronger teams. You have good players, but your rating is brought down 
    by no-names.
    City: Denver
    Stadium: Mile High Stadium
    Offense: 72 Key Players: T. Detmer - J. Anderson - K. Dyson - B. 
    Defense: 76 Key Players: L. Elliss - G. Wistrom - M. Simoneau - T. 
    Overall: 74
    Mid West Alumni 
    Definitely a strong alumni, this team has some great players, and 
    future hall of famers. The best from College.
    City: Chicago
    Stadium: Soldier Field
    Offense: 100 Key Players: K. Warner - E. George - J. Galloway - R. 
    Defense: 100 Key Players: B. Young - J. Taylor - K. Hardy - C. Woodson
    Overall:  99
    North East Alumni
    Another weaker alumni, with good players, but a lot of bad players. You 
    can do stuff with them, but it's hard to match up against the stronger 
    City: East Rutherford
    Stadium: Giants Stadium
    Offense: 100 Key Players: R. Gannon - C. Martin - M. Harrison - F. 
    Defense:  79 Key Players: K. Hamilton - M. Mamula - J. Mobley - T. 
    Overall:  89
    South East Alumni
    A very strong alumni, you will not have problems against any team. 
    Players from this alumni are some of the best in the league.
    City: Miami
    Stadium: Pro Player Stadium
    Offense: 100 Key Players: B. Favre - E. James - R. Moss - W. Walls
    Defense: 100 Key Players: W. Sapp - K. Carter - D. Brooks - D. Sanders
    Overall:  99
    South West Alumni
    A mediocre alumni, has a great defense, but the offense lacks in what 
    other alumni do not. Play this team for a somewhat challenge.
    City: Irving
    Stadium: Dallas Stadium
    Offense: 83 Key Players: K. Stewart - R. Williams - M. Westbrook - D. 
    Defense: 97 Key Players: J. Randle - T. Brackens - J. Gildon - D. Green
    Overall: 89
     IV. Glitches
    In this section, you will learn about glitches in the game play of NFL 
    2K1. Some of them good, and some of them bad.
    When punting, punt to the left and very high. When the opponent fair 
    catches, tackle him. It will now be 2nd and 10, instead of 1st and 10.
    When fumbling in the end zone that is behind you, and the ball goes out 
    of bounds, it's supposed to be a safety. Instead, it's your ball on the 
    one-yard line.
    Sometimes the PA announcers say "There's a flag on the play" when there 
    When you decline a penalty, the sports anchor says, "I don't understand 
    the logic in this. They should have accepted the penalty" even if 
    accepting meant you lose a touchdown.
    If you load a franchise file from the VMU, and are in the 2nd or more 
    seasons, all your rookies will have a zero rating in Exhibition mode.
    When on defense, press L or R with a defensive back. Without letting go 
    of L or R, select a lineman. It will stay in the L or R viewpoint.
    When you let a punt go into the end zone, and your opponent touches it, 
    the announcer says "In front of everyone" like he's about to score a 
    If you call a timeout with 0:00 left on the clock, it stays there, and 
    you have to reboot your Dreamcast.
     V. E-mail Q&A
    Q. Can I post your FAQ on my web page?
    A. No.
    Q. Hi what is the best way stat wise to create a center??? 
    A. Choose the Aggressive O-Line if you like to run, the Cover O-Line if 
    you like to pass, or the Balanced O-Line if you like to do both.
     VI. Credits
    Visual Concepts
    SEGA of America
    Brad Cherone

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