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    FAQ/Walkthrough by akiraZ

    Updated: 07/06/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ###############       ##
    ###      #####       #####
      ####  #####        ######
      #### #####         #####
      ### ####                     ####
      ###  #                #     ##########       ######    #####
      ###      ####        ###   #############   ########  ########
      ###    ###########  ####    ############# ######## ##########
      ###  ############## ####    ############# ####   ############
      ######  ####  ####  ####    ####     ##### ###  #####  #####
      #####    ###        ####  #######     #### ####  ####  ####
      ####     ###         ############  ### #### ##### #####
      ###      ####          ##########  ## ##     ##### ##############
               ##                       ##           ###  ###########
                                     #########             ########
        ###########                  #########
    ##################          #####   ###               #####
    ####           ###          ##  ##  ###               #####
    ####          ####           ####    ##               ###
     ## ####    ##########    ::ARABIAN NIGHTS::
       #####  #############   #####        ####  ######    ####  #######
      ######  ### ###   #### ############# ############# #### ############
       #####      ##    ##### ##########  ########  ### #### ###### #######
       #####      ###    ###     ###     ######        #### ##        #####
       #####      ########       ###        ####         ##  #          #####
       #####      ############  ###          #######     ### ##       ########
      ######       ############ ####     ###    #######    ### ##     ##########
       #####          ####### #####    #####       ####   ### ########## ########
       ######                  ###     ################    ### ############# #####
       ####                     ##      ##############      ### ###### ####    ###
    This is a Prince of Persia, Arabian Nights for the Dreamcast Walkthrough by
    akiraZ (akiraZ@softhome.net [please note that I no longer have my @netmdc
    account, so if you need to contact me, use this one]).  Please view the
    bottom of the faq if you wish to make use of this document anywhere but
    This is like all my faqs, it is written in a manor that WILL get you thru
    the game at hand.  It WILL hold your hand all the way thru if you want.  You
    will get everything if you choose to use it in this manor.  This is not the
    intended manor of usage however, I think faqs/walkthru's are most useful when
    used as a guide when you are stuck, but of course, the decision is in your
    hands.  Each section is labeled that of what the game names your Save file,
    so if you are stuck in a given area, use your browsers search function to
    find the name of your current saved game, and go from there.
    Ok, now to be brutally honest.  I HATE this game, a friend saw that there was
    a Gamefaqs.com "faq bounty" for it, and he had it.  Knowing that I have written
    a couple faqs before he let me have the game (he also hates it..it's a horrible
    game I'm telling you, I can't even fathom why you are reading this =) and dared
    me to write a faq for it and see if I can win the faq bounty.  Well, I'm not
    one to back down from a challenge, so here it is.
    Reasons to hate this game:
    1) Graphix.  They aren't really horrible, but some of the textures move around
    by themselves giving you spasms trying to play;  the objects are DEAD simple,
    yet there is MASSIVE slowdown throughout.
    2) Control.  Oi...this is just horrible, they game is set up like a platformer,
    having you jump all over the place, yet the control is simply not setup for it,
    you can't change directions in mid air; if you try while running you make a
    huge half-circle trying to turn around.  You OFTEN have to climb up cliffs,
    yet you have to be PERFECTLY lined up to do so, often leaving you inching back
    and forth for literally minutes jumping up and down hitting your hands, or
    missing comepletely.
    3) Story.  What story?  There are cutscenes, and the story advances thru them,
    but during the gameplay there is no sence of the story whatsoever.
    4) The cutscenes.  CGI that appears the dreamcast could have rendered in real-
    time, what a waste.
    All that said, you're reading this for some reason...so if you actually by
    some miracle like this game, I appologize, it's just not my cup of tea.
    I DO hope this faq helps someone, heaven knows you're gunna need it if you
    attempt this game.
                            /OK OK, on with the show/
    You begin in a small square stone room, to the right, past the gate, but before
    the hay in the corner, you will find a small piece of the wall appears slightly
    different; that is, there is a blocked pushed out of place a small amount.  Hold
    down the A button (default) and push forward to push this block into the next
    room, thereby freeing you from your prison.  Go out the only other door in this
    room beside the one you came in, to your right, and continue a small distance
    down the hallway, to a doorway on your left.  Upon entering this room, a switch
    on the floor will trigger the gate to close behind you.  Head past the
    prisoners, to the right of where you entered, and climb up on the ledge by first
    jumping (Y, default), then pressing the action button (A, default) while your
    in the air to grab on, then press forward/up to climb up.  Once up, you will
    see a whole nocked into the roof, jump and climb up again.
    Entering the next room you will find a prisoner who's only advice is to find a
    sword if you wish to survive.  Continue past the decrepit old fool, down the
    next hallway, into a washroom of some sort.  At the opposite side is a switch
    on the floor, step on it to activate it, then quickly climb up onto the top of
    the shower-path.  You may have some trouble, just keep trying, the game can be
    a little bit annoying when it comes to grabbing onto certain ledges.  Once up,
    quickly run thru the small opening that the water is coming from.  If it closes,
    simply drop back down, activate the switch, and try again, once you make it
    through, you will be at your first save point.
    Swim over to the ledge on the right and climb out of the water, walk along a
    small ways, then climb up the following ledge.  Hurry across the bridge before
    crumbles, jump if you need to, and follow the ledges along around to the exit
    of this room.  In the next area, to the right you will find a dead end, and
    forward you will find a pit of spikes.  Run full on at the pit of spikes, and
    jump at the last possible moment, pounding the A button to grab onto the other
    side, then pull yourself up, and crawl (X, default) thru the small broken hole
    in the following wall.
    Enter to the next room, then take a right, then a left--don't be too hasty
    running down the next hall; however, as there is a gaurd at the far end ready
    to attack.  After taking the left, jump and pull yourself up to the wooden
    planks overhead, then jump to the next one, and turn right, into a small cutout
    of stone.  Here you will find and invisibility rune that will allow you to
    walk by the gaurd undetected.  At the far end, behind the gaurd, is a switch
    which will open the exit gate, step on it, then turn directly around, go down
    the hall, take a right (down the hall you came from), then past a door/room,
    and another right, and you will find a doorway with blatently obvious spikes
    ready to pop out in front of it, jump over the spikes, and go thru the doorway,
    then take the left in front of you.
    Here you will find sets of floor spikes to avoid, simply walk between the first
    two, and jump over the next one.  In the next room you will find an awning you
    can climb up on, then jump over the large door, to your second save point.
