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    FAQ by Wolf Feather

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    Wolf Feather/Jamie Stafford
    Initial Version Completed: October 17. 2002
    FINAL VERSION Completed:   October 27, 2002
    Spacing and Length
    Getting Started
    Arcade Mode
    Race Venues
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    First, an important note: This guides DOES NOT cover online
    gameplay for POD Speedzone, as I do not have online
    capabilities at this time.
    POD Speedzone is an interesting game.  There have been many
    futuristic racing games in arcades and on various consoles.
    POD Speedzone certainly does not attempt to distinguish
    itself from the rest of the futuristic racing games in
    existence, but its is rather interesting and fun to play.
    This guide will lead players through the basics of gameplay
    in POD Speedzone.
    First, bypass the opening movie.  It is not interesting at
    all.  In fact, the opening movie is absolutely unnecessary.
    Even worse, it is embarrassingly open-ended without having
    really presented any believable storyline to make an open
    ending worthwhile in any way.
    As with any game, begin by immediately going to the Options
    Menu.  Here, it is important to become familiar with the
    controller configuration; fortunately, there are five
    configurations from which to choose, including steering with
    either the analog stick (rather difficult unless someone is
    an analog specialist) or the D-pad (the arrow buttons beneath
    the analog stick).  Also, customize sounds and other aspects
    of the game, then head back to the Main Menu to get started.
    For those who do not have the DreamCast console configured
    and wired for Internet access and online play, this is the
    only game mode available (other than Two Players Mode).  The
    game presents a number of cars, each varying in both look and
    performance; two of the cars are not available, as they are
    apparently for online use only.  Once a car has been
    selected, a race venue can be selected; again, one race venue
    is not also available unless online capability has been
    Here are the various cars and their stats:
          Acceleration: 10
          Brakes:       9
          Shield:       6
          Speed:        7
          Boost:        7
          Handling:     9
          Acceleration: 8
          Brakes:       5
          Shield:       6
          Speed:        8
          Boost:        8
          Handling:     10
          Acceleration: 9
          Brakes:       9
          Shield:       8
          Speed:        6
          Boost:        10
          Handling:     10
          Acceleration: 9
          Brakes:       10
          Shield:       10
          Speed:        6
          Boost:        10
          Handling:     8
          Acceleration: 9
          Brakes:       8
          Shield:       8
          Speed:        8
          Boost:        8
          Handling:     9
       Sea Cat
          Acceleration: 8
          Brakes:       9
          Shield:       8
          Speed:        10
          Boost:        6
          Handling:     9
          Acceleration: 8
          Brakes:       10
          Shield:       9
          Speed:        8
          Boost:        8
          Handling:     10
          Acceleration: 10
          Brakes:       9
          Shield:       8
          Speed:        8
          Boost:        8
          Handling:     9
    * This car is not available unless online capabilities have
    been detected.
    Each car comes equipped with shields and a fixed amount of
    Boost.  Shields are destroyed due to collisions with
    ANYTHING, and once shields are gone, the next collision
    cripples the car and the race immediately ends.  Shields and
    Boost can both be provisionally augmented by collecting the
    proper power-ups (see the Power-ups section below).
    Here are the racing venues available in POD Speedzone:
       Bridge Ride:    As the name of this race venue indicates,
                       there are quite a few bridges in for this
                       circuit; some of these are essentially
                       incomplete bridges, requiring plenty of
                       boost to ensure the car can safely clear
                       the gaps.  Bridge Ride also includes
                       several mechanical plant-like monsters
                       (think angry Venus Flytraps covered with
                       metal) which occasionally dip down to
                       attempt to eat and otherwise hinder the
                       cars in the race.  This venue also has
                       several run-off roads, but these do not
                       lead anywhere, so it is important to not
                       miss a turn and be forced to backtrack...
                       especially since the cars in POD Speedzone
                       do not come equipped with a Reverse gear.
       Canyon:         This circuit takes place on a canyon
                       floor; as such, the raceway is often
                       bounded by tall rock cliffs.  There are
                       numerous junctions, allowing each car to
                       take a different route; some of these
                       routes do not contain actual roads,
                       instead presenting simply sand (which is
                       inherently slower than the paved
                       raceways).  There are a few mechanical
                       entities which will occasionally attack
                       the cars.
       K Zone:         K Zone effectively combines the main
                       features of both Bridge Ride and Canyon.
                       This race venue also includes an unmarked
                       junction (i.e., no directional indicators
                       appear on-screen on approach) which yields
                       extra power-ups; the CPU-controlled cars
                       never take this route.
       Mines Web:      Despite the name of this race venue, there
                       are no miners here, and NO mining
                       equipment to be found :-(   This is a
                       tight and twisting venue with numerous
                       junctions and many mechanical creatures
                       roaming about... many of them will attack
                       the cars as they pass.  Due to the
                       multiple tight corners, aggressive drivers
                       are likely to never finish races at this
       Oddrock*:       Unknown
       Volcano:        This race venue presents a lot of elevated
                       raceways and raceways through tunnels in
                       the volcano.  There are also unmarked
                       junctions (i.e., no directional indicators
                       appear on-screen on approach) which yield
                       extra power-ups; the CPU-controlled cars
                       never take these routes.  Mechanical
                       plant-like entities and swinging barrels
                       of molten lava will try to block cars from
                       passing cleanly.
    * This race venue is not available unless online capabilities
    have been detected.
    In many situations, the raceway is bounded by metal barriers;
    touching these barriers or any other obstacle will result in
    the car's shields fading away due to the incurred damage.  In
    ALL situations, the raceway is extremely narrow, so passing
    must be done with care; this is an obvious benefit to the
    race leader, as there is not much raceway to protect when
    driving defensively.
    There are three power-ups which can be acquired during races.
    These are generally presented beside each other at various
    points on the circuit, and look like floating jewels of
    differing colors.
    Blue:   This will add to the player's current Boost level.
            Each car begins with a limited quantity of Boost, so
            it is important to collect these blue power-ups as
            often as possible to be able to power toward the
            Finish Line on the final lap of a race.
    Red:    This provides a temporary Boost for a fixed amount
            of time.  The time length of this Boost cannot be
            altered (unlike normal Boost, which is only used for
            as long as the player presses the Boost button), so
            it is important to know each circuit well enough to
            determine when is and is not a good time to use this
            fixed-duration Boost.
    Yellow: This power-up adds to the car's shields.  The car
            takes damage whenever it is involved in a collision
            or when attacked, so this will help to keep the car
            in a given race.
    Two weapons can be collected (in the same manner as power-
    ups) during races.
    Orange: This is a Mine weapon.  Upon activation, a land
            mine will be placed immediately behind the car, and
            will explode and cause damage to any car that happens
            upon it.  This is a good weapon to use during
            defensive driving, especially if being tailed closely
            by competitors >:-)
    Pink:   This is a Wave weapon.  Upon activation, cars
            immediately ahead will be forced to stop momentarily.
            This is a nice weapon to use for offensive purposes,
            to make passing a little bit easier :-)
    For rants, raves, etc., contact me at FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM;
    also, if you have enjoyed this guide and feel that it has
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