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Reviewed: 06/15/02 | Updated: 06/15/02

A Revolutionary Online Game by SEGA

Graphics: 32/35
NFL 2K1 features clean crisp graphics, with attention paid to players, field conditions throughout the game and fan signs. The field's appearance changes throughout the game, a very nice addition to details. The game also has a plethora of animations, one of the series strongest points.

Gameplay: 32/35
The game is somewhat limited by the Dreamcast's 6 buttons. For example, to juke, you have to press the L & R buttons simultaneous. Still, its not a big deal. The game features tons of gameplay variations. To escape defenders and scramble, hold L and run for respectable gains when the coverage is good. Passing is also a very nice feature, with excellent animations again. You can pound the ball through the middle with a solid running game as well.

The game also has a complicated defense system. Run the same plays over and the AI will pick up big yards over you. If you run the same plays on offense, the AI will adjust and stop you.

The game's three levels of difficulty, apparent in almost all Sega Sports games are Rookie, Veteran and All-Star. Playing against All-Star, its very difficult to stop the computer, leading to games that go down the wire once you've figured how to run the offense to perfection.

Sound: 18/20
The commentary is the best in the business. The only competition would be Madden, where Pat Summerall and John Madden lack the zest of NFL 2K1's enthusiastic commentators. It's also nice to jack up the crowd volume to the max and lower the other sliders to hear the crowd roar.

Replay Value: 23/25
The game features 1-4 players offline, and 1-8 players online, though most often it'll be 1-on-1. The Online mode boosts the replay value of the game immensely. Its entirely fun to play someone online. Though difficult to stop offenses, games against opponents are often exciting and fun. With the keyboard, its nice to get to know some people. There are regional chatrooms so you can select the best connection speed. The franchise mode is also nicely done. Although not as deep as Madden, it still has a nice ring to it.

Value/Tilt/Extras: 24/25
The game has immense value, as going online is tremendous. Even at 56K, games hum along just fine. The 2-player multiplayer against your friends can be fun as well and games against the computer are quite fun. Still, the main draw is online play, and online play is simply very well drawn up. You are able to connect with players on Gamefaqs' message boards and setup games, which adds to the value and satisfaction when you win.

Final Score: 129/140
Gamefaqs score of 9 or 9.2 (rounded down)
Final Comments: The only football draw for the Dreamcast is a fine one. Online play is groundbreaking and addictive. Make sure to go online if you have the components. The game is simply amazing and a ton of fun.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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