    You now have a choice of 3 directions to take, head into the door on your right
    and continue all the way down the passageway until you reach a fork in the road,
    head to your right again, as to the left is a sleeping gaurd.  Head along up
    the stairs, and continue until you find a door on your left, enter it, then head
    to the left of the room, and pull the large box away from the wall to find a
    partial health potion (L to pick up, default).
    Head back out into the hallway, and pass the door on your right, go up the
    stairs, and walk off the platform, then flip a quick 180.  Walk over along the
    right wall until you see a switch, flip it, and a door will open, enter the
    next room, and it will close behind you.  Climb up onto the center platform,
    and jump across to the doorway opposite where you entered this room.  Proceed
    to jump across the next two gaps, and you will see a gaurd.  Quickly run past
    the gaurd and into the next hallway, duck here to avoid having your head
    chopped off, and crawl under the trap (I'm begining to see why there wazn't
    already a walkthru up for this infernally annoying game :).  Stand up and
    proceed to an elevated room where you will see some really blatent
    foreshadowing of what to do.  Push the box thru the hole (as if you didn't
    know), and the gaurd will drop his sword, and another gaurd will be released.
    Hop on down, and grab the sword--bout damn time you get a weapon.  Now climb
    up out, and head back the way you came, until you reach the room with the
    hanging platform, and you will find the released gaurd, time for a battle, so
    press the R trigger (default) to pull out your sword.  The key to battle in
    this game is really to just counter attack, so just stand there and wait.  As
    soon as you see the gaurd begin a swing, press the A button to block, then
    after a successful block, press any of the other face buttons to attack (an
    attack seems more likely to not be blocked, if it is opposition to the
    direction of the opponents attack in the first place).  After killing the
    gaurd, open up your inventory and use that partial potion, if you wish, either
    way, continue thru the passage he came out of (press R to resheath your
    As you head along, you will find yourself back in the room you dropped down
    into a little while before hand.  Climb back up beside the crane and head
    back down the hallway to the sleeping gaurd.  Take care of him (piece of
    cake), and flip the switch that was behind him.  Head back to the room
    with 3 doors, and take the door straight across from the one you come out
    of, you will see a gaurd as you enter.  To your left is a potion on the floor,
    be careful, as there is a dart shooting from the wall above it, don't
    approach it too quickly, duck, and grab it.  Then proceed into the room with
    the gaurd, and grab the small box from the table.
    Head back out to the 3 door room, and this time go in the center door, be sure
    to duck and crawl to avoid beheading.  Walk to the back of the room, and place
    the box in the vice (choose it from your inventory, then press A), turn around
    and operate the switch on the wall, crushing the box.  Pick up its contents,
    and you will see that you now have a nice little bracelet.  Head back to the
    room where you picked up the box (watch the trap on the way out), and put
    your hand into the face on the wall, like you saw the gaurd do, then enter
    door.  Just up a small flight of stairs you will see your third save point,
    do as you wish, and continue up the stairs, into a small room where you will
    have your last battle of this level.  Exit the prison thru the door behind
    the gaurd.
    -------------------------------Ivory Tower--------------------------------------
    Continue thru the doorway, and down the hall, and you will find you are being
    shot at, no worries, the game avoids for you.  Head forward, across the bridge,
    and walk around the pool to the right; a gaurd will raise the bridge, so head
    around the other side, and jump to the slightly detached bridge, instead.  At
    the top, hook a right and run along, climb a ledge, and continue until you see a
    floor trap.  Here, jump up and grab the ledge, but do not climb up, there is
    another floor trap above, what you want to do is shimmy along the ledge to the
    right, and climb up where there is no floor traps.  Only now you are being
    pursued by a wall, joy.  Press B (default) to turn an immediate 180, then press
    forward and jump, voila, safety, erm, sort of.  Hook a left, and jump over yet
    another floor trap, then proceed out into the night air, turn left, jump to the
    next wooden platform, then again in the same direction to one slightly higher,
    grab on and climb up.  At the end of this platform you will find a large stone
    area you can climb into, do so, then head left into the passage.
    Continue along the passage slowly until you see some switches on the floor, be
    sure not to step on them, and continue along.  You will reach a room with
    another switch on the floor, go up to it, and look left, yet another switch.
    Basically all you want/have to do is start running towards the far switch; as
    you run over the first switch a gate will open, as soon as you reach the
    second switch, another gate will open, turn immediatly around, and run thru
    the gates before they close.
    Prepare to be very annoyed.  Jump over from where you stand and grab the ledge
    protruding from the wall, and walk to the right, the ledge will break, and you
    will probably fall to your death, isn't this game fun?  Anyway, quickly move
    past the part that breaks, jumping, and climb up to the next part.  Walk to
    the right, to the larger part of the wood, and make a running jump/grab/climb
    up to the following ledge.  Proceed out, and walk along the platforms until
    you scare the aforementioned archer to death, literally.  Be sure to pick up
    the bow, then jump off towards the water, hopefully better than the gaurd did.
    Swim to the bottom, and look around the sides, you will find a passage, inside
    is a couple of potions.  At anyrate, swim back to the surface, and climb out.
    Find the gaurds body and pick up the arrows, then go to where the other gaurd
    raises the bridge on you, and shoot the switch with an arrow to let yourself
    in (choose the bow from the inventory).  The gaurd will likely attack you
    when you enter, so just run to the left and duck under the behead trap, to
    find a save point.
    After a short cut-scene, head to the door all the way across from where you
    are, and enter it, proceed thru the next room, but be careful not to step on
    the rusty tiles.  Up the ramps in the only direction you can go, and you'll
    have to fight a new gaurd, this one with a Bo.  After kicking his arse, go
    into the next doorway; the gaurd will press a switch as his dying motion,
    which will knock away some floor tiles, making your progression harder (what
    an odd switch...anywho..).  Just jump along the hallway, move after jumping,
    the pieces will fall, let the last piece fall, it won't go far, then jump
    up into the left room for a partial potion, and go into the right room.  Here,
    pull the desk away from the wall, and crawl thru the hole there, then turn
    left, climb up on the box, and up thru the hole in the cieling.
