Review by Lazyman

Reviewed: 04/15/01 | Updated: 04/15/01

The most addictive game i've ever played!!

When you think of buying a sports game,first of all,you need to know something about the sport that's in the game...normally.When i bought NFL 2K1,i had ever seen a football match,and i didn't know even the basics of this game.Well,football always was something spectacular but unknown,for me.
Now,i've been playing for maybe 2 months,and i can say you that if don't known much of football,it doesn't matter,because you'll understand it fastly and,overall,because this is the most addictive game ever!!.
What can i say?.You MUST to watch it!.But not in magazines,or static photos:You must to watch it in movement,and then,you'll say:Oh,this is a tv channel,bro,change to the dreamcast channel!.
The players are REAL.I can't say that the graphics are good,good,no,REAL.The are like real athletes,they move like real players move.The stadiums are very good too,but the people in the stadium are very ugly done and,they are all the same!.Not very detailed,but this isn't something important.
Woah!!.When i got the game,i thought that the controls would be my main problem,but i ws wrong.It's simply,very simply.You don't have any problem with them.Even the player control change is the most simply and EFFECTIVE i've ever seen in a sports game.Veeeery important for the game's great value.
YOU.ARE.DEAD.When you start playing,you've just dead,the game has won,and you have lst.This game hooks you like no other.When you start hearing this marvelous sound...Tap!,I've catched the ball!!!,you cannot stop until you hear it again and again and again.Maybe you don't understand well this tactics,plays and players chaos,but in a few time,you'll get it,and then you'll catch it!!.
There is 3 difficulty levels.You must to start on rookie,and when you are familiarized with the game,the pro level is a real challenge.You mustn't give up,never.The more you practice,the more you'll love this game.I can prove what i¡m saying.When you pass from the 'rookie heaven' to the 'pro hell',maybe you'll throw away all the things you have near you(including controllers,family and friends),but,well,you must try to control yourself(not my case)
You can play an exhibition game with the teams you want,an entire season,a tourney,practice,the exxxtra large franchise mode,a simply quickstart,even a tutorial...This game NEVER ends.
The main objetive of my review is to explain to all players who aren't familiarized with this sport,that this doesn't matter if the game is as incredible as this game.Like i've aid,i've never seen a football match in my whole life,and i¡ve never played the same game all this(too much) time in my life!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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