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"Football Heaven"

If you missed the original NFL 2K, you missed one of the best games last year. Since it was a Dreamcast launch title, it did have some minor flaws (tough to run, no franchise mode, etc), but overall it was a great game. This year, NFL 2K1 is a whole lot better. Let's start with the graphics and see how this game fares.

Graphics: Perfect! Even with a hint of slowdown, this game still is silky smooth. It has graphics that are on par with Madden 2001 for the PS2, which says a lot. Animation is better than any football game out there, stadiums and crowds look awesome, and the replays are sweet for checking out your best plays again and again. The best looking Dreamcast game so far, bar none.

Sound: Last year's game had great sound, but this game sounds better than 99% of the current Dreamcast library. Commentary blows Madden 2001 away, and the crowd and refs are done superbly. The player chatter is also excellent, and the other sounds in the game are also very polished.

Control: This game combines tight control with phat graphics like no other football game on the market. Control is way better than 2K, simply because there are now more moves (swim, juke, and defensive spin to name a few) and it is easier to get a ground game going.

Replay: You can play this game for years and not get bored. The new modes are franchise and network, and both add tons of value to an already awesome game. Go online and play with hardly any lag, or play a franchise complete with preseason and the draft. Season and tourney modes return, along with exhibition and tutorial. Factor in the throwback uniforms and you have a game that will take your social life away from you in a hurry.

Extras: This game packs a ton of extras. You can create plays, players, or teams and save them to your VMU, or you can go online and download the latest NFL roster (complete with updated stats, trades, and injuries) so that you can run your own leagues and keep up with the real NFL. You can also save a user profile and open up cheats by finding codes. All in all this game is loaded with extras.

What else is there to say? This game has the best graphics, sound, control, replay, and the biggest assortment of extras found in any football game and any game so far this year. This game is straight off the meat rack like the New York Jets and it is busting loose just like Duce Staley. A must own game for anyone living in the world today, go get this game NOW!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/20/00, Updated 09/20/00

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