    Walk out onto the broken concrete, to the corner, turn, and jump up to
    another piece.  From here, jump to the wooden beam, then thru the doorway at
    the top, containing a gaurd, oh joy.  After killing him, be sure to grab the
    potion and arrows lying around in the room, then walk to the gate.  Step
    on the switch, then change your weapon to the bow, and shoot the gaurd over
    in the other tower--he will fall dead onto his switch, the main gate is now
    open.  Climb down the large steps next to where you pressed the switch, and
    go on thru the main gate, press the switch there to lower another draw-bridge,
    and proceed thru, yay, you just finished the most annoying level yet! (too
    bad it's only the second level, sigh).
    Run forward to the pier, ahead you will see an archer, ready to take shots at
    you, you can shoot him back if you wish, but this kind of leaves you as a
    sitting duck, since the bow controls leave something to be desired
    *coughstrafingcough*.  To the right you will see a small ledge and a rope, make
    a running leap from the ledge, grab the rope, swing over as far as you can, and
    jump off the rop, then continue up around the broken staircase, until you reach
    the top, and the gaurd, if you didn't kill him already.  Make short work of him,
    and continue forward.  Be sure to pick up the full health potion, and walk onto
    the elevator.  Once at the bottom, walk forward a little, and jump off onto the
    As the boat ends its journey, you come to a save point.  Jump off to the left
    of the boat, and swim on over to the floating crates, climb the lower of the
    two, then jump to the taller one, and from there board the wall.  Flip a 180,
    and jump to the chain with the hook on it; climb up the chain, face away from
    the bridge, and jump off backwards, landing on the bridge.  Flip the switch on
    the right hand side, and you will set a box in the distance into motion.  Pull
    the box at the other end of the bridge towards the center, climb it, then jump
    up to the platform hanging above.  From here, jump to the next platform, a
    little ways out.  As usual, prepare to be annoyed, you now have to jump to the
    moving box.  Ok, so now you missed, and you're ready to climb back up and
    try again--don't bother, after about my 43rd attempt, hehe, I realized that all
    you have to do is climb back up in the boat you arrived on, go to the highest
    part of it, and jump onto the box as it passes by.
    At anyrate, you now want to jump off the moving box onto the right side of
    the wall.  To the left of the boxes, pieces will fall out under you, to the
    right switches will trigger darts, so simply climb over the boxes to be safe.
    At the top of the ramp you'll encounter a gaurd that will block damn near
    everything, so if you want, you might as well empty out all your arrows on
    him from a safe distance first.  After killing him, pick up the sheild-
    sword, and continue thru the door.
    --------------------------------Palace 1----------------------------------------
    Head forward and the draw-bridge will lift, kill the gaurd, and flip the switch
    to his left.  Turn around and flip the switch at the end of the hall, then
    quickly crawl down the green hall to avoid the trap, and hurry thru the gate
    while it is still open.  Hook a u-turn and climb up the now down bridge, be
    careful, however, as there is another gaurd at the top.  Be sure to grab the
    potion after killing him, then turn to the left, flip the switch and head on
    up.  At the top, jump up and pull yourself thru the window.  Push the box in
    front of you forward, it will trigger a door to open elsewhere.  Go thru the
    now open entrance, to find a save point.
    Head towards the archer to the right of the entrance, with your shield sword
    drawn--this will prevent the arrows from hurting you, both from him, and from
    another up and behind you, as you fight this one.  After kill him, back up to
    where you entered and look to the right, there is a box, push it back into the
    hole from which you emerged, and the wall will return down.  Head into this
    alcove to find yourself by a chest, use it as a steping stone to reach the
    next level, where a door will close in your face, climb half way up the bridge
    and turn to the left where you will be able to see a gaurd thru a window.
    Climb thru the window and take care of him.
    Quickly run across the bridge to the right, as it will break under your feet.
    Be sure to grab the arrows lying on the ground, then hop out the window and
    look to your right.  Line your self up with the rope, get a running start,
    jump off the ledge and grab it.  Swing back and forth a couple times to get
    some momentum going, then jump from the rope at its farthest distance, and
    grab the side of the ledge and pull yourself up.  From the ledge you can
    easily take out the archer-gaurd with 3 normal arrows, then be sure to run
    to the end of the platform and pick up the death-arrow.
    Hop thru the window on this side, and run thru the passage to find another
    window, and a rope you can climb up.  Jump from the window to the rope, and
    climb away.  Keep facing outward, and climb to the top, once you reach the
    very top, the prince will let go, and you will fall backwards.  With luck you
    will land on an outstreched beam of wood--turn to the right, and climb up
    to the roof.  Turn to the left, and take a leap of faith towards the semi-
    drawn bridge below, you will slide down.  Take out the gaurd, then turn to
    the right, and you will find a small room with a partial potion in it, be
    sure to grab that, then head into the main area where the gaurd was, and
    continue forward, to another save point.
    Talk to the guy sitting to the right, and he will tell you of a secret
    passage to your right (not in so many words..), so head to the discolored
    bookshelf behind him, and press the A button, to enter the passage.  Run
    thru the passage to the elevator, and at the top, head around the room to
    the door, from here, climb the books on the left (easiest if you hold L,
    default), to get on top of the door.  Then jump to the next little plank
    of wood that is conviently sticking out, and climb some more books, then
    take a small hop to a piece of stone sticking out, and enter the door.
    Proceed up the staircase, and enter the following hallway, open the door
    then press the switch and board the elevator.  Once you get off the
    elevator, climb up the only ways you can until you get to an area with a
    rope out to the left of you.  Make a running leap and grab the rope, then
    after a couple of swings, jump to the platform and grab on, this is a
    very annoying and frustrating jump, all I can say to you is good luck.  If
    you do manage to make it, you are rewarded, at least, with a save point
    Jump forward off the save platform and grab the chain, climbing to the
    top, besure to face outward, and jump off to the platform above.  Walk
    along a little ways, then turn around, and jump/climb up to the next
    level where you will find a long jump rune.  Go down one step, and face
    the center.  Jump to the platform nearby by holding L and jumping
    forward, then grabbing the ledge.  Do this again to the platform on
    the opposite side of the room from where you grabed the rune, then one
    last time to the large peice with the double chains.  Walk to the back
    edge of this piece, turn around, towards the center of the room, and do
    a straight up jump, and grab the ledge way up above you, then push the
    switch here.  At the top, you will find another lovely gaurd to face
    off against, before proceeding thru the door, to the end of another
    dredful level.
