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Reviewed: 09/21/01 | Updated: 09/21/01


When I first got this game, I though it would be the same, as NFL 2K, and it was, except this is a newer version, and their is also alot, of new features and plays and stuff. It is much better than NFL 2K, and most of the features, are either the same, or slightly better. This game, is a must, for the Dreamcast sports collection, for games. Too bad Dreamcast is going out of buisness.

The Graphics in this game are great. They are really colorful, and it captures every feature, of a picture, excelent. The faces of the players, are really in depth, and are really, good. The fields, and the team logos, are great, too. The fields, are filled with color, and an awsome 3D look. The logos, and colors, are better than they are in real life. They are always, colorful, and it's like a very good SEM Microscope.

The Gameplay is fun, but, the kicking, lowers it a little bit. Although, it is a great kicking system, it is really hard, to kick field goals on your own. I normally have to let the computer kick field goals, for me. Otherwise, the Gameplay was great. Another factor that I realized, is that their should be more, plays, because their wern't enough good plays.

The sound was also, good. The announcers voices are very clear, and very hearable, and when the Quarterback, yells stuff out, it is very clear, and very loud. The crowd noise, is basically still the same, as it was in NLK 2K, except, they cheer a little more.

Fun Factor-10
Overall, the game was really fun, and I played tons, of seasons, and each time, I played seasons, I had a great time. I've played with all the teams, on the Pro, difficulty, and it was alot of fun.

To actually have fun with this game, you must buy it because, you won't accomplish much in five or six days, so I would say, buying it would be more fun. But, when you buy, it make sure you have at least, one memory card to save your seasons, and made players, and teams.

This is a great game, no doubt about it, overall, this is probally one of the best sporting games on Dreamcast. This is much better than mostly all Dreamcast games(except Carrier, but thats because I loved Carrier). But, this is a MUST HAVE GAME!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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