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Music ComposerTetsuya Shibata
Music ComposerMitsuhiko Takano
ProgrammerTeruaki Hirokado
ProgrammerYuko Kawamura
ProgrammerSoji Seta
ProgrammerReiko Toh
ProgrammerAkihiro Yokohama
Voice: CableLawrence Bayne
Voice: CyclopsNorm Spencer
Voice: Felicia (Japanese)Kae Araki
Voice: GambitTony Daniels
Voice: JubileeAlyson Court
Voice: Psylocke, Storm, SpiralCatherine Disher
Voice: RogueLenore Zann
Voice: SabretoothDon Francks
Voice: ServebotChris Yokoyama
Voice: Spider-ManPatrick Chilvers
Voice: Tron BonneMayumi Lizuka
Voice: Wolverine, Captain AmericaCathal J. Dodd


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