    --------------------------------Palace 2----------------------------------------
    Immediately take out the gaurd, then enter the main hall.  Walk forward, and
    climb the semi-hidden ledge in the middle, to the top.  Walk forward a small
    distance, and turn left, there is a switch, step on in, then press B to turn
    directly around.  Now run off the edge, and on the ground, press B again, well
    what do ya know?  Another switch, press it.  Now turn around yet again, and
    leave thru the door on the far right, but go wide of the column, as it contains
    a trap.  You're now back in the room you climbed up before, climb again, then
    head past the floor switch this time, and jump off  the ledge, and quickly make
    a running jump out towards the rope and swing to the other side.  Once thru
    the gates, climb the rope to find a save point.
    Continue forward from the save point, but be careful to avoid the differently
    textured tiles in this room.  Kill the gaurd in the next room, then its time
    to play Tarzan once again, so get tah swinging.  Be sure to grab the partial
    potion on the right hand side of this room, then continue down the hallway the
    only way you can.  In the far room, the floor will move out, leaving you to
    fall, and the cieiling begins to colapse on you..oh..no..wait please...don't..
    bah, just push on the blatently obvious cut out on the wall, until you reach
    the next hall, then continue down along it, and walk directly into the wall.
    >From here you can jump and pull yourself up, then jump over to another
    platform, with two exits, take the one on the left.  Flip the switch at the
    end, then retrace your steps, and take the right one, with the stairs.
    Again you will find a switch, step on it, and you will see that you are back
    at a familiar area, but instead of jumping to the rope, simply walk off the
    end of the platform, and you will find yourself in a pool of water.  Climb
    out, and run thru the large doorway to the left, then around to the right,
    simply avoid the gaurd and run out into the open to end this level.
    --------------------------------Palace 3----------------------------------------
    Enter the room on the far right side of the open area, turn immediately to the
    right, and climb the tiny step, now push the wall, and a rope will be lowered
    elsewhere.  Walk around a small ways, and you will see a man standing there,
    a monk as it were, enter the door across from him to find the rope.  Climb it.
    After killing the gaurd, take the arrows he drops, and climb back down the
    rope.  Upon entering the next room, be sure to duck and crawl to avoid the
    arrow traps, and pick up the partial potion on the far end, then turn to the
    left.  The platform in the middle has spikes, so you need to jump out, grab
    the rope, then let go short so you hit the side and grab on, that way you won't
    land on the spikes, and you can pull yourself up next to them.  Now simply jump
    from beside the spikes, to the door.
    Walk around to the next room, then climb up to the platform on the right, and
    take care of the gaurd, another will drop by, this one some type of ninja,
    and can be more of a pain to fight.  After dealing with both, proceed to climb
    up to the next ledge.  Here you will find a full health potion, and a new
    weapon, the flame sword!  At any rate, flip the switch, then head back down
    below and step on the switch by the gate, and proceed back to the open area
    where you saw the girl jump into the central pool.
    Climb up to the area you saw her jump in, and do so yourself, then swim to the
    bottom and go thru the passage.  You now see the blades you turned off shortly
    before, good thing you took care of those.  Anyway, head on thru to the left,
    and then surface in the next room.  Climb out of the water, and look around,
    there will be a save point in the entrance to the only open room.
    Inside the room step on the far switch, with the triangle on it, and turn
    around, run around the pool, and enter the room.  Flip the switch on the far
    right, by the blue area, and it will open.  Proceed in, and you will be
    attacked by another of those ninja guys.  Just run past him quickly right
    or left, and climb the ledge, he won't follow you.  Run to the end of
    the hall, and climb up on the platform, then climb up the left side into
    the next room, to avoid a nasty little surprize.  Walk around, and you
    will find a gaurd by a gate, and a ledge, walk out to the ledge, and pick
    up the arrows.  Look over the ledge, and you will see two gaurds, pick em off
    if you'd like, at least pick off the one on right; however, or he'll jump
    you from behind later (I opted to use my death arrow, as it was annoying me
    just sitting there in my inventory :).
    At any rate, run all the way back to the room that had the save point, and
    now step on the circle button, to the left.  Now enter the newly opened
    circle gate.  Climb up the ledge, and walk out into the next room, then take
    a flying leap off the ledge there, to avoid getting pricked, so to speak.
    Run out into the open to find the remaining gaurd (if you didn't pick him
    off from above), take care of him, then step on the switch and a bridge
    will raise.  Run across, then jump/climb up to the left, to find another
    save point.
    Jump across from the save point ledge, and grab the platform.  Inside
    will be another gaurd, take him out, then proceed back down like you
    were heading back to the room with the shape buttons, only a new gate will
    be opened to the right of the blue doors, with an elevator inside, ride it
    on up.  At the top, go thru the door and walk out a ways to find another one
    of those lovely ropes, you know what to do.  On the other side you will
    find a small circular room, walk around to the opposite side you entered
    from, and push the culdren off the ledge, it will land on the triangle
    Walk back out the way you came in, and pick the partial potion up off the
    ledge, then walk off of it, you'll either land in the water, or on a
    torch..hehe..but either way, you won't take any damage.  As if you had
    to ask, head on into the room with the buttons, and step on the square
    one finally.  Head thru the square gate (the one to the left) and then
    thru another gate (its open because of that culdren), and you will find a
    final save point for this particular level.  All that is left is a
    battle with the girl, this can be rather hard, just keep at it, after
    killing her, run out the only way you have left, up a couple flights of
    stairs, you will see some small spikes sticking out, jump over them, and
    keep running.
    Run forward from the begining, and flip the switch in the first enclosure, then
    continue forward and take care of the gaurd.  Continue along thru the passage
    and you will come to a small flight of stairs, jump over the ledge instead, as
    the stairs are booby-trapped.  Climb out the window on the left, and follow
    along the left wall, a gaurd will attack you, but after killing him, you can
    pick up the health-stealing arrows from the ground.  Back along to the right
    you will find another of the hard gaurds, kick his arse, then continue along,
    and make a jump towards the save point, as the ground will fall beneath you.
    At the end of the platform, turn left, and you can jump over and grab a partial
    At any rate, head right thru the archways, and on the right side of the room
    there is a switch beneath the flame, press it, then climb thru a window.  Go
    a little ways to the left, then jump to the nearby ledge.  Climb up to a higher
    ledge, and take out the gaurd here, then use the rope to swing to the next
    platform.  Go next to the windows, to the right, and turn around, use the
    crappy geometry of the game engine to help you--the sharp corner is your arrow,
    jump of the corner in a full run, and you should make it to the door below.
    Go up the staircase to find an extra health bottle rune.  After collecting
    that, head up the stairs nearby and climb out the window, then drop off to the
    left, step on the switch, climb back thru the window, and you will be back
    where the save point was.
