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"Best Football game out this year!"

When NFL2K came out last year it made a attempt to take away the crown away from Madden. But IMO, and a lot of peoples opinion, they failed. But NFL2K brough things we haven't really seen in a football game or a sports game for that matter. Great looking graphics and TV like announcing. So for the follow up to NFL2K, Sega passes with flying colors!

Graphics: 8

The graphics in NFL2K1 look crisp and clean but, it seems the graphics ''looked'' better last year. Well with that aside, VC put in more animations and some look really good,
while some look bad. For instance, the running animation is terrible. When you try to use the speed burst button, your player will just pause for a second then start running again. Also some of the tackling animations still look like they were in Blitz, a course it's better then Madden's superman animations or shot at the knees.

All in all, the graphics in NFL2K1 are good.

Gameplay: 8

Well if you read my Madden review (which I would not recommend) you know that I basically ranted on how bad that game was put together. Unlike Madden, NFL2K1 is actually playable.

Offense: Last year NFL2K1 had no running game what so ever. You would be lucky to get a huge gain. Not this year, holes open up, better, blocking, and just a all around better running game. My only concern is that they fixed it up way too much.


If you pick the Bucs, and you use the Buc's sweep, you can get at least a 10 yard gain on every single down. That's because Dunn is fast as hell. Plus he breaks every tackle with the spin move, which I will get into later.

So that is something that needs to be fixed. Also like I said before the spin move needs to be tuned down a lot. It acts like a force field around the player and there is no stopping him!

As for passing, it's perfect except for two big things. One of those are the slow throwing animation. Don't know what I mean? Well it's basically looks like a girl throwing a football. This will lead to two different things, fumbles or sacks. It's beyond annyonance, it needs to be fixed.

And my final complaint is for the way too many drop balls. Yes, I know you to change to the reciever and catch the ball but, it's kinda hard when the computer/player is rushing and you have to throw the ball quickly away.

Other then that's it's all good here.

Defense: Well besides the fact that there is so many ways to cheat, I would have to say defense is alright except for how INT are used. How come in one game you will see about 10 balls that would normally be int in football just dropped?

All in all it's better then Madden's gameplay, a course that's not saying much.

Sound: 10

Best sound in any sports game, period.

Announcing: Great
Crowd: Great
Sound Effects: Great


Replay Value: 7

Franchise Mode: 5

+Easy Interface

-Worst FA Signing Ai then Madden
-Dumb Trading AI
-Bengals will not win the Super Bowl
Okay let me explain this one before I get flames of e-mails. This is something I just notice not to long ago. It seems every season that the same teams make it to the play-offs. Yes I don't know what I'm talking about. :p
-No matter how good your player is, he will never make it to the Pro Bowl

And the list goes on and on...

Online Play: 9

+You can play online!
+You can actually play online, unlike Madden
+Upload new rosters

-Upload stats mess up franchise mode
-Can't play new rosters online(if i'm wrong about this one send me a e-mail)

Overall: 8.5 goes to 9

Best football game out today, and I have played every single one except Quarterback Club. And I'm pretty sure that game sucks. :)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/09/00, Updated 12/09/00

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