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"The Most Fun I've Ever had with a Football Video Game!"

I've played A LOT of football video games in my short life, ranging from Tecmo Bowl on the NES to Joe Montana's Sports Talk on the Genesis to NFL2K on the Dreamcast, and I can honestly say with complete confidence that this is the best football game I have ever played, period. If you're not already on your way out the door to buy this game, than read on as I dissect every glorious part of this game.

Graphics- 9.5: These are some of the best graphics I have seen in any game! Although the player models are a little less detailed than last years version, the crispness of the graphics are second to none. Every stadium is done beautifully and accurately. The motion capture is superbly done, and the smooth transition between animations will just blow you away. Grade A stuff.

Sound- 10: This area of the game just gleams with beauty. The developers really knew what they were doing when they worked on the sound for this game. Everything from the sound of the crowd to the trash talking on the field is excellent. Referees are clear and done well. The play-by-play is the best there is in any sports game. They're always on target and are just really cool to listen to.

Gameplay- 9.5: There's just so much depth to this game, it's uncanny. The passing game is as good as ever. ''Maximum Passing'' is back, and while it's a little tougher than last year, it's still awesome. It's the best passing system in video game football history. In addition to the best passing system, there is a completely revamped running system. The running game is much better than last year, although they might have made it a little too easy to run the ball. Still, the ability to run the ball effectively makes the passing game even better. Defensively, it's the same as usual, although there's a few extra moves for the D-line such as spins and the swim move. Kicking is a little different because the kicking arrow drifts to the left or right while you're trying to line up a kick. It continues to drift even while you charge up your kicking power so you have to make an effort to keep it lined up. It makes the kicking game a little challenging instead of being automatic everytime. Even the comp will miss sometimes. Kudos to the developers on a job well done in each aspect of gameplay.

Control- 10: To put it simply, the control is excellent. Response to your input is right on the money, and the button assignments are perfectly done. If, however, you don't like the button assignments, there's a couple of different options to choose from.

Fun FactorLongevity-10 : This game is so fun, you'll find yourself disregarding sleep just to get in another game. Plus, if you ever had the craving to be a General Manager, then the new ''Franchise Mode'' will light up your eyes. Pick a team, manage it season after season, signcuttradedraft rookies, and build a Super Bowl franchise. Also, the addition of online play just puts this game on it's own pedestal, a place not even the washed up Madden series can touch. Log on to SegaNet with NFL2K1 and play people from across the US (and in due time, the world) within minutes. What more could you ask for???

OVERALL SCORE- 10: This is as good as it gets. From now on, NFL2K1 is the standard by which every football video game will be judged by. There should be no doubt in your mind by now to go out and grab a copy of this game at all costs. Go sell your left kidney if you need to. Trust me, you won't regret it. Long live the king, NFL2K1!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/10/00, Updated 09/10/00

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