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"Man, it doesnt get much better than this"

First off, I just want to say that NFL2k1 is probably the greatest footbal game I have ever played. I have played a lot of them to. It has everything from great graphic, great controls, and great replay value. So i'll break down some categories for you.

Words cant beging to describe the graphics of this game. Simply unbelieveable. I walked in once when it was in replay mode, I thought it was an actual game, maybe thats cause i'm an idiot, but still. There are reflections off the helmets, holes in the jerseys, and actual facial features. Most of the playes actually look like themselves. The graphics for this game are some of the best ever.

Its a football game....meaning you play football. The gameplay of NFL2k1 is great. Its simple for beginners, but when you crank up the difficulty, then its becomes much much more challenging. There are so many modes, from exhibition to season to the great franchise mode. Everything is there and is dont great. also, one of the biggest things is on-line play. This will keep you playing forever. Playing on-line is great and provides a real challenge for anyone. So check it out asap.

Well everyone has said that the commentary for NFL2k1 is so great. I think its ok. Yes they rarely say things twice in the same game, and the deliver commentation when the actual play happens. But, sometime they just say stupid things, like when i was playing and winning 45-0 with 39 secs left in the fourth, they said the opposing team still has a chance and needs a big play now, it was just stupid. All in all, it is still great commentating.

Replay Value:
The replay value is through the roof. Season and franchise modes will keep you playing forever. Especially with creat-a-player/team/play, its all great. the on-line game will keep you playing for a while to, atleast until next year. so I definately this is a great game, and you should buy it immediatly. Peace

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/18/00, Updated 09/18/00

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