    Now jump over to where the potion was/is (don't jump to the left of it, or the
    ledge will fall beneath you), then back up near the edge, and jump/climb up
    another level.  Once inside you will find another gaurd, do as you wish with
    him, then exit this room.  Head down the stairs and across the bridge.  Climb
    up one of the large brick pillars, and jump from the top, to the next
    area.  From this roof, jump to the window on the right, behind the planted
    tree.  Jump from the window to a chain, and slide all the way down to find
    another save point.
    Enter the room to the left if you are facing out from the save point, and
    climb up the staircase on the right, and flip the switch.  Go back down the
    stairs, and enter the other room, then go thru the archway.  You can see a
    box on the floor, push it over to the wall on your right, and climb up.
    The exit to this room is a little bit boobie trapped.  Stand with your toes
    to the edge of the stone passage, then do a forward jump, and you will
    barely clear some spikes, immedately duck and crawl to avoid the wall-blades,
    but don't rush out just yet, walk slowly along the right wall until you see
    a dart go whizzing by, then step on the switch to open the second set of
    To your right, climb up onto the small black ledge, but before you go into
    the newly opened passage, be sure to grab that partial potion sitting on
    the ledge just past the doorway, then turn around, and go thru the doorway.
    Walk out to the very end of the ledge, do a 180, and jump/climb up onto
    the next ledge, then turn around again, and jump to the next one.  Cross
    the following gap with the help of the rope hanging conviently there, then
    jump off to the right, to yet another save point.
    Go down the stairs to the bottom, but DON'T walk off the stairs, there are
    some spikes there, so from the last step, make a jump over them.  Once
    outside, jump off to your left, where you can see the gaurd, and take
    care of them, then head up the stairs.  In the room at the top, step on the
    switch, then head back down to the bottom.  Once down, go in the door back
    behind the staircase, and there will be a gaurd, you can either fight him,
    or do as I did, and just run past him, into the elevator.
    Head to the left from the top of the elevator, and stick close to the wall
    while entering the doorway, to avoid getting spikes in ya.  Go inside, turn
    right, and go across the bridge, then take another right once inside again
    to find the last save point for this level.  Jump up and grab that odd
    purple looking wood, and inch your way left, as the stairs open up
    repeatidly below you (boy, they sure did have some curiously technological
    traps back in the day..), drop off once you're sure your clear of the stairs.
    Go out into the open, then jump to the middle of the water passage, and
    enter the door.  Run around the only way you can, until you reach a rope.
    Use the rope to cross of course, then jump/climb up to the ledge behing, in
    here is a guy thats a bit hard to fight, so just run around, and he will
    chase you, once you've got him away from the exit, run over there, grab the
    partial potion off the ground, and make a run for the door.
    ------------------------------City and Docks------------------------------------
    Turn immediatly right from where you start and climb the box, and ledge, then
    continue along forward.  Once you are past the large white gate, jump to the
    ledge on the other side, but beware here, always stay to the outside edge, as
    there are dart traps if you step in the center, and be sure to jump over the
    easily detectable spike trap.  At the corner, step inside and grab the arrows
    on the floor, then turn around, and jump to the roof across the street, and
    drop down to the lower level, by a fountain.  Continue on past the fountain,
    and you will find an alley to your left eventually, with a juvenille punk
    within, give em a spanking, then woop up on his big 'ol daddy, and continue on
    down the alley.  Keep going till you end up in a house with a key and a
    partial potion, be sure to grab both, then head all the way back to where the
    fountain was.
    Walk up to the keyhole directly behind the fountain, and the prince will make
    use of the key.  Proceed into the left gate and run out into the open, then
    fall off into the middle, where you will face off against some random old
    man.  After beating him, open the grate on the ground (blue/purple) and hop
    on in to find a save point.
    Go forward thru the water, and make a left turn, to find some spikes, jump thru
    them quickly when they open, and then jump into the hole after you hear a
    clicking sound.  Run along the only way you can, and you will find some kind
    of monster in the water, just run past it, and you will find a spike trap.  Go
    to the edge, turn around, and jump/climb upward, then turn around again, and
    jump out onto the vine and swing yourself into the next passage.  Walk along
    until you see a place to pull yourself up, and do so, then proceed to run
    thru the next spike traps, then climb up the rope.  Turn a corner, and voila
    another save point.
    Moving forward, climb the pink building to your left, walk across the roof, and
    drop off the other side.  Walk forward past the small green building, but
    instead of going up the ramp, drop off onto the black roof, and go over the
    small ramp down there to find a hole above you.  Climb inside, and procure
    a couple health stealing arrows from the table, then drop back out.  Continue
    forward along the black roof, and around the right corner, then drop down
    one level, enter the door, and pick the flute up off the table, then head
    back outside.  Turn around, and climb back up to the black roof, then head
    to the left, and up the small ramp.  From here climb up one more level, and
    walk around to the left, to find another door.
    Be very carefull here, as you can only step on certain planks of wood.  Get
    your toes right up to the end of the platform you are standing on, and hold L
    and jump slightly to the left, with luck, grab onto the platform there, and
    pull yourself up.  From here, get a running start, and jump towards the left
    corner of the room, you should land on anoter piece of wood, down a level.
    Now turn to the piece of wood right next to you, walk off towards it, and
    grab it, then drop from it, and you shouldn't take any damage.
    In the corner of the room is a hole in the ground, hop on in, and go running
    down the corridor, stay to the left, and when you come to a hole with some
    planks going across it, run on the planks about halfway, then jump, as, of
    course, they fall.  You are now in a room with a pool and another of those
    water-guys.  Just jump past him and climb out the other side and continue
    along, until you see another hole.  You can actually walk right by this one
    as long as you stay to the left of it.
    A little further along, duck off to the right, and grab a partial potion that
    happens to be stashed there, then continue along the main passage.  At the
    end of the passage is a rope, try to use it, and the prince will whip out
    the flute you grabbed earlier, and snake-charm it up.  Proceed to climb it,
    then run down the dock and leap at the save point.
    Run down the docks to the left, and enter the small house to find a 3-use
    Death Sword.  Head back out, and jump to the slightly detached dock, and
    jump over to another one, where you will be attacked by the momma-water-
    beast-thing.  If your like me, you don't mess around, so simply whip out
    the death sword, run up, and swat him one, that takes care of that (yup, 6
    life bottles, 1 hit, this thing really lives up to its name).  Be sure
    to de-equip it after battle, as not to waste it.
