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"Not perfect, but it's the best football game out there"

Graphics: The player models have been cleaned up a bit, the framerate stays pretty steady, and the textures seem about as good as last year's NFL2K. But the improvement over last year are the animations. NFL2K1 boasts a lot more than last year, and makes the game run more smoothly in a sense. Recievers will cut their routes sharply to fool d-backs, and running backs will juke out linebackers flawlessly. There's plenty more than that, but it'd take too long to write about them all.

Sound: The commentary is more varied, but you'll still be hearing a lot of the same over and over. And there are some glitches, too. For instance, say your QB has been throwing completion after completion and moving the chains. Let's say on the next pass your reciever has the ball pop out of his hands. The next thing I heard was the commentator saying that my 'QB hasn't been playing up to his game today.' It's a rare occurance, but it will happen.

Gameplay: The running game is very easy to pick up, my friend who has never played NFL2K1 has ran the ball for some decent yards, and somehow ran a 100 yard rush against me. But to make the running game easier, it seems they had to make it cheaper. In that 100 yard run, my buddy hurdled 5 or 6 of my Bucs' waist tackles. There's 2 things wrong with that: (1. All the of Buccaneers are great tacklers (2. WAIST TACKLES. You can't hurdle waist tackles. But I only encountered those cheap problems against human players, the computer tends to play fair.

I love the passing game, it just has a steep learning curve, just like the running game last year. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but I finally know how to pass the ball without the D-backs tipping it. But there seems to be a lot more dropped passes, and the dropped passes always seem to be the ones that are the easiest to make. It's not that big of a problem, I'm just starting to nit-pick.

My biggest wish for next year is to allow players to customize their playbooks. Some team's playbooks are great, but unfortunately my favorite team, the Bucs, don't have one of those great playbooks. Most of the running plays are the same, and most of the passing plays have bad routes.

Extras: There isn't much more to ask from here. If online play and franchise mode weren't included, it would still keep me playing for a very long time. But fortunately for us, online play and franchise mode are there, and are great.

Overall: There's only a few glitches and problems in NFL2K1, but those will all be fixed when NFL2K2 comes around. NFL2K1 is the best football video game you'll find on the market this year, and it is hard to put down once you play it, whether you're a hardcore football-fanatic, or football rookie.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/21/00, Updated 09/21/00

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