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"Football in CyberSpace"

Hands down, last year's version was the best football game available on any system. Visual Concepts set the trend in many aspects of sports gaming with NFL 2K's player models, tackle collisions, and artificial intelligence. Simply put, it was the most amazing footbal game I had ever played. However, this season is a different story for 2K1. The appearence of Madden 2001 for PS2 has garnered my nod so far in this season-even though there are a couple of PS2 darkhorses still in the hunt. Yet if a PS2 isn't in your budget or you just love Sega, NFL 2K1 is worth the time. The game has some tiny fixes (menus/options), a Franchise mode, and great new animations. Also, the running game is different and simpler. Yup, even though NFL 2K1 isn't close to Madden as an single game, when you jump online, it is amazing. It's a cool thing to compete against gamers all over the country! You challenge people all day if you keep with this freaking game! The chat also becomes an obsession while playing. When there are two key boards on either end, the text chat get trash talk flowing. Sure, I like to keep my banter of the PG variety, but you never know who is on the other end, and if they start it, I get up all in there dang faces spittin' out salty four letter words. The chat makes competition over the top and is the only way to play. The Dreamcast online experience is quirky, but pretty cool and solid. NFL 2K1 is clearly far superior to last season's rendition and the online component makes it a must-play for sports freaky gamers like me, myself and I.


The online play is truly revolutionary and the Franchise mode is a much needed addition.


On par with last year with additions of small details.


Excellent commentary and on the field chatter sound like winners.


The Rookie mode is too easy and the Pro mode is too difficult. Too much emphasis has been placed on running.


Use Sega Net. If you can get connected, playing online is a blast. There's no competition for this on Sega's latest system.

Replay Value:9/10

You will be playing about 10 months from now. I am not joking around, this is gotta be the best sports game for DreamCast, and second best ever compared to Madden for PS2!

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Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/17/00, Updated 12/17/00

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