    After killing the monster, head out in the direction it came from, jumping
    from plank to plank, be sure not to fall in the water, as you get attacked,
    and can't fight back.  At the end of the planks, pull yourself up onto the
    wall, and jump out into the water enclosed by the wall (no monsters in
    here).  Now just swim over to the dock, pull yourself out, and run thru
    the open door.
    ---------------------------------Dirigible 1------------------------------------
    Climb the rope directly in front of you, and hop off the top to the small
    extended platform.  Inside, climb the boxes, then proceed to climb the platform
    nearby, ontop is an easy to dispatch enemy.  After taking care of him, continue
    to climb the platforms, the only way you can.  At the top, a slighty harder
    fight awaits you, but after that, step on the switch behind him.  Enter the now
    open door and make use of the save point.
    To the right you will find a partial potion in a small alcove, be sure to nab
    that, then climb out the open window.  Jump down to the outreached platform
    below you, and head to the end of it.  From there, jump over to the right, where
    there is a small area carved out with a rope, climb the rope, then jump out
    towards the boxes.  Now turn around so you face where you just came from, and
    jump to the left of it, onto the small platform.  Run over to the rope, and
    climb up it, hopping off behind some metal bars.  Proceed to the end of the
    hallway, and again, climb the rope, but be sure to jump to it, as the floor
    beneath it will giveway.
    At the top of the rope, drop off onto the ledge outside, and proceed up the
    ramp.  At the top of the ramp, you will find another of the tuff gaurds.
    Either kill him, or run by quickly, then jump onto the small hanging
    platform off to your left.  From here, climb up.  Run thru the gear room, and
    up the ramp to find another button, step on it, and you will see where to go
    next.  Leap from the end of the new bridge, and climb the box, then jump up
    and climb to the platform.  Climb another box, and do a 180, jump and
    climb yet another platform, head up the ramp and to the right will be a wussy
    Climb onto the boxes that were behind him, and jump to the platform that is
    moving back and forth.  Get on the very back/right edge, and face the
    upcoming platform.  When you are close, jump and pull yourself up.  Between
    the third set of chains holding the bridge is a guillotene, so between the
    second and third sets, angle yourself to the right, and jump to the part
    of the bridge that is after a turn to the right, thereby skipping the trap,
    and leap for it, then pull yourself back up.  Continue along until you find
    a crate, turn left, and climp up the two platforms.  At the top, run along
    back until you reach another crate, when you jump on it, it will begin to
    decend, immediatly jump back and climp up to the platform you jumped from,
    and continue back to the first crate, which will now be raised.  Jump to the
    crate, then to the small platform, to the next, then walk onto the rising
    platforms in front of you.  Turn so that your character faces outward, and
    wait.  When you near the top, you will see an outstreatched place to jump
    to, so do so, then climb the rope there.  Hop off the rope into the room.
    --------------------------------Dirigible 2-------------------------------------
    Walk up the spiral staircase and out onto the "plank" where you will find a
    much needed save point.  Walk up to the water, and step in, you will find a
    key.  Use it on the gate to your right, if you are facing out from the water,
    inside will be a trap, just duck under it, and go to the next room, where
    inside will be a gaurd, just run past him and into the next room, where the
    switch will close the door behind you (the first switch in the gaurd room will
    open the exit, the second will close it, avoid the second, and proceed).  Run
    thru the bunk room, and you will wind up in another gaurd room, kill this one
    or he will cause you some trouble.  Now duck thru the next entrance to avoid
    another trap, but remain ducked thru the next room to avoid a low cutting
    cieling fan.  Once outside, quickly make your way across the retracting bridge,
    and jump from the end, you should land on a save point.
    Flip the nearby switch and wait for the crate to come and fall, then leap out
    and grab the pushing mechanism, climb up and climb the following ledge when it
    gets there.  Go along the only way you can, then climb the platform the water
    is falling thru, go up another level (these jumps are pains you just have to
    be lined up perfectly).  Now jump to the side you see the rune on, grab it,
    and you will have super jump abilities once more.  Go to the far side, and
    climb the little building, turn around and climb the mossy platform, then
    jump to the platform against the wall on the left.  Climb up to the Platform
    above this one (on the end) and step on the switch (there are 2 other
    switches in this room, both simply lower drawbridges which aren't needed to
    progress).  Drop off to the platform below the switch and proceed in a
    clockwise patern around the room following the mossy platforms until you
    reach the top (be sure to grab at the side on the taller ones, you'll make it)
    then drop into the center hole to be elevated.
    Climb the rope, then proceed the only way you can, till you fall onto a
    rotating floor, line yourself up, and climb out the opposite side, and
    again, just continue along until you reach a hallway of hammers, take
    caution not to get hit, and just keep going.  Watch out for the flame, and
    fall into the hole to the left of it, step on the switch and enter the next
    room.  In here, pull the box over the grate on the floor, then just flip the
    switch on the wall, and hop on the elevator that comes for you, once you
    disembark it, you will find another save point.
    In your way you will find an easy gaurd, so just dispatch him, and jump over
    the chasm you are now presented with.  Walk to the left, but don't jump
    across, instead climb the small hump on the side, flip a 180 and jump/climb
    up the side of the above platform.  Step on the switches around the center
    piece to "aim" the odd looking contraption down the center of the walk-way,
    then climb up the box and walk onto it, to be flung into a net.  Turn around
    and climb above the net, walk to the end of the ledge and turn and climb
    -----------------------------Dirigible Finale-----------------------------------
    Climb the platform in front of you, then walk around the inner ring, to the
    right, watch out for the fire, then kill the gaurd.  In the cubicle behind him
    you will find a red potion, snag it, then turn around and jump to the rope, as,
    of course, the bride will give way.  Lucky you, where you land also gives way.
    No biggie, just climb the rope in the center to the top.  Climb again to get
    out of this small room, to meet a boss..a hard one at that, I recommend using
    a one hit kill deathsword if you have a couple left still (you _have_ only used
    the one, right?).  Just walk up to the tiger, give em a quick shot, and 'nuff
    said.  Otherwise just fight em as normal, naturally...it'll take some patience,
    First things first, if you still have the death sword equiped, remove it now,
    and save your last one for later =].  Climb out of the water, and across the
    bridge, and climb up (if you were surprized it fell from beneath you, you
    really haven't been paying attention so far).  Continue along and do a little
    mario bro's style platform jumping your way around the mountain.  When you see
    the waterfall, just keep climbing upwards till you get to a bride, climb onto
    it, and proceed across, past a villiger-cicle.  Continue along the mountain
    steps until you reach and entrance, and go past it, climb the small ledge and
    pick up the statue.  Go back and enter the room, and place the statue on the
    small floor switch, then go forward.  Kill the gaurd, open the skull and
    pick up the exploding arrows, don't forget to grab the Ice Axe from the
    corner of the room, either.
