Review by Space Ace

Reviewed: 09/21/00 | Updated: 09/21/00

A close to perfect sports game.

It's me Space Ace the author of the NFL2K Glitch FAQ. My handle is SpaceAceX and I hang around the Minneapolis and Milwaukee server locations.

Graphics: 9 - The graphics are awesome as they were last year. The players all look and act realistically and the stadiums are all very realistic and further enhance the overall great looks. They would be a 10 if they would remove those cardboard cutout characters from the sidelines.

Sound/Music: 9 - Once again you can select the type of sound presentation you want to hear. The sound effects in this game are just awesome. From the player chatter and PA announcer to the gruesome hits you can deliver all sound very realistic. I always turn the announcers off as they get repetitive after a while and they are still a bit glitchy in what they talk about.

Gameplay: 9 - Top notch! A lot better than last year. The running game is now awesome when last year it was a complete bust. The passing game seems to have been toned down a bit as I've noticed a lot more dropped passes. Glitches don't interfere as much this year, but their still is a lot of them. Stats are still inaccurate which is very annoying for a sports game. The online mode is a lot of fun as long as you play some one in your area. The Franchise mode is cool, but problematic.

Challenge: Just like last year it's very selectable; Rookie is still way to easy and All-Pro is still way to hard. I usually stick with the Pro setting though this year it seems that you can run a lot easier but it's a little harder to pass.

Replay: 10 - It's a sport game! Replay is everywhere. A lot of extra modes to play through including Season and Franchise, so when your not playing against someone you can always try these.

Overall: 9 - A big improvement from last year, but still a bit glitchy which keeps it from being a 10. I really am loving the online play cause now I can play against my friends without having to actually see them and have them come over to my house and the taunting and trash talking that goes on with the keyboard is almost a game in itself...

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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