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"Does it get better than this? NO!!!"

If theres one thing Sega can do its making awesome sports games. If you though NFL2K was a great game this one is even better. NFL2K1 has online play, a running game, and less glitches the previous one had problems while selecting plays. This is a football game for any fan of the sport with up to date graphics, great control, online play, and some very good sound effects. The game is very nice looking and uses the Dreamcasts power this is what its all about. The graphics are very sharp and look great. The sound and music in the game are very good sounding and the player’s voices sound great. The control is one of the best points in the game although there aren't many low points in the game. The control is very tight and responsive. The online play is very fun but theres hesitation after the huddle, when the balls snapped, and during a running play, which can really mess things up. The online play is a very unique thing and is very fun to play with people all over the United States.


The control is excellent. It's tight, smooth, responsive, and the button layout is great. The Dreamcast controller has enough buttons to acomodate this game. Everything that’s in real life can be done in this game (Jump, dodge, block, ect.) Theres an endless amount of actions. Controlling your player is pretty simple and performing jumps and other things can take a little while to see where there mapped on the controller but once you learn you should know them cause you'll be using them. Selecting plays is very simple the L and R move through the plays and play types and A selects them. I don't have a single complaint here and the perfect 10 should show you.


The sounds are really detailed from the whistle to a player making impact with another. The voices and commentry of the players is really cool sounding and theres some sweet fraises. The music is pretty cool good sounding and goes with the game pretty good. The announcer’s voices are very realistic and sound great. Everything has great detail from the crowd’s voices to the player’s voices. Theres quite a few sounds in this game from the ball being caught to a person being hit. I think the sound deserves the 9 because it's basically the same as NFL2K with no big improvements.


The graphics are great looking and theres not many football games that can compare to this much realism. The graphics are very smooth and jagged edges are scarce. The graphics look awesome and are only a step away from being almost real. Theres great detail in the game even the ball shows words on it. The player’s jerseys and helmets look great and are full of detail. The levels are all pretty much like the real deal stadiums. There really detailed with people on the sidelines as well as in the crowd. You can even read signs to. I really love this game and the graphics look great and the stadiums are brilliantly designed so it’s getting a 10.


Well theres a lot of modes in this game from a season, exhibition, online play, as well as more. The 4-player mode is really cool and with some friends should bring you ultimate enjoyment unless you’re loosing. Playing over the Internet is also cool and if you have the keyboard attachment you can chat with them which makes it pretty fun. Theres plenty of other things to do such as make plays, playbooks, teams, and players. Everything I listed plus more should keep you busy for quite some time. But being a football game its gonna get boring sometime right?


The game has a difficulty setting so it changes the game accordingly to your preference. The game will always provide a challenge and the computer is fun to play against. The game is pretty much as hard as you make it selecting a lower skill level will help out beginners while a higher skill level will challenge any person wether they've played the game before or not.

OVERALL **10**

Heres what I'm gonna say NFL2K or NFL2K1? Both are great games NFL2K is only $19.99 or cheaper and is a bargain but lacks the online play and it has some glitches. NFL2K1 is pretty much perfect has online play but costs about $49.99. There both great. NFL2K1 is one of the best football games and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have some major fun playing football with state or the art features. And if you ever want to play me over the Internet with NFL2K1 E-mail me

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Originally Posted: 11/16/00, Updated 08/14/02

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