    Head back to the villiger-cicle, and shoot him with an exploding arrow, this
    will thaw him out, and he will open the door for you, proceed thru.  Walk
    forward, and drop thru the snow patch to land on a save point.  Jump from the
    cliff to the one on the opposite side, and climb up.  When you get to the
    small waterfall, note the tiny ledge to the right.  This is yet another pain
    in the arse jump the game likes to throw at you.  Basically you have to line
    up as though you are going to side step of the edge to it, then press right
    and jump and hold down the grab button, hoping you catch it.  After you do,
    edge over to the right until you can climb up, then continue to climb until
    you reach a broken bridge.  From here you must jump onto the rope hanging
    out across from you and swing to the other side.
    Head up somewhat of a spiral staircase of cliffs, the only way you can.
    Watch out for snow banks, as you can fall thru like you did before.  When
    you get near the top you will have to fight some kind of giant rat thing, at
    any rate, it is easy, just pound it to death and continue along.  Press the
    floor switch when you see it to open the door, and there will be a save point
    inside.  Run forward, around the gaurd, and into the building.  Drop down
    the hole and kill the rat thing, then grab the health rune in the corner, and
    proceed up the rope where you will find an invisibility rune.  Climb the two
    ledges, run past the gaurd, and drop down the hole to be at the entrance
    again.  Now just run out across the ice-bridge, making sure not to stop,
    since OF COURSE, it falls behind you, once on the other side, grab the
    red potion and continue around the wall.
    Enter the cave, and take out the guy that looks alot tougher than he is, and
    continue outside again.  Drop into the water and swim left until you reach an
    area you can exit the water from, then continue up the ramps after flipping
    the switch in the small room to the left of them (switch to open it is on
    the floor).  Run ALL the way around the room, jumping across where the
    water is now nuetered, and move on thru the passage.  Once the gate closes
    behind you, active the switches on the left and right center of the room
    to reveal a goat headed monster.  This is another tough one, but not too
    ba-aad (sorry, couldn't help it), I suggest a block-block-attack strategy.
    Pick up the rune in the waterfall (it keeps you from taking damage from
    long falls), then press the switch concealed behind the waterfall.  Now
    run back out into the water, and swim to the dam, climb up onto the
    ledge, and make a jump for the far/left cliff, you will miss, of course,
    but you will land on a lower level, and not take damage from it.  Head
    forward and climb the small out-cropping, then turn to your left and
    continue to climb (you will have to inch out with your hands to climb
    up) until you reach the save point.
    Continue to climb and you will come across an archer/gaurd, either
    take him out with your arrows from a distance, or simply run up quickly
    and climb/kill him with a couple flame sword hacks.  Finish climbing
    up, then run down stream with the water when you get there.  When
    you reach the waterfall, from about a step back from the edge, do a
    forward jump, and you will land on a bridge.  Head left around
    the mountain until you reach another bridge, go across it and jump
    out to the rope in the distance, and swing to another save point.
    Make three climbs upward, then you will have to jump and grab a tiny,
    hard to see edge and while hanging from your hands inch quit a ways
    to the right before being able to pull yourself up.  After doing so
    you need to jump out to the right (I know it looks far, but you'll
    make it) to the next ledge, the proceed to climb/inch your way up.
    After climbing up, you will have to turn left to continue up, and
    grab another tiny ledge, then inch over to the left before being able
    to pull yourself upward, even then, you have to grab yet another, and
    inch yourway to the left until you run out of ledge and fall (hold the
    grab button) onto another tiny ledge, where you continue left until
    you can pull yourself up, then head thru a small cave, then around
    the mountain to even more ledges.  Once you reach the top, step on
    the floor switch to open the door and face off against a some-what
    hard staff gaurd.  Be sure to grab the red potion inside if you need
    it.  Continue forward for another little switch/hut/gaurd, but
    inside this hut, be sure to flip the switch on the right, lowering
    the drawbrige.  Head across and end this wretched level.
    -------------------------------Solar Temple-------------------------------------
    Jump over the lava and head to the left, ignore the gaurd and the switch, and
    climb up.  Again, just ignore the gaurd and climb up, now you will see a box at
    one end, go to it, and push it off, it will land on the switch.  Turn around
    and jump over the hole you climbed thru, then fall off the opposite end, twice,
    and you will be on the other side of the first gaurd, by the door the switch
    Press the right wall switch to begin the platforms moving, then press the wall
    switch directly to the right of the door/gate to open it.  Now make your way
    across the room with well placed hops (easier than it looks, just be sure to
    hold down walk).  In the hallway walk slowly towards the trap until it
    activates, then quickly jump thru it while it is resetting.  Into the next
    room and you will have to fight another of the very tough gaurds...not a lot
    to say about it, other than block-block-attack.  Continue into the hallway
    where another floor will give way, but this time it's to our advantage.
    --------------------------------Moon Temple-------------------------------------
    Heh, first of all, either the last level should be called the Sun temple, or
    this level should be called the Lunar temple...but alas, thats niether here nor
    there.  Climb out of the water and head into the temple, climb the pieces of
    wall on the floor and jump out from them, over the hole, then continue into
    the next hallway.  Turn left into the room, and quickly climb up and out of the
    room via the middle portion of the room to avoid the gaurd there, unless you
    feel like another fight.  Now jump across the gap, BUT when you grab the other
    side, don't climb out, rather, just drop off to the ledge below (hold grab).
    Now continue along, nabbing the red poition, to the left, until you reach
    another vertical tunnel where you can jump out, then climb up until you reach
    a large open room.  Continue around the right side of the room, jumping over
    the hole in the floor, naturally, and climbing up to the center.  Be very
    weary of the spikes in the center of the floor as they are hard to see, but
    jump and climb out of the room thru the hole in the cieling, then continue
    along the only way you can, as per usual, until you reach a room with a
    lightly colored stone floor.  Climb up the large pieces of wall on the floor
    again, and use them to clear the gab just beyond them, then continue along,
    just run past the gaurd in the round room, and you will reach a save point.
    To the left are some arrows on the floor, grab them, and take out the far
    archer, then jump at the wall with the tiny ledge (right) and inch your way
    over there, climb up and look at the floor.  Does it mean something?  Well,
    yes, if you care, but you don't need to since you're using a walkthru =p.
    Head into the next room and when you step on the moon a cool looking staff/
    crystal will emerge.  At any rate, continue along to the right, thru the
    halls, climbing/jumping over holes.  Eventually you will reach a room with
    small yellow circles on the floor, containing spikes.
    Head thru the door on the right until you reach a room with a square hole
    in the floor and spikes on two sides, switch to first person view (down,
    on the digital pad) and look in the hole, on one side you can see a bar to
    grab on to, SO, go to the opposite side, and stand right next to the spikes,
    being careful not to step on them, and hold walk, then jump to the other
    side, grabbing the edge, now drop directly down and hold grab, and your
    character will grab the bar, scootch over to the right so you are lined up
    more or less with the rope in front of you and push forwards and backwards
    to get swinging, then release on the far swing and grab the rope.
    Climb up the rope and drop off into the room above, ignore the guard and
    climb the debris on the left to the top, and flip the switch at the front.
    Now you want to drop back down below, but this is a bit dangerous, what you
    want to do is go to the left or right side of the hole, and face away from
    it, then slowly back up, as soon as you fall off, hold grab so you grab the
    side, then drop and hold grab again, so you grab the side of the hole
    below, now climb up, again being careful to avoid the spikes.
    Just outside this room is the piece you just lowered, only now you can
    use it as a stepping stone, climb up the back flat polygon, and walk to the
    front of it, then jump/climb up to the ledge in front of you.  Walk into
    the next room and you will see a lovely rope beckoning you.  DON'T use it,
    or you will land on a spike trap (oh joy), instead just jump to either the
    right or left side of area below and grab the ledge, pulling yourself up,
    then kill the archer-gaurd.
    Walk thru the hallway, then past the room with the two ledges and grab the
    blue potion if you want, then go back to the room with the ledges.  Now
    pull the box across the room until you can reach the platform on the
    opposite side of where you started pulling and climb up, and thru the
    window.  Kill the gaurd in the hallway and flip the switch in the open
    room.  You now need to get ALL the way back to where the crystal was.
    Basically just go back to where the evil rope was, and fall to the lower
    level, then go back to the spike room and thru the entrance you first
    came thru, beware of spikes and holes on the way back.
    Once there, walk up the staircase and you will see a wall switch;
    activate it.  Turn around and enter the door now open, in this hall you
    will find a WELL deserved save point.  In this hall you will also find
    another of the hard gaurds after a couple of turns, I recommend the
    flame sword; the ice axe will let you land more hits, but really does
    minimal damage.  After killing him, jump up on the ledge to the left
    in the big room, and flip the switch, then go thru the door it opened.
    Here we go again with the pain.  Jump over the spikes, grab the rope,
    and quickly jump off of the rope, to avoid swinging BACK into the
    spikes.  Grab the ledge, then use your hands to inch to the left until
    you can safely pull yourself up.  Run thru the hallway and all the way
    across the large open area, flip the switch and run back to the center,
    to your right is a potion if you need it.  Go left, just run around the
    gaurd, and continue on until you reach some spikes and a bar.
    Inch towards the spikes until you set them off, but don't get hit by
    them, and jump straight up, grabbing the bar, now swing off the bar and
    grab the rope, like before, you will need to jump off the rope on the
    first swing as not to be pulled back into the spikes, then jump again
    off the next swinging rope to land on a non-swinging rope.
    Climb up the rope, then run past the two gaurds and grab the red
    potion if you feel so inclined.  Now you are on the top level of the
    room you were in before, so back off one of the ledges, grab it, then
    drop down safely, now climb up the left ledge, and flip the switch again,
    reverting the open door back to the original one, only now the
    platforms at the end of it are moving.  Head down to them, now this
    can be a hard jump depending on your approach, you'd think you'd need
    a running start, but then again, this game hasn't exactly been known
    for its physics, has it?  Thats right, a running approach will land you
    in the void every time, don't ask why, I don't know, but he won't even
    grab the side if you run.  So basically, just walk up to the very edge
    of the platform and wait for the near moving one to come to a stop,
    then do a standing forward jump out and you will magically land on it
    without any problems.  Now simply jump to the other one as it decends,
    wait for it to return to the top, and head into the next room.
    Flip the switch on the left wall (deja vu) then climb thru the hole
    in the cieling to the right.  You will find yourself YET AGAIN in the
    tri-leveled room, but this time you are going to head back the
    original way.  Once back in the room with the first crystal, flip
    the switch you did before to open up the original door, and head thru
    it until you reach some spikes.  Make a running jump over them and
    grab the bar then swing the rest of the way.  Continue along until
    you see a rope, you know what to do.  And voila, back in another
    familiar room.  Go thru the now open door to what is prolly the best
    looking save point in the game =].
    Run by the gaurd and up the stairs to the last puzzle of the game.
    You now have to follow the order on that original floor, its quite
    simple, really.  Step in this order (by rows->hop to avoid corners):
    step 1)  First row, Far left
    step 2)  Second row, Second from the left
    step 3)  Third row, Second from the left
    step 4)  Third row, Second from the right
    step 5)  Second row, Far right
    step 6)  Third row, Far right
    step 7)  Forth row, Second from the right
    step 8)  Forth row, Far right
    step 9)  Fifth row, Far right
    step 10) Fifth row, Second from the right
    step 11) Sixth row, Second from the right
    Now just run up the stairs.
    Ugh, this is a rough one.  Well, first of all (sadly) the death sword doesn't
    work on him, BUT it will take off a full bottle, so you might want to use it
    anyway if you have one left.  After that I suggest the flame sword since it is
    your most powerful weapon.  Basically the same tactic as always, block him,
    then try to quickly retaliate with a blow of the same direction, this is a hard
    fight as you might expect, but put most of your effort into blocking, if he
    lands one blow on you, he can quickly link it into a chain of them and have you
    out in no time flat.
    After you kill him once, he will drink a potion and learn to fly apparently, as
    he leaps to a higher platform.  Climb the chain to the left to a higher
    platform, then go partially up the extended bridge, and jump to the blue
    platform on the left where you can then climb to the platform tiger-boy is on.
    Finish kickin his arski and he will fall to his death as part of